Monday, October 26, 2009

I Would Bike 200 Miles, and I Would Bike 200 More...

Today started out more interesting than the usual Monday when one of my parents showed up for their parent/teacher conference one day early! Yikes. I actually did the conference because I was somewhat prepared (minus having to shuffle through a few piles to find work to show them haha). conference down, a million more to go!

Also, my principal cancelled our faculty meeting today because tomorrow we have a community dialog from 4:30-8, and Wednesday conferences officially start. This was fantastic for me because I got to tutor earlier than usual and then go see Eric's football game. He was playing the town that I work in, but I was rooting for him haha. Usually his games are 30-40 minutes away so it was nice to get there in 5 minutes. He didn't actually see me there (and didn't think I was going to be able to come) but I proved I was by detailing his anger towards #69 who he was reaming out when I got there. Eric rarely gets mad and I hate when coaches yell at kids but I have to admit it was kind of amusing to see him throwing his arms around but not be able to hear what he was saying. He kept walking away and then going back and saying was really funny. He claims the kid is one of those lazy kids who does nothing in practice, puts in no effort and then gives him crap all game if he doesn't put him in every other second. Oh the joy of kids, even annoying after the age of 5.

Today I happened to be revisiting my "end of the year" goals from about a month ago. They were:
1. run another 5k
2. one week where I post everything I eat
3. go somewhere I've never been before.

Sadly- #1 will not be happening this year. My knee has been feeling a bit better but I can't risk bugging it again by running just yet. #2 I still need to do, hopefully in November when I have a bit more time on my hands and #3 I am going to count as Newport, even though I went there once when I was 10. I really don't remember that at all and I definitely felt like I was in a new place all weekend. Since #1 has to be eliminated I decided to add a new one.

Before December 31, 2009 I would like to bike 200 miles. I know we are coming up on Boston winter so most of these miles will probably happen inside. However, my gym just got new bikes for spinning class and they tell you how far you go, so I think I should be all set to do this. I think I am going to need the extra motivation since things are getting busier every day, and Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas are reason in themselves to work out a bit more. I do know that 20 miles a week of biking is REALLY not that much, but I want to keep it manageable because I do a lot of other exercising besides biking and I don't want to have to give up yoga, the elliptical and other gym classes. I got the idea from this from Bobbi and Caitlin's Pile on the Miles challenge. Sadly, they are not allowing anything but running and walking which means I really can't compete because of my knee. I understand why they don't want to get into crazy calculations but I thought I might have a chance to with Caitlin since she's had similar knee issues...I think I made her feel bad but not change her mind haha. Boo! SO...I will be doing my 200 miles by myself :) Who needs group motivation? Not this girl!

I don't necessarily think this challenge is great for everyone, but I do think this is a great time of the year to give yourself a big goal. What are your fitness goals for the holiday season?


  1. I will TOTALLY join you in a bike pile on the miles if you'd like - I keep thinking that I need to start biking again and this would be just the motivation I need.

  2. My goal is to 'maintain, not gain' from Nov 1st through Dec 1st. I don't anticipate losing weight since there are so many holiday parties & caloric treats I love, but I want to maintain my weight. Especially since I've worked so hard to lose it this last year.

    Good luck w/ your goal. You can do it!!

  3. Way to be prepared for a pop up meeting! That's a good teacher :)

    I really think your idea of making a miles goal is fantastic. I think I should do that! I am losing motivation too and I need something different. The winters can be so annoying, especially where we are!

  4. That's an awesome goal. Good luck! I don't have a direct fitness goal, but I am hoping to lose 5 pounds by the end of the year. Fitness is obviously going to have to be involved there somewhere because I can't do it w/restricting my diet alone!

    Newport looks beautiful, I need to visit!

  5. Biking 200 miles is a GREAT challenge!! I think it's great that you didn't let your injury get in your way of making a new more appropriate goal for yourself!

  6. I have that song in my head! :-)

    Good luck on the challenge. It's always nice to have a goal. Makes things more fun.

  7. Haha, cute title! I think biking 200 miles sounds like a great challenge! Right now my fitness goal is to get my hip healthy and start running again :)

  8. First off--that is amazing that you are still finding ways to being in awesome shape even if you can't run too much currently with the knee issues! I always get the most incredible anxiety when I feel aches/pains/creaks of the knee coming on--b/c I fear that injury will keep me from doing my favorite, ultimate, stress-relieving hobby! So you definitely motivate me! The 200 miles sounds like a great challenge!

    My fitness goal for the next few months is to swim 1.5 miles with no breaks! I know for some this is easy--but I'm a horrible swimmer! You seem quite if you have any tips, feel free to send them my way!

  9. I agree - without goals I have zero motivation. That's cool your gym has spin bikes that tell you how far you've gone. I always wonder about that....Good luck with 200 miles. Totally doable for you!

  10. I'm in! I'll do it with you!! First I have to convert miles in kilos, but I think that is a great goal for the end of the year. With all the reading I do on the bike, I think I can get that done!


  11. ok my bad miles to kilometers, I always say kilos but that is weight. It is 322 kilometers!

  12. Oh, the busy life of a teacher! Awesome that you made it to the game.

    Good luck with your 200 miles!!

  13. I'd do a bike challenge with you! I'm in the market for a bike so I'd have to get one first haha, but I'm definitely game! It'll keep me motivated to cross train!