Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Taking Control with a Plan

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So I'm getting married next summer. On January 10th, I will officially be 6 months away. The actual fact of "being married" in 6 months is not the problem. The problem is that a wedding has to be fully planned in 6 months, and frankly I just really don't love planning a wedding that much. I do love getting adorable pictures of myself getting married colored by awesome first graders (aka my friend from work's daughter)...

It would be kind of sweet if wedding dresses were multi colored with bright colored veils...

Last August I had a little bit of extra time because my major summer job had ended and I was basically just tutoring. I got myself SO stressed out thinking I had to get everything wedding related done quickly before school started up that I drove myself crazy. And to be totally honest, I really didn't get that much done- I more just stressed about it.

Starting tomorrow afternoon I will be on vacation for the next 10 days. I need it to be relatively productive as far as the wedding goes, but I also need it to be relaxing and not stressful because it's my vacation! Instead of just telling myself, "Kelly you need to get stuff done for this wedding!" I have set up a precise "To Do" list, when it's finished- I am done. Here is what it looks like...

  • Finish sending Save the Dates
  • Finalize ceremony script (I have a rough draft written)
  • Order a couple of items I need for my ceremony
  • Call bridesmaid dress store to find out status of dresses and next steps
  • Type up list of "Things to Do" in the area of my wedding for Out of Town guests, which is basically everyone...
  • Create "Guest Book" on Shutterfly.
  • Make rough draft of Ceremony Program
  • Organize logistics of favors (we are going to donate to a charity)
  • Schedule a meeting with coordinator at my venue for the month of January
  • Create a rough timeline for the next 6 months, what needs to done when...etc
Okay...that may look like a long list, but some of those things will take literally 5 minutes and then I will get to check them off the list. I love to check things off the list, that's pretty much the #1 reason to make lists as far as I'm concerned :)

I also have a much more fun list (in my head) of things I want to do on vacation- relax, read books, see "The Blind Side", watch "Julie and Julia", and go ice skating!

Are you a list person? Do lists help you stay focused and productive? If you are not a list person, what is your method for getting things done?


  1. I'm a list person. Usually when things are getting hectic and I'm worried I might forget something in the shuffle, I'll make a list in due date-like order.

    I know the feeling of craziness. I was the head of the prom committee for senior prom, and although I had an awesome crew, I still had to tell that crew what to do. Let's just say I dream of hiring a wedding planner.

    Enjoy your break and happy planning!

  2. wow! that's an impressive drawing! We were engaged for a total of 6 months and my take on it is the less time there is to plan it means the less time there is to stress-out and the fewer options there are, which keeps things simple! ha!

  3. I am so excited for you. Although I realize it's a lot of work, it's something that you will only do once, so you may as well enjoy it!

    I am the queen of lists. No joke. I make lists all day long. I love them! They really help me stay focused and on tasks. I swear I'm not crazy.

    I love the picture of the dress (even though it was from a coloring book!) and I can definitely imagine you in it. I can't wait t see your final choice!

  4. Wow... you are so on top of things!! My wedding is a little over three months away (!!!!) and I haven't even started thinking about the ceremony programs or anything of that nature (procrastination at its finest). Nice work!

    I always thought I was a list person until I started wedding planning. Writing down everything that I have to do relating to teh wedding stresses me out because there is soo much... it gets overwhelming! Instead, I've been tackling major things/areas one at a time. For instance, I finally ordered my invites, so now I'm going to focus on out of town bags and creating a guide for the guests. So far this way has been working, but I hope that I don't end up forgetting anything!

  5. I'm a true Virgo: We plan. We make lists. We make lists of lists. LOL.

    Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than when I can cross an item off of my To Do list. :) Haha!

  6. Hope everything goes smoothly for you! I am no where near the wedding planning phase of my relationship but I love hearing what people need to do because I have absolutely no idea what goes into it. It's nice to be prepared by reading others' experiences.

  7. I am total list maker. If only you could see my wedding to-do list. Although, I'm only in the area for short amounts of time until May so I have a lot of stuff to do in a short amount of time. I hope you get it all done!

  8. Oh my gosh I'm a list freak. Every since I got my Blackberry it's gotten worse. I have a million lists stored in my phone. Not just grocery lists but lists for dinner ideas, new restaurant ideas, Christmas present ideas for next year... It's a really bad obsession :(

  9. i keep short lists. otherwise i forget to do stuff.

  10. You are soooooo close, thats a teeny tiny list, lol. Enjoy the holidays!!!

  11. I loved wedding planning but hated the stress. You really don't have that much to do. You'll get it done. Just remember that this won't last forever (good and bad).

  12. I didn't like wedding planning. I did a lot of stuff last minute (1 or 2 months before) like ceremony stuff and favors. The other stuff you mentioned - bridesmaid dresses - I did right around this time. That's what school breaks are for!

  13. I am so a list person. If I didn't write things down, I would be completely lost! I'd also forget what needed to be done!

    I don't feel like I'm going to like wedding planning either. I'm hoping my mind changes eventually.

  14. so excited for you!!! sounds like you are SUPER organized and this will go so smoothly!

  15. I am most definitely a list person. I will probably be doing the exact same thing when I start planning my wedding.

    As excited as I am to begin my own wedding story some day, I am NOT EXCITED about all the planning that goes into it! But it will all be worth it on that special day.

  16. as an event planner by trade I am a TOTAL list maker. Having an idea of what I need to get done and when is sooo important..

    When I was a bridesmaid in my friends wedding she had AMAZING agendas for everyone, I loved it.. But she had a wedding planner..

    Good luck being productive.. My best advice is to enjoy the process because before you know it will be over...

  17. It looks like you've got a good plan going. You'll get it all done, don't worry :)

    That picture is adorable!

  18. aw the picture is so cute! that should totally go in your wedding album!

    I am so anal when it comes to planning (blech, perfectionist syndrome.. no fun). Sounds like you have a good plan of attack. Your wedding will be wonderful!

  19. I love the picture! She colors better than I do!!

    I am not a list person but I should be. I function better with a list... but then I'd have to put "Write list" on a list and I never get that far. So the list never gets written. ;)

  20. sounds like you have lots to get done before the wedding but you will! Looks like tons of fun for the holidays too! and I love the blog look, I haven't visited in a while.