Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well, all I can say is there are two happy people living in my house right now...Eric and me. Football coaching is OFFICIALLY over, yayyyyy!!! Dying to hear how it ended? I know you are...

In case you are a new reader, my fiance Eric is a middle school PE teacher and this year he was essentially recruited to help out with the high school football team in the same town he works in. It has been incredibly time consuming and he is basically a "paid" volunteer so overall doing it was kind of insane. However, the kids ended up having an amazing season and yesterday they got to play in the "superbowl" in Gillette Stadium which is where the New England Patriots play. Not too bad huh?

I headed down to Gillette with Eric's parents and brother and we ate at CBS Scene, a new bar/restaurant right next to the Stadium. It was a really cool atmosphere and the food was good. Though I will say they only had fried chicken, not grilled so my stomach had to suffer the consequences of that (and no, there was really not a better option). In the last year or so, they opened up all these new restaurants and stores right at Gillette called "Patriot's Place." I have never seen it so it was cool to see. We were also sitting right next to Doug Flutie, which is pretty cool for a BC student like myself...

I gotta give the guy credit. He must have been interrupted 300 times by people wanting autographs and pictures. I would hate to be famous.

When the game started we headed out into the freezing rain. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I have never looked more awesome...

Haha. I had on...underarmour, a sweater, 2 fleece jackets, and a rain coat. That doesn't even include my hat, scarf, neck warmer and gloves :) I was nice and warm.

So here are some pictures of the game...

And half time show...

And the best coach (obviously...)

He is most likely smiling in the above picture because he is noticing how ridiculous I look. Oh and by the way, he is wearing shorts, so obviously he does not share in my layer up philosophy.

Oh, and also- Eric's kids killed the other team, 26 to 0, and so the celebration begins...

So overall good times. Though I was really happy to get back to Eric's parents house so I could take off all the ridiculous layers. I was beyond exhausted after our escapades from Caroline's birthday, but I managed to make it to one of the other coach's houses to meet all the people Eric has been coaching with this year. I didn't want to drink anything but I didn't want to sit awkwardly so I had one beer. Fortunately my stomach forgave me even though I had already fed it a lunch it doesn't like and chips and crackers for dinner. We watched half of the game again on TV (they had DVRed) it, but fortunately Eric did not make me watch the whole thing because I was about to fall asleep sitting up.

When I woke up today I could tell my body was seriously wondering what kind of crazyness I was going to put it through today. It also looked like this outside...

Well, hello winter. I have to admit it does look pretty but it's also a pain in the bum. My workout today consisted of: 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes of Total Body Pilates, and then 30 minutes of shoveling, haha. Eric and I have a small driveway, that I could probably shovel in like 10-15 minutes. EXCEPT that we have a stone wall on one side and a fence on the other. So we have to lift the snow over the fence when we shovel. Let's just say my arms and back may hurt a bit tomorrow.

I also had my first ever MRI today on my knee. The whole experience was a little freaky, including the 1 million questions they asked me before. I didn't even know what half of the medical terms meant but I figured if I had anything I'd know what it was. It was also weird to lie down and not move. I doubt I move that much when laying down in general but when all you are doing is sitting there thinking about it, it's harder haha.

Anyway, I rewarded myself when I got home with a new treat my friend told me about. I am a big chips person, but most chips hurt my stomach now. She recommended these chips:

I found them today at the grocery store and I had to try them. Look at this ingredients list:

Only 3! That's awesome considering what kind of crazy things chips usually have. I ate some of these with my tuna + greek yogurt sandwich, on my new Christmas plates that my awesome mom got for us!

Hopefully we are going to add to the Christmas theme of the house with a Christmas tree later today :) I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  1. aw you are such a supportive fiance! That is so great that Eric coaches football.. I bet he's going to make a great dad!

  2. all though you looked FREEZING, the football game looked awesome!! I bet those kids will remember it forever!! :)

    Have fun decorating!! I just finished!

  3. Brr! I definitely don't miss winter weather. It's pretty to look at, but every morning I don't have to scrape off my car I'm thankful ;)

    I love those chips! I pretty much never eat chips of any kind, but they have those at school and they remind me of the chips my mom used to make when I was little.

  4. That is so cool for the kids! And I love Gillette, I have been there in the snow for sure :-D

  5. Totally understand the time comsuming coach. My finace is a middle school history teacher and coarches basketball, so we are just getting started haha. The snow looks beautiful although I would get tired of it by the second day haha

  6. Congrats to Eric!! And yes, you look AWESOME in your layered outfit :) I am the same way. I get cold so easily, I will pile a million layers on if that's what it takes. Eric is crazy for wearing shorts! MEN....

    Glad Eric, and you, are now a little bit less stressed, that's gotta feel nice. Nick and I are doing our tree tomorrow, I can't wait to see yours!

    Have a good night.

  7. Your layered look is quite adorable!

    The snow looks pretty awesome. I'm a wee bit jealous. I've only seen snow stick twice in my life!!

  8. Glad to hear football season is over and the team went out with a bang!

    I woke up to white fluffy snow this morning as well. And all day, it looked like a snow globe here. It was really pretty, since it wasn't terribly cold!

  9. Those chips look soo good! They look healthy and not all greasy and yucky like most chips do. I might have to try them!

  10. Sounds like a great time was had by all and a very eventful excursion! How fun to play in that stadium and nice to have a relaxing vaca for a while. Btw, my daughter loves the Salt and Pepper version of those chips you mentioned :)

  11. Congratulations to your fiance and his team! What a fun day... and how cool that you got to be so close to Doug Flutie. He used to be ours. San Diego's, that is. ;)

    Great pictures. Oh, and I love the Christmas plates. Can I adopt your mom?

  12. I can't believe your boy was out there in shorts!

  13. hahahah I laughed out loud when I saw what you were wearing to the game, but hey at least you weren't cold! Then I laughed again when I saw Eric laughing at you! I'm glad you guys survived the day after my birthday and you didn't hate me too much..

  14. Wow, what a cool experience for Eric and the kids. Looks like fun! I'm sure it will be a relief for both of you now that it's done for the season.

    Cute jacket! ;)