Thursday, May 4, 2017

What I Love About My Kids Right Now (Jack: 5 Months, Max: 3 Years, 3 Months)

Being a Stay at Home Mom to kids that are my kids' ages is a tough job. There is no promised time off, not even at bedtime since Jack basically sleeps when I do. The last month or so has been particularly tough- both kids experiencing some sleeping issues and both kids being at hard ages for me.

But, I'm also super lucky to be spending this much time with them during these early years. So, here are some things I'm loving at them right now. Followed by some info about Jack since this will double as his 5 month post (see lack of time above).

*Max is thinking about things so carefully right now. You can literally see the wheels turning after you tell him something. He is starting to ask "why?" a lot, and verbalize what he is wondering about.

*Jack is figuring out the concept of Peeka Boo. I mean, is there anything more satisfying than playing this game with a baby? All you have to do is cover your face with your hand, remove your hand, and then you get HUGE adorable smiles and laughs. If all of life could be this easy...

*Max is learning how to explain his feelings/wants a little, "I want to stay home and play with you" and "I don't want Miss Amanda (swim teacher) to put my head underwater" (ha ha). Sometimes he even tries to explain Jack's feelings "I think Jack is sad!" or his peanut butter sandwich's feelings (in response to "how's your pb sandwich doing?") "it doesn't want to get squished by my mouth"

*Jack LOVES having his diaper changed which is incredibly refreshing since his brother does NOT (and if his brother would like to start using a toilet anytime now that would be great too). He literally smiles and giggles the entire time. I think he thinks it is a game.

*Max is obsessed with a schedule. After reading his report card and seeing that they do not experience any of the transition issues at school that we do at home, I started making him a visual schedule on my phone (in google drive) every morning. I started it just for mornings but he loves it so much that I now basically do his day. Now in the morning he will say "what is the schedule of what we are going to do?" Just like when Max was an infant and we started an eating schedule with him, I'm finding him to be better able to handle changes in routine when most things are expected for him. And bonus, now instead of fighting me to go for a walk he suggests it! Ha.

*Jack and Max love each other right now. I'm sure (or at least hopeful) they will always love each other. But, right now I don't think they are even slightly annoyed by each other. Jack wants to watch Max every chance he gets. Max likes being adored by his little brother and often gives him more toys than he can possibly handle at once (and also steals his toys- but even this is fine since Jack doesn't even get it yet). This morning one of the neighbor's car alarms went off and Max was like, "why is that truck waking up Jack?"  I'm enjoying these times since I'm sure there are years of bickering ahead!

*Max is beginning a new phase I like to call the ENTHUSIASM phase. He is literally jumping up and down excited about almost everything. It reminds me why I used to love teaching swim lessons to three year olds. We went to a birthday party on Saturday and he was jumping up and down excited about the bouncy house, decorate a cookie, make a bracelet (I got my first bracelet made for me and I'm telling you he worked HARD on that- fine motor skills are not his strong suit!), singing Happy Birthday, eating cake etc. He is also jump up and down excited about swimming, walking the woods, reading his schedule each day, and too many other things to list.

*Jack is in the that phase where he tries to put everything in his mouth. The best part of his phase is when you go to kiss him and he tries to eat your face.

Sleeping: struggling with bedtime a bit- usually goes to bed around 8:45 and then wakes up once or twice, then settles in for the night and sleeps until 7am

Eating: still snacking all day long

Likes: his exersaucer (obsession!), grabbing the elephant on his playmat, going for walks, anyone making faces at him, getting his diaper changed

Dislikes: sleeping without a swaddle, being tired or hungry, needing to burp (this has been a huge struggle this month, a lot of waking up because he has a burp!)

New Skills: rolling over both ways, grabbing everything and putting it in his mouth, grabbing his feet

Working On: still a battle to sleep without the swaddle- I've got him napping with 1 arm out and that's about all I can do. Say some prayers I can accomplish this by 6 months. And maybe teach him to put himself to sleep by then too... that's probably asking a lot!

*Update: in the week or so it's taken to actually finish this post I am making some good progress on the swaddle ha ha