Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Put Your Hand on Your Tummy

Well, I'm glad to hear we are not the only ones who like to talk at spin class. Never fear, tomorrow night I am going to spin again, with the teacher who said "okay this is a really tough hill, talk your way through it!" (more my kind of teacher). I'm sure I'll be back to the morning one but I'll be sure to zip my lips first :)

You may be expecting a delicious breakfast post from today, but unfortunately I was not able to try something new for breakfast this morning. The past two days my stomach has really been bothering me and it's hard to tell if it's all the "new" foods I have been trying, or if it is still rebelling against me from my crazy weekend so I just went with a real boring and usual breakfast this morning to see if I could calm it down. To be honest I did feel better today, but I am still going to try something new-ish tomorrow and hopefully my stomach will cooperate.

Speaking of the tummy, in Kindergarten one of the most important things we learn is how to control our emotions (not that they are experts by first grade haha). Our guidance counselor teaches my kids a song that goes "Put your hand on your tummy, say calm down, take a deep breath and count out loud..." It's a little bit of a joke among the teachers to "put your hand on your tummy" when we are starting to get upset about something. The point of putting your hand on your tummy is supposed to be to check in with your body and see how you are feeling. Though you will not see me actually moving my hand to my tummy, I do think even adults should do this. I know I am the queen of not realizing when I am stressed. Then, the program teaches the kids to either count slowly or take deep breaths to calm themselves down. Counting does not do much for me, but I do take deep breaths. Since I have my moments of "Kelly the stress ball", here are my...

Top 10 Ways to Calm Down

10. Knit (and actually I'm not a good knitter, I can only do scarves that are one color and don't change width at all, but I have to say, not thinking while knitting makes it much more calming)
9. Read a great book
8. Read blogs
7. Watch mindless TV
6. Bake cookies
5. Do some yoga
4. Run, bike, walk etc...
3. Eat some delicious ice cream (or you favorite "comfort" food)- not that I'm supporting emotional eating :)
2. Call a friend
1. LAUGH... seriously, what could be better?

Speaking of laughing, one of my kids had an awesome quote yesterday that I must share. My classroom assistant was telling the kids that when she was little girls weren't really allowed to play sports like they do now. The kids were all discussing how not fair that was, and how great it is that girls can play now and good thing there are no more rules about what girls and boys can do or not do. One of my kids gets a very serious look on his face and goes...

"Well, boys are not allowed to have babies, but that's okay" hahahhaha

Oh kiddos. You make me laugh. That's why I keep them around...though I must admit they are usually the reason I need to calm down!

Tell me, what do you do when you need to calm down?


  1. Just the post I needed! It takes me a LOT to calm down. My yoga mat is my happy place, and dimming the lights, stretching, and some quiet music help. As does my large wine collection. :)
    I can't figure out how to post with my new URL!

  2. I totally agree with everything on your calming list!! I am trying to do more calming activities lately since I've been so stressed.

  3. I've been stalking your blog waiting for you to post haha, later than expected. CLEARLY I've had a productive day (not).
    I calm down very similar to you (no surprise there): making cookies, reading a book or going to the gym.
    ps. my week of no blogging is huge fail. I already have the next like three days posts set up. Like I said, REAL productive day..

  4. THis is the perfect post for me. I need to learn how to relax better. I wish we had learned that song in kindergarden! I feel denied.

    I will say, breathing and just taking a moment to calm down mentally, really helps!

    I hope you figure out your stomach issues. Stress probably has some to do with it, with the holidays and all I have read that you may be experiencing stress more on the inside, than out (if that makes sense). Stress on the inside may cause GI issues. Plus you were sick not too long ago, you immune system is maybe not 100%.

  5. Listen to music, LAUGH, or talk to my mom... :) They all make me feel better!

  6. Hahahaha, don't kids say the funniest things ever. LOVE it!

    I usually zone out watching TV, run or call someone - like my mom or a good friend - to talk when I'm a stress ball!

  7. Oh I loved kids! They really do say the darnest things!

  8. That is so funny about boys not being able to have babies! Such a cute (and exasperating) age!

    I like your list and find myself doing many of those in order to calm down. I may have to try the Touch Your Tummy song, though. :)

  9. Those are awesome "de stresser" Did you look more into the laughter yoga? It's completely insane, but fabulous!! :)

  10. Ha, I'm sure those kids add and decrease to your stress more than anything! Hope you keep feeling better!