Sunday, December 13, 2009

If You're Gonna Play the Game, Boy...

...You gotta learn to play it right.
I'm not even going to play the "guess my lyrics" game with my title because if you don't know what song it's from, you need to rethink the life you live...okay, perhaps that is a bit dramatic but it's an amazing song and you should know it.

So after I left you yesterday Ash and I packed up our "study party" at Panera (study parties are fun now that I am finally done with all forms of school...though I did get some work done for the kiddos). Ash had to leave for her flight so Eric and I took off on a little Christmas shopping adventure. It was relatively successful though I still am not done with the whole Christmas shopping process. I'm planning to head to the mall this morning the second it opens since I've been avoiding it at all costs. Eric and I were also looking for ugly sweaters for a party we were invited to last night. Turns out it's a little more difficult than one would think to find an ugly sweater.

My first problem is that my parents dress like normal people so they have nothing of the sort lying around the house for me to borrow. Obviously they need to get less hip. Anyway, Eric ended up finding a sweater at Old Navy that was really not ugly at all, but at least it was a sweater and Eric wearing a sweater in general pretty much never happens, so it was a start.

I gave up on the sweater part and decided to search for bright red leggings instead. I finally found success in the Old Navy kids section. I also found a relatively ridiculous Christmas necklace at Target. It almost would've been normal except for the bells...yup it was one of those pieces of jewelry that allowed everyone to know exactly where I was at any time...

Final Outfit- Kelly:

Final Outfits- Kelly and Eric:

I know, I know, we look nothing like we are attending an ugly sweater party. Maybe a weird hat and bright tights party but that's about it. Good thing Eric's friends love us anyway...and did a much better job finding or making sweaters than we did. By the far the best made at home sweater is below on left:

I just picture him sitting at home coloring the Christmas pictures. Actually reminds me of what I do for work a bit...haha

If you want to see some legit ugly sweaters, check out this group picture I took.

Eric and I were on fire in the luck department last night. First, Eric drew #1 in the Yankee Swap, which by the way IS the best number to draw. I once participated in a Yankee Swap where people insisted one was the worst, I am still mad about it- 1 is the best. I actually really hate Yankee Swaps because I hate the idea that you are insulting someone if you don't pick their gift. Last night worked out fine though, no one traded at all, probably because nobody wanted to insult anyone. I am more into Secret Santa if anyone asks...
There were some good grab gifts, including footie pajamas...

After the grab, we started playing this game I'd never heard of or seen before- I wanna say it was called like "Left Center Right" but I could be making that up. Anyway, I won twice and I ended up leaving the party ten dollars richer. How often can you honestly say you have gone out for a night and come home RICHER than you started? Though I'm not sure that works since I bought those tights, necklace and some beer before the party...Whatever let's just say I'm richer since I'm sure I'm about to spend more than $10 on Christmas presents this morning.

You know what else was amazing? Christmas Rice Krispy Treats...

And Eric being done with football so we can finally hang out again!

Now I just need to find a way for us to hang out without me slowing killing my body. The past two weekends have involved way too much beer and not nearly enough sleep. Since I am terrible at sleeping in, I end up losing a ton of sleep when I stay up late. Next weekend I am going to try to be in bed by 11 both nights. Maybe then I'll actually work out in the morning...

Though I did not work out this morning (I figured the mall may be a workout?) I did go back to an old breakfast favorite.

I have been quoted saying that if I could eat only one food for the rest of my life it would be bread with peanut butter. Unfortunately my stomach disagrees so I had to take a brief break from peanut butter. But I tried it again this morning with a delicious banana on the side for some soluble fiber. That is definitely about 1/4 the amount of peanut butter I used to put on my english muffins, but that's probably for the better. I'm hoping my stomach truly missed the delicious taste and nutrients of peanut butter and will allow me to integrate this easy, but amazing, breakfast back into my routine along with the other new things I tried last week including egg white and salsa sandwich, oikos vanilla yogurt with banana and chex and baked oatmeal.

Time to go brave the mall, ah!


  1. How fun!! Can you believe I've never been to an ugly sweater holiday party??!! I know, crazy. This weekend and last weekend I can agree with you that too much beer and not enough sleep has left me tired and graugy. I have been lazy and have not worked out, but like you I'm counting shopping as a workout!!

    I love the pictures of you and Eric, classic.
    Congrats on winning some money at the party, yeah that's always a nice little surprise! Enjoy the mall.

  2. Sounds like a great party! I think your outfit is actually pretty cute! LOL. We had an ugly christmas sweater party at my sisters a couple christmas's ago and it was so much fun. I had a cousin that actually decorated his own sweater with christmas ornaments and tinsle!

  3. Oh the game is called "Left, Right, Center" My cousin introduced my family to it a few years ago and now we play it every chrismtas eve. There are 30+ of us, so the pot get's pretty big.

  4. What a fun party! Great outfits. I have never been to an ugly Christmas sweater party but I would probably have a tough time finding something, too!

    I am so glad Eric is done with Football so you can spend more time together. :)

  5. LOVE the outfits and what a fun partayyyy, I have never been to an ugly xmas sweater party but heard they are too much!

    what a delicious looking rice krisoy snack!!!

  6. this post is so filled with holiday cheer -- I love it! :) you guys are such a gorgeous couple! and sounds like a great party.. props to Eric for pulling that lucky number!

  7. I'm hearing so much about ugly sweater Christmas parties! I want to go to one...just to wear an ugly sweater. It sounds like so much fun!

  8. SO fun! My friends and I hosted one in college and it was HILARIOUS! i remember my sweater came complete with a friend's mom's broach and obnoxious earrings :)

  9. Some of those sweaters are pretty horrendous. You guys looked great, but certainly not UGLY!! Don't you just love Panera? If I had to study, I'd be there. Probably eating and not studying, but I'd be okay with that : )

    P.S. Those Rice Krispie Treats look pretty wonderful -- I have a slight obsession. They are hands-down my favorite "lighter" dessert.

  10. mmm rice krispy treats.

    girl why didn't you hit up the stylish good will/salvation army supply of sweaters? lol.

  11. Hahahaha, uhhh ya, no offence but you and Eric failed in the ugly sweater department :P Too funny that your parents dress like "normal people" so you couldn't raid their closet! LOL.

    Looks fun though, I've never been to an ugly sweater party before!!

  12. Those red tights rock! I'd love to get a pair and wear it with a black dress and black boots as a legit outfit. :)

  13. I read quite a bit but this is my first time commetning!

    I've never been to a Ugly sweater party either and Im pretty sure my mom is way too cool to still have those in her closet. I might have to go take a peek soon! Looks like you had fun!

  14. LOL at some of those sweaters!

    We did a Yankee Swap (although they call it White Elephant here????) yesterday and EVERYONE was confused about the rules - is 1 the best or worst? But anyway, it was still fun. And there was a LOT of swapping. Hope you got something good. ;)

    Good luck shopping!

  15. I love your outfit kelly, super cute tights! Though I have to say the one piece pjs are pretty sweet too ;)

  16. You both make such a cute couple. The party sounds like it was a lot of fun! I wouldn't have a sweater to wear to an ugly holiday sweater party. Maybe I need to get an ugly holiday sweater so I get an invite to a party like that!