Monday, December 14, 2009

You'll Get More Than You Ever Give Away...

Guess what? Today is December 14, 2009 and I am officially done with my Christmas shopping. This may not seem impressive to some of you, but I am the queen of leaving "just a few things" for the last minute. I am not a procrastinator but I love to leave just one or two things...I do this with everything, I leave the conclusion of a paper, one bite of my dinner. I don't know what my problem is. But this year I have a blog and it's not as exciting to report I have a few things left than it is to say I AM DONE. Woooo! I am also really happy with all my presents, and I even bought 2 presents for a charity the first graders at my school are doing for kids in the social services program. I got to buy for a six year old girl, which was a lot of fun because I don't buy for any kids, but all I hear about is products for six year olds all day!

I even did some serious wrapping yesterday, though I can't say that is done (I have to leave SOMETHING right?).

Then I did some cardmaking. I am not really sending out Christmas cards this year because I just want to relax and enjoy the season (though...I haven't actually done that yet). I may send online cards so I can still let everyone know I am thinking of them...any recommendations for online cards? Anyway, I always make cards for my friends, principal, secretary, custodians at work. I also usually give them chocolate but this year I decided to not contribute to unhealthy holiday eating. Instead I got really tiny (as in under $5) gifts for my kindergarten team (can't tell you what they are though since one of them reads this blog- Hi Kathy!) and everyone else is just getting a card, oops! So the cards have to be good:

So...all this lovely shopping for others, are you wondering what I want for Christmas? I knew it!

I've been told I'm pretty easy to shop for and I think I really am. I truly cannot recall ANY present I've received that I did not love...with the exception of some of the food products I get from the kids that I can't eat, but I still appreciate them :) I basically love everything. I've never returned a present...ever. It's hard to go wrong with me especially if you include pink or green, Vera Bradley, clothes, gift cards...really it's hard to go wrong with me period.

However, there are some things I think it would be fun to get this year. I haven't really asked anyone for these gifts so I'm not expecting them, but I have got some really awesome ideas for people from some blog wish lists so I figured, why not jump on the bandwagon?

1. As stylish as it is to carry my lunch to work every day in grocery bags, how much more fun would it be to use this?

These come in awesome fun colors too...which only adds to the greatness.

2. It's no secret that Vera Bradley purses are one of those, I used to make fun of but now I love items. This new bag in the microfiber collection is so awesome, especially in black. It's called the "Commuter Bag" and there is really nothing "Commuter" about my 8 minute commute to work, but I still think it would be a great teacher bag, and fit my laptop on weekend trips!

3. I was blasted by bikers this fall for having the same bike helmet since I was 12. Oops, probably time for a new one. My only requirement? Pink! The darker the pink, the better.

4. Okay I've been practical enough, now it's time to start dreaming...

I am in love with the Iphone. I want one so bad. But I refuse to change my cell phone service, so not only will I need to GET an iphone, but I also will need Verizon to get the iphone. Is that too much to ask?
FINE. I could settle for this...

It would also be awesome if Santa wouldn't mind paying the extra $30 a month it will cost me to operate this beautiful piece of a equipment.

Dear Kelly,
Dream on.
Love, Santa

Dear Santa,
Fine. But can I have the lunch box?
Love, Kelly

What's on your wish list this year?


  1. Hey Kelly! I could definitely go for everything on your wish list. I love the lunchbox and the Vera Bradley bag the most. :)

    On my list this year - snow shoes, crafting supplies (to make cute cards like yours!), dressy and hip brown boots (I need the help!) and new sports bras. :)

    Hope you have a great Tuesday!

  2. Kelly, I used Verizon for 7 years, and I just got an iPhone with AT&T. I wish I would have waited until January for the new one to come out (by Verizon!!). So your wish is coming true, just wait :)

    Love that lunch box idea. I should get that for Nick, instead of plastic bags.

    Can't believe you are finished, by the way, I'm jealous. I have about 20% to go, not so bad!

  3. I have one gift left to get, and then I am done! And I have been wrapping gifts as I buy them so they are all wrapped - such a good feeling!

    #1 on my wish list is a GPS system. Other than that, I asked for some games, books, and pjs! All of which I would love to receive!!

  4. Woo hoo! I finished wrapping all of my gifts yesterday too! What a great feeling! I love that lunch bag!

  5. I just got a DROID from verizon. check it out as an iphone alternative

  6. Hehehe I hope you get more than just the lunch box.

    I just got my ear pierced a year ago and I really want nice earings to wear every day.

  7. LOL!!! So you're settling for the lunch box huh? ;)

    Good job for being done so early!! It's quite impressive :D I'm the same as you, too: I always leave some stuff for the end! I definitely never finish my coffee...among other things.

  8. "Fine, but can I have the lunchbox?" LOL!!!!

    That is a snazzy looking lunch bag.

    Congrats on finishig your shopping! Wish I could say the same - just a few last minute items.

  9. I need a lunch box! I take mine in a Lululemon reusable bag everyday, which I love don't get me wrong but I want one that keeps my food cold and fresh so I don't need the fridge ASAP!

    great gifts and yay for being done!

  10. congrats on getting the shopping done!

  11. I love that lunch bag! I carry mine in one a reusable shopping bag every day.

  12. Love the lunch box. I have a really cute lunch "purse." I'll have to post a picture of it on my blog soon.

    I broke down and got an Iphone a year or so ago and loved it. Its been my favorite phone by far.

    As far as my wish list...

    I really have no one specific thing. My birthday was last Friday and I got most of hwat I wanted then.

  13. You are too funny! I know that feeling of accomplishment after finishing your Christmas shopping. It's such a relief. It makes wrapping way more fun to know there is an end in sight :)

  14. Your conversation with Santa made me chuckle : )
    At the moment, I just want Santa to come early this year and magically make it Wednesday night and my finals over!

  15. I have Verizon and I have the LG Dare. The data plan is only $15 a month. And I can check email, facebook, twitter, and my blog on it. Look into it, for real!

    (I want a Keurig and dining room chairs.)

  16. hahaha that santa 'conversation' cracked me up. I absolutely love your cards! I definitely want to get into that myself next year. It would just be so much fun!

  17. ugh, I totally wish that all cell phone services just had the same phones -- life would be so much better!

    major props to you on getting all of your Christmas shopping down, wish I could say the same! mehhhh.

  18. I'm jealous you are done with your shopping - I am close to done. Wrapping will have to be done this weekend - along with making more Christmas cookies....

    It never ends!

  19. ha that was cute!! Hmm I really haven't made a list..guess I"m gettin nuttin

  20. if you are going to do e cards these ones feed the hungry

  21. haha I love your letter from Santa.. I saw a lunch bag like that in the teacher's lounge today. It was red. Very cool. You should totally get a Vera Bradley lunch bag and kill two birds with one stone. :) I wanted to ask for a Vera Bradley lunch bag for Christmas but realized my mom got me one last Christmas, but I wasn't a huge fan of the print.. oopos.. better use it for awhile and then have an unfortuate "accident.. "

  22. ugh at&t sucks. i hope verizon gets the iphone too! i will totally take mine and run back, lol.

    nice job on the christmas shopping!! i have yet to start... oopsie :)

  23. haha! Too funny! I just got a new ring and some new runing shoes! I would love a new camera but I can't make a decision..