Thursday, April 23, 2015


I think about this blog a lot. I have lots of post ideas. But then, it's 8PM and I've been with kids from sun up to sun down I am just so exhausted I can't make sense in writing. Since I'm on vacation this week (which only involves one kid from sun up to sun down), you'll get a Currently post. It's better than nothing, right? 

Reading: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I had a really hard time getting into this book and I've been reading it for almost three weeks now which is almost unheard of for me. I'm pretty into it now though, so I think I'll finish it pretty soon. It's a good book, though a tough read. I'm appreciating that it's giving me yet another perspective on World War II. I don't think I've read another WWII book that takes place in Japan. Wait a sec, isn't one of the Read Harder Challenges to read a book that takes place in Asia? Need to go consult the spreadsheet!

Loving: My DSLR camera. I bought it 4 years (?) ago now. Ironically, I bought it mainly because it takes such good photos of kids (at work) but since Max was born I've barely used it at all because carrying around a big camera and actually taking the time to put the pictures on my computer seemed like a big hassle. But, now that he is more mobile if I don't want every picture to be one big blur, I need to get it out again. Now that I have, I've fallen back in love. 

IMG 2427

Thinking: about whether that adorable child above will be an oldest or an only… nothing is going to happen either way for at least a year, but I think about it a lot and I don't know what I want. It must be nice to be a person who does not overanalyze everything. 

Frustrated: You can tell I am on vacation because I can't think of one single thing I am frustrated about right now. Oh wait, that's a lie… toddler eating is SO frustrating. I try to subscribe to philosophy of I provide a healthy meal and if he eats it, he eats it, if he doesn't, he doesn't. But honestly it is really annoying when you make a whole meal for someone and they dramatically yell and throw it on the floor. This is what I imagine going through Max's mind on a daily basis. Apples are my favorite. I HATE APPLES I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD GIVE ME THAT DISGUSTING FOOD. I want some milk. No I don't want milk. MILK NOW! GET THAT MILK OUT OF MY FACE. I want some waffles. NO, NOT WAFFLES. Waffles! Hmm, do I want waffles? What do they have on them? NO!! I HATE WAFFLES. etc. Can I have some waffles please? 

Feeling: proud and in awe of my sister and my college roommate who both ran the Boston marathon this past Monday. Not only did they run it, but they had fun and finished happy. They both inspire me to make more time in my life for exercise even if it feels impossible some days. Caroline trained for this marathon while basically working two full time jobs and Ashley works 80 hours a week as a doctor. Clearly, these two do not make excuses. 


Anticipating: In a few weeks we will start the ABC Countdown (to the end of the school) in kindergarten. Each day we celebrate a letter with something special, for example A is Art Day, B is Beach Day, C is Career Day. It's a ton of fun and obviously ends up with the best part of the year, SUMMER. So, yeah, anticipating all of that. 

Watching: The Goldbergs. HILARIOUS show based on a true family growing up in the 80s. If you haven't watched it, you should. 

Sad: That vacation is almost over. I have enjoyed spending every day with Eric and Max. 

IMG 2359

Working: On proving I'm a good teacher… have to upload evidence that I am meeting all the standards for my evaluation. Good times. 

Grateful: That the weather is getting ever so slightly better so that we can spend a lot more time outside. The week before vacation both of my aides were out sick with pneumonia. Let's just say that some extra recess was had. Also, it's been SO nice to be able to take Max outside in the morning when he wakes up at the crack of dawn and nothing fun to do is actually open at that hour. 

Listening: To country music, as usual… current favorites: Diamond Rings and Old Barstools (Tim McGraw) and Homegrown (Zac Brown Band). I've also been listening to Undisclosed, the new podcast about the same story that Serial was about. I totally know it's biased but I am not over the story yet I suppose. I also love "Dear Sugar" and the "Sarah R. Bagley podcast" at the moment. 

Wishing: That it was standard procedure to work for 3 weeks a month and then have a week off. I'd argue we would be almost as productive as we are now with this nice break… just sayin' 

What is current in your life these days? 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Max: 15 Months Old

Max will be 15 months old this week! 

Max has been busy these last few months. It's been cold and incredibly snowy up here in Boston. In fact, we broke the record for snowiest winter on record, which might be cooler when it's history but at the moment is just…miserable. We discovered Max does not love snow days as much as we don't- he loves to get out of the house and see interesting people and things. Some of the places Max like to go include: to visit family and friends, walks around the neighborhood, the mall, swimming at the Y, inside playgrounds and to restaurants (though he is mostly done sitting at restaurants so that will mean less visits ha ha). 

IMG 2236

IMG 2258IMG 1373

IMG 1743

Max also took another big trip, where he turned 13 months. Our trip to Savannah was much easier than our trip to Florida had been only a month earlier. There were a combination of factors that contributed to this, mostly the fact that Max wasn't sick, one of our flights wasn't delayed (that's 1 out of the 4 flights Max has been on) and Max had a nice walk in closet to sleep in. 

IMG 1543IMG 1723IMG 1777IMG 1819IMG 1853IMG 1950IMG 1980

Max LOVES big kids. He plays with his BFF Teddy (photo above) and he loved visiting me at work a few weeks ago. The kids were all crowded around him and he thought it was the best thing ever. He even stole the basketball from a few of my kids who were playing. 

Some of the things we love about Max have remained the same for many months. He still continues to love music. When the music comes on, he still dances, now while standing up. Music also calms him down when he is upset. He also continues to love books. He has expanded his favorites a bit, but he still loves listening to the same book over and over again. The other day he got impatient with my Home Goods shopping, but when I gave him a book to look at, he was fine with cruising around for awhile longer. He continues to be obsessed with lights and wants nothing more than to spend hours turning on and off every single light in the house. 

But there is a lot new in Max land too. He talks a bit more now, says Mama, Dada, Nonna, Nana, dog, and bye-bye. He also waves to everyone, and uses sign language for "down" and "more" (though more is a bit more like "I want" but close enough). Max understands much of what we say now. If we say it's time to eat, he heads right to his high chair. "It's time to go upstairs!" = run right over to the gate and attempt to open it himself. He also shows signs that he is a toddler these days, throwing a mini tantrum if he doesn't get his way. Things that get him particularly angry: having to stop running around for 5 seconds to get changed or put on his jacket, not being allowed to open a door or gate that he wants to open, being taken away from something he wants to do. 

Winn 150404 9674 Edit

He continues to be a pretty good eater most days. He loves yogurt, cheese, crackers, bread, waffles, peanut butter and almond butter, oatmeal, pears, peas, ground turkey, pasta with tomato sauce, rice, and cookies. We regularly give him what we are eating for dinner- last week he enjoyed a Thai curry dish that Eric made. But of course, he has his times (also regularly) where he wants nothing to do with the food on his tray and food ends up everywhere. He definitely does not like bananas, but other than that he mostly just randomly doesn't like things that he just liked the day before. He's just not in the mood I suppose! He seems to be texturally influenced and will often play with his food and determine that he doesn't like the feel of it before even trying it. Oh well!

Winn 150407 9741

Last week, my mom taught him how to "give hugs" which has now replaced dancing to the music as my favorite thing Max can do. I think starting around 6 months, every month I declare to be my favorite age so far. So here's to my new favorite age :)