Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Power of Negative Thinking

I know, it sounds counterintuitive, positive thinking is all the rage. There is probably some ridiculous research out there that says people who think positively are more successful (I always wonder how they measure stuff like this). We always tell children if you think you can, you can etc. Overall, I'd say I am an optimist. I am happy and I enjoy life. However, I also subscribe to the belief that one should always hope for the best, but expect/plan for the worst. Thinking my kindergarten kids will behave perfectly when I'm being observed is not going to get me anywhere. Planning a lesson where I anticipate aspects where they might have difficulty and prevent these from spiraling in a negative direction, now that's going to help. Maybe they won't need any of my prevention strategies, maybe they would be perfect little 5 year old angels, but better safe than sorry.

So now, when it is most needed, I am going to begin the power of negative thinking for a certain day that is coming up...July 10th aka, wedding day. Personally I feel that after our hotel going bankrupt, having to scramble for a new location for our closest family and friends (along with ourselves), moving our welcome party (which was also supposed to be there) and having pouring rain for our bachelorette/bachelor parties, it SHOULD be sunny and gorgeous on July 10th. Unfortunately, as our parents told us as children, life simply isn't fair. In all reality, this idea that life isn't fair is actually a massive advantage to me, as I've definitely had more than my share of luck in my life.

I know the "life isn't fair" philosophy applies to weddings as well...

#1-It poured for my friend Tiff's bachelorette party, then her wedding day was what can only be described as a monsoon. On the other hand, it was gorgeous days for the rest of my friend's bachelorette's and nice days for their wedding. So in fact, if you go by my friend's alone- I should expect it to rain on my wedding day, since it rained on my bachelorette.

#2- My friend Ash went to a wedding on the Cape last summer. It was for a lovely couple that has been together for a long time. The husband has a heart condition and has spent weeks in the hospital at a time, with his lovely wife right by his side. If anyone deserved a gorgeous wedding it was them. But gorgeous it was not...some crazy end of the summer hurricane came up the coast and that was what they got on their wedding day. So isn't fair, weddings aren't fair.

So instead of thinking positively that it WILL NOT, CAN NOT rain on my wedding day, I am taking a new approach.

First, I am getting myself excited about back up plans. I love the place where I'm getting married and although it will not have a great view of the water if it's rainy out, it will still be an amazing place. My photographer plans to bring fun umbrellas so we can still have outdoor pictures. My hair will be secured in place by insane amounts of hair spray. Everyone will probably be able to hear what we say during the ceremony better. It will be fine.

Second, I am remembering some of the fun weddings Eric and I have been to in the rain. We had a great time regardless and so did the bride and groom.


Thirdly, I am not checking the weather. At all. Later today I am going to set parental controls on my computer so that I am UNABLE to go to or on my computer. Seriously, I need to be physically restricted because I am a big weather checker. I will also avoid the news and if anyone even considers telling me I will cover my ears. The reason why I will not check it is because, let's face it, the weather is wrong A LOT. The worst part about the rain on my bachelorette party was the fact that for over a week it has said it was going to be a beautiful day. We were all talking about how perfect the weather was going to be, sunny, not too hot etc. Then, slowly, as we got closer to the weekend, the chance of rain got higher, and higher. Until it was very clear that we were going to be sitting in the rain watching a Red Sox game.


Did we have fun still? Of course! So really, the worst part was disappointment that came with the expectation that it would be a beautiful sunny day. This time, I will not have the expectation. I will assume it's going to rain, and if it doesn't, I'll be happily surprised. I was really pissed off at those weather people for lying to me last time. I even looked up how much money they make and was even more angry to learn that they make double my salary only to be wrong CONSTANTLY. If I was wrong that often I'd definitely be out of a job. This time I will not let the weather people fool me again. Ever heard the expression, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me? Yup, thats right you crazy overpaid weather people, you will not fool me again :)

Do you think to expect the best or the worst?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

Happy Monday kids. Today felt exactly like a Monday even though I didn't technically have work because I had 900 errands to do and halfway through the day realized my driver's license expired 3 weeks ago..OOPS, so 2 hours of fun at the RMV it was. The best part? My name is changing in less than 2 weeks, which I can only assume means another fun RMV trip when I return from my honeymoon. UGH!

Speaking of the name change, I thought I should update you guys on my plans for that after my last post back in December on The Great Name Debate. As I found when I posted that, people have a LOT of opinions on this matter and it's taken me a LOT of debating to get to my decision, but I think I'm pretty happy about it. To summarize my general opinion on the topic, I think it's absolutely the most ridiculous crap EVER that women are expected to take their husbands name. However I can't really think of a better way to do it because honestly, what exactly is going to happen when one hypenated named child marries another? That's a lie, I can absolutely think of a better way to do it, everyone takes the woman's name! Unfortunately Eric does not agree. I told him that if he wants me to take his name he better start making enough money for me to be a housewife. Not a terrible comeback huh? Except that he happens to know that I'd rather work long hours any day than be independently responsible for cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and other housewife jobs. Comeback fail.

Anyway, I have come to a compromise on the whole thing that I am happy with (and Eric is happy with, which I suppose is important right?). I am going to take Eric's last name in life, keep my last name at work. For me this is the best of both worlds. I'll have the same last name as Eric and my kids, we'll be the "Eric's last name" family. However, I'll still get to keep my "work identity" and the kids, parents and everyone will be 100 percent clear on who I am. Also, since I teach in the town that my Dad and his 7 siblings grew up in, I will still be recognized as being related to them which grants me celebrity status among the townies. Best of both worlds.

My original concern with this option was that I was afraid I'd never get used to my new name without being called it all day, but most people are not teachers and they eventually figure it out, right? Besides, I am currently using my home address for half of my stuff and my parents for the other half (some things I didn't change because I figured I could change everything when I got married instead of changing things twice)- it has yet to cause me any confusion. I have it memorized which credit cards etc have my parents address and I know exactly what I have switched over. Turns out I'm a pretty smart girl, so I can keep it all straight- now with my address all in one place I have to keep myself on my toes somehow right?

My ONLY dilemma left (the hard part is over) is what to do technically speaking. I refuse to get rid of my middle name because it's my mom's name and I like it, so I'm keeping all 4 names (2 names with 5 letters, 2 names with 4 so I promise it's not that long- and I don't expect anyone to call me all of these names at once). The question now is whether to have 2 middle names or 2 last names? An example of a woman who has 2 last names not hypenated is Hillary Diane (middle name) Rodham (first last name) Clinton (second last name). To be honest I could care less either way but I'm wondering what the legal consequences are for a middle name vs. a last? Would I have more options as far as which name to use if my current last name is still part of my last name vs. my middle name? I don't see myself ever using both last names at once, but it's all about what to do with it legally speaking. If any of you have any advice on this, feel free to let me know. I don't know why but I am not a fan of the hyphen, I know its just a line, but it's a line I do not like haha.

Well, that's enough about names...wanna see some yummy food? Sure you do!

I recreated the amazing sandwich I had at Stephanie's the other day. I didn't have all the ingredients but it was still amazing...


Grilled sweet potato and red pepper with some mushed up avocado on sour dough bread. Perfection.


Speaking of perfection...


I dislike doing the work to eat my lobster and I can't eat mayo, so lobster rolls are out. This big guy is lobster for people like me, roasted and torn apart by someone other than me so I get to just enjoy eating my delicious lobster. This guy can be found at Ocean House in Dennisport. If you are in the area and you want amazing food with a view, this is your place.

I want more lobster just thinking about it right now. Even though it's 9:30 at night and I'm full. That's how good it is.

One more note on names, if you are not sure what to do about your change and/or happen to be against name changing you may enjoy this blog post by a woman very very against the name change. I agree with 95 % of what she says, except that I kinda do want the same name as my kids and she says if thats the case then your husband should change his name and frankly mine is not going to do that. That's fine- this is Eric's win...someday it will be my turn to win, and winN I will....

Current score on big giant important things...

Eric: 1

Kelly G W H (see? it's not too long): 0

Perhaps this sets me up for choosing the name of our first born?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Restaurant Style

Good morning and Happy Sunday. Sorry about my MIAness the past few days, I have wedding plans coming out of my ears :)

My major highlights of the last few days include my ice cream date with an awesome second grader. I was happy (though not surprised) to learn how many friends and family members have stepped up to help her and her mom through a very tough time for them. It is amazing how great people can be when crisis strikes.

Later the same day Eric and I headed down to the Cape, and I woke up early Friday morning to go to a beach yoga class.


Unfortunately I went to the wrong spot on the beach and by the time I actually found them, the class was 10-15 minutes in and I didn't really want to be that girl, so I just turned around and did a few minutes of my own beach yoga...



If you've never done this before, I highly recommend trying it. Not only is the atmosphere obviously perfect, but the uneven surface gives an extra challenge to those downward dogs.

The rest of the day was spent kayaking on the Bass River and shopping for bridal party gifts. I decided against taking my camera kayaking but I did take a picture when we came back so you could see the general gorgeousness of the area...


If you are ever in the Yarmouth area, definitely check out Howie's Kayaks on Route 28. We've now done the Bass River Cruise and rented kayaks from them and both were fantastic. I think it's the best way to see the Bass River unless perhaps you are a billionaire and can afford one of the insane mansions along the river?

While shopping at the mall I discovered something quite cool...


GLOW golf! So mini golf, inside, with like blacklight stuff. Kind of a cool kids (or Kelly) thing for a rainy day, don't you think?

What's Your Restaurant Style?

For some reason this summer has brought a lot of visits to restaurants for Eric and I. Though really, that's not that out of character for us as going to restaurants is probably our favorite shared pastime. Last night we tried an Italian restaurant in Hyannis that was a bit off the beaten path. I didn't take pictures of my food because it was pretty dark and I didn't get anything too interesting. However, it got me thinking about restaurant styles.

Last night Eric and I both got a drink, he got an appetizer, we both got entrees (though mine was a half portion, I love when they do that) and we both got dessert. Not surprisingly our meal was a lot more expensive than what we normally spend, but that's okay because both Eric and I VERY rarely order dessert (I couldn't pass up the mango sorbet) and we also don't usually order drinks when we eat out.

However, I know a lot of people who go out to dinner and go all out- drinks, appetizers, meal, dessert every time. I imagine most of these people go out less often than us though, and see it as more of a splurge. I like this idea, but I enjoy trying too many new restaurants and frequenting our regular restaurants too much to switch to this "style." Plus, I'm using more than full after just eating not even all of my meal, forget dessert or appetizers : )

How do you tend to eat at restaurants? Do you splurge and get everything? Or maybe go more often and order less?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Secret of Life

Great news! I've figured out the secret of life...

....working 6 hours a week :)

Hey, I didn't say anything about it being possible did I? Plus when you incorporate prepping for tutoring and wedding planning I've probably worked more than 6 hours this least 12-15 haha.

But seriously, this week has been awesome so far. I think if I suddenly won the lottery I'd make all weeks like this. I wouldn't stop working entirely, just work slightly less, preferably tutoring the most amazing kids ever which is what I'm doing right now. One of them is the little boy who wanted to marry me earlier this year. On Monday I show up to his house and he is DECKED OUT in Red Sox gear, we are talking the shirt, jersey over the short, sweatpants haha. When I commented on it his mom told me that he told her that I love the Red Sox so he had to wear Red Sox stuff haha. Awesome. He also let me jump on his sweet new trampoline. Those things have only become more amazing since I was a kid and wanted one. Would it be weird if Eric and I got a trampoline before we have kids? Like years before?

The boy I tutored this morning I was a little nervous about because he is really shy. I was convinced that seeing his teacher in his house would shut him up entirely. I was completely wrong, he told me all about the pool party he went to this weekend and how he had his birthday party and a baby alligator was in his house for it. Clearly birthday parties have become pretty crazy.

Other amazing things that I got to do this week? Eat lunch with Katie on her birthday, visit the farmer's market with Eric...



Put a small dent in our water bottle labeling...


Today's awesome events (other than tutoring the alligator in the house kid) included picking up my beautiful wedding band, trying on my dress for the last time before I pick it up (fits perfectly!) and having a delicious lunch with my mom at Stephanie's on Newbury Street. I'm not sure I can express the greatness of the sandwich I ate...


It was a Veggie Sandwich with grilled sweet potatoes, roasted red peppers, cucumber, onions and then on the top is some hummus, bottom is whipped avocado. I WILL be attempting to recreate this in my own kitchen. The only changes I made to the original sandwich was that it was supposed to be on multigrain bread (I got foccacia) and it was supposed to have cheese on it. Anyway, if you live in Boston and haven't been to Stephanie's you are just missing out, that's all I can say.

Just when I thought the day could not get any better, it was time to head up to Eric's parent's house for my birthday celebration. I'll just say now that it is completely my fault that it took until now for me to actually celebrate with them even though my birthday was over 2 weeks ago, clearly life has been a bit crazy. It was worth the wait though because check OUT this cake...


Awesome right? Combines some of my favorite blog, pink, and the Red Sox...Oh yes and in case you are wondering I did not get married at the age of 7, that's me in my First Communion outfit haha. Kinda wish I was going to look that cute in a couple of weeks though!

The cake tasted as good as it looked, especially because it was served with chocolate chip cookie dough frozen yogurt. Yeah, heaven. Good thing I've had time to work out this week, huh?

The week only gets better because tomorrow I'm taking one of my former students to ice cream. She is the sister of my student who passed away back in May, so I'm really excited to see her and hopefully bring a small amount of happiness to a very tough year. I know her birthday is coming up (sometime I've had 80 students, we are lucky I know her birthday is in the summer, I keep thinking it's July 31st, if I'm right I'll be seriously impressed with myself) so I am working on a little project for her tonight.

Speaking of tonight, I'll also be reading a bit of this...


Got this with a gift card to Barnes and Noble (aka heaven).

Look at all the greatness that can be accomplished when work does not occupy all of my time and energy.

What would you do with your time if your work hours were suddenly about 1/4 of what they used to be?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Changing It Up?

Are you someone who enjoys change? Or someone who wishes things would stay the same as much as possible?

I know people in my life who love to change. They change jobs often, move around a lot etc. I also know people who will openly admit they do not like change and will sometimes even stick with something too long. I might say that I fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes, with a leaning towards the dislike for change. There are some instances I love change. For example, I love getting a new kindergarten class every year. I love that my job is completely different every day so I am never bored. When I was a kid, I enjoyed moving around my furniture in my bedroom, or redecorating the walls. On the other hand, I tend to keep relatively consistent friends (though occasionally making new ones) and I can be a bit stubborn about the types of movies I watch or books I read. I clearly have not chosen to move across the country or switch which grade level I teach every other year.

Eric and I are also in the middle on restaurants we like. We love to try out new places and discover great new restaurants. However, we also like our tried and true places, and I definitely tend to order the same time every time I go to these restaurants. Which is why I have to admit to having mixed feelings (leaning towards negative feelings) about menu changes.
I see from a restaurant perspective that it makes sense to change the menu every once in awhile to make room for fun new dishes that may drawn in new customers. On the other hand, when I see my favorite dish from a restaurant gone, I am usually not thrilled. When this happens to me twice in one week...well, that's enough anger for a blog post.

Let's start with Blue Stove. I've discussed this restaurant before, it's in the Nordstrom in the Burlington Mall. It seems completely random, but it's delicious and fun tapas and Eric and I have yet to take someone there and have them not like it. Eric and I hadn't been in a few months and decided to go last Friday night. After a quick scan on the menu I realize the amazing roasted pepper and hummus with lavash is OFF the menu. NOOOOOOOOOO. The waiter insists that the white bean dip is better than the hummus so I got it...


It was OK, but definitely not BETTER than the most amazing hummus ever. Boo. I also tried another dish that was a chicken noodle dish with mango salsa.


I was expecting the sauce to be a peanut sauce (I think the word Thai was in the title of the dish), but it was creamy and weird...and the chicken was not great either. See why change is bad people? Anyway, I'm going back in a couple of weeks with some friends from work so I'm going to have to find some new favorites. Or voice a complaint to the manager.

So then...3 days later and I'm at lunch with Katie at Not Your Average Joe's and what did they take off the menu but the amazing Crispy Asian Chicken Rolls?! NOOOOOO. Instead I got chicken with a sweet potato rollatini (or I could be making up that name)...


Thankfully, this dish was pretty amazing. The sauce on the chicken was some kind of insanely good teriyaki and I have never found a sweet potato dish I did not love. This doesn't mean I did not miss the Crispy Asian Chicken Rolls though. Just sayin'

What are your thoughts on change in general? What about menu changes at restaurants? Have you ever had your favorite dishes taken off the menu?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Feeling Your Best


Cue Will Smith:And this is the fresh prince's new definition of summer madness

Cue Don Henley: I can tell my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone

Cue Kenny Chesney:

School's out, the nights roll in Man just like a long lost friendYou ain't seen in awhileYou can help but smile


Oh Oh, another flip flop summer comin.

Kenny loves summer. He must have at least 15 songs about summer and/or loving life in the islands, aka nonstop summer.

In addition to today being the first day of summer, it is also the first day of my own Operation Take Good Care of Myself. Haha, okay it's really not anything formal. It's basically let's see if I can wake up next Sunday not feeling like I personally killed my own body. For me there are a few things that ensure I feel fantastic, they are...

1. Eating Healthy. This is probably #1 for me because my stomach is the first part of my body to get angry. I actually have been continuing to eat pretty healthy even though I've been crazy busy. Since being diagnosed with IBS I've found that there are so many ways to eat healthy even if you are busy including making food ahead (I always make a ton of things on Sunday), bringing snacks everywhere you go (I am known for having Cheerios no matter where I go, even by Eric's friends who were totally making fun of me on Saturday for my box of Cheerios) and buying healthy premade meals like Amy's veggie pizzas, Trader Joe's chicken gyoza- just be careful with the amount of sodium in these meals- I always pair them with veggies. One thing I love is that "fast food" places like Starbucks are getting really good at selling grab and go healthy snacks like popcorn and dried fruit! If I stop eating healthy, even for just one day, I pay the price in how I feel.

2. Working Out. It's easy to skip work outs when your days are jam packed, but after some time it's going to take a toll on how I feel. I have been squeezing in work outs lately and most have not been longer than 20 minutes. I'll do quick power walking treadmill work outs, or alternate between ab and arm work. Since I'm done with full time teaching for now, I'm hoping to get some better work outs in before the wedding, at least 5 days a week. Lots of power yoga- I went last Friday, and again today so hopefully I'm on a roll.

3. Sleeping. It's sort of a running joke in my life that I am very protective of my sleep. Do not try to mess with it. Any time I get sick I can usually directly relate it to not getting enough sleep. My sleep is also very picky about how it is received. I need to be in the right environment to sleep (it doesn't really matter how comfortable the bed is, but I have trouble sleeping in new places), if I go to sleep too late- my body says too bad you will wake up early anyways. If I drink alcohol at all, I basically sleep terribly- and if I'm stressed I have been known to wake up at 3 am with a list of things I need to do. In summary, I am pretty much terrible when it comes to sleep but I need it. I will ensure I get enough in the next 3 weeks by getting to bed early and avoiding wedding discussions any time close to bed time.

These top 3 mixed in with a little down time, social time and productivity (yup I'm one of those people who likes to get things done).

What do you need to feel 100 percent? How do you make sure you get it?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sometimes Your Words Just Hypnotize Me

I don't know what it is but lately I've been hearing so many flashback to middle school songs. It also started when Eric and I heard "Longview" by Green Day in the car and were reminiscing about how we had the CD and loved it in middle school. Later the same day I heard "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis which reminds me of basically the exact same time period. THEN, this morning on the way to Starbucks what comes on but Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G.? Is this some kind of clue that I have re-entered 1996? I totally love that about music, it can bring you back :) Not that I honestly have any desire to go back to 1996, though I did love middle school more than the average person.

Anyway, it's officially summer in Kelly land (though officially that's not til tomorrow) and Eric and I decided to stay home this weekend to be productive. Fail #1. Instead we headed up to Gloucester to Eric's friend's boat for about 10 hours in the sun. Fail #2. It was fun though. Success #1. I also did not get sea sick. Success #2. Until I was lying in my bed at home. Fail #3 (but I believe that's called land sickness not sea sickness haha).


I found my happy place at the front of the boat. There is just something about a speeding boat, wind straight in your face (occasional splash of water) that just has to make you happy.


Yeah, kinda wish I did not have those sunglasses on all day- my tan lines are interesting today. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm overwhelmed by things to do today so I'm going to keep this short, but before I go I have to say...

Happy Father's Day!!!


That's the fam, minus Jake (don't know where he was?) in front of Blarney Castle I think :)

I hope everyone has a great Dad's day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello Wedding

Happy Last Day of School To ME! It was a little bittersweet today since I absolutely loved my class this year and I'm thinking it will be years before I get a class that good again. Plus ending school means I no longer have an excuse not to deal with wedding planning. Shoot.

Today I have some fun "marriage advice" to share with you guys. Frankly I think we need advice for how to get through the actual wedding right now, but I'll take whatever advice I can get.


I believe that means "get a wedding ring."

"Your husband should do the dishes and watch the Red Sox too."

"Give her pink flowers." (x2)


That says, "When you get married have fun with your now husband, hug and kiss."

"Have your husband do the dishes." (x2)

"Be nice. Wash dishes for each other. Be loving."


That says, "I hope you have a nice marriage. I hope you don't fight." Take note of the ice cream we are eating...hehe

"Get flowers for each other."

"Give your husband a back rub."


That says, "Make each other happy. Do nice things to each other and kiss and be loving to each other and live happily ever after. Keep going on dates and kiss on the date and take turns and make dinner together.

"Get flowers for each other."

"Give pink flowers. Have kids. Go out to dinner. Then kiss."

"Make each other happy and do good things for each other and keep doing things. Be nice to each other and live happily ever after."

"Love each other. Ms. Winn's favorite color is pink." (just in case you didn't know!)

"Eating ice cream on a hot day. Going to the Red Sox. Be loving. Liking each other. Having a swimming pool in the house. Live happily ever after." (ps. I once told the kids that when I was little I wanted a swimming pool in my house, and a secret passage, but apparently only the swimming pool is the key to a successful marriage).


That says, "1. Share 2. Kiss 3. Loving 4. Keep going on dates. 5. What are you going to get for cake?"

Lol. Okay, that's all my spare time for the night, back to wedding planning. Tomorrow's agenda is: organize ALL tutoring stuff for the summer (haven't done that since the beginning of last summer, should be interesting), go to yoga, buy 1 million water bottles so we can start putting labels on... productive first day of summer!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I was going to do a post today about staying healthy when you are INSANELY busy, but ironically, I didn't have time lol. Someday...

I was sucked into Ten on Tuesday this week by Lisa, I love reading hers every Tuesday!

1. What would the title of your autobiography be?

I'm terrible at coming up with names like this...Eric came up with some funny ones many of which you wouldn't get or would involve me telling the name of my town haha...others included:

Kelly: My Favorite Color is Pink

Around the World in 26 Years

2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a child say or seen him/her do?

There is no possible way I could tell you the funniest thing- at least one hilarious this happens per day in my life. Today's funny comments included:

#1- a dentist came to visit my classroom (don't ask) and asked the kids why we have teeth. One of the kids from my friend's class said "to get money" lol...obviously!

#2- I have a little boy this year who has 2 older brothers, one is in middle school and one is in college. The one in college is the NICEST brother ever literally. He was a "secret reader" for our class on his SPRING BREAK, and constantly plays with his kindergarten brother. Anyway, his other brother is more of a typical middle school student. So today, the boy in my class is telling a story about his brother and instead of using his name he goes, "I was playing the other day with my mean brother..." I did a triple take and then had to keep from laughing out loud.

3. What is your favorite kids game to play?

Right now I like Uno the best. I turn games like Uno, Memory, Go Fish, Old Maid into reading games for the kids I tutor, so the games I like are directly related to how much time during tutoring they occupy- also I like Uno because it involves strategy but not TOO much thinking- like Memory, wayyyy too much thinking!

4. If you got invited to a potluck BBQ tomorrow, what would you bring?

Ha, interesting since I am invited to a potluck End of the Year Party tomorrow. I am bringing some cookies from Trader Joes. If I wasn't assigned to dessert I'd most likely bring drinks haha. Yup, slacker, that's me!

5. If your ears are pierced, how old were you when you got your ears pierced?

5th grade. Earrings are the piece of jewelry I am most likely to be wearing although I seem to be on a bracelet kick right now, including silly bands which the kids seem to be giving me more and more of each day.

6. If you were celebrating your 30th anniversary, where would you want to go?

Ooo somewhere cool...maybe Italy? C'mon we made it 30 years, we deserve it!

7. What one blogger would you love to meet and why? And what would you want to plan to do with them?

Ooo I'd love to meet so many bloggers, basically anyone who's blog I read. I think if I met Amber we could probably do nothing and just laugh for a couple of hours straight haha. I'm always up for frozen yogurt/ice cream dates though...

8. On a scale from 1-10, how good at you at home decor? (Pictures welcome.)

Um 0. Haven't we established I leave this to my mom? Now...dorm room decor however is another story. It was the highlight of the move in process to get to redecorate a dorm room each September!

9. Do you have good fingernails?

Yes I do actually. Not to toot my own horn lol.

10. Pickles: Dill or sweet? Baby, spears, or chips? Plain or on a burger?

I hate hate hate pickles. I truly think that might be my top hated food. Sorry pickle lovers.

Now I'm back to making DVD copies of my kindergarten slide show for the kiddos. Of COURSE technology is hating me so it's taking twice as long as it should. Going to be a happy girl on Thursday night let me tell you. Until the reality of my wedding being in a little over 3 weeks hits. Oh boy!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Pink is my Favorite Crayon...

Thought you've seen a lot of pink before? Think again...


Not enough?


Ha ha, okay I'll stop. Well, I'll stop purposely blinding you, but I can't promise it won't happen anyway since most of the pictures are one mass of pink after another :)

This past Saturday was my Bachelorette Party. So basically, me and 15 of my best sister, cousins and friends joined me for a celebration I know everyone says your wedding is all about you and I've never got that. #1 it's about me AND Eric, and #2 with all the opinions out there about weddings, it's hard to really do what you want (or even know what you want). On the other hand, my bridesmaids turned my bachelorette party into exactly what I wanted 100% :) Especially Katie and Caroline went above and beyond and I know how hard it is to plan such an amazing time for so many people so I hope they know how much I appreciate it!

The absolute best part of the night is that almost every single friend I have in the world was able to come. A lot of my friends are not friends with each other, and of course they are from all different parts of life so having all my friends in one place feels really lucky.

We started off at my house, where my bridesmaids decorated the place and distributed the awesome shirts that Katie made!


I also opened lots of fun gifts :) Then my parents, my brother and Jen drove us into Boston for the rainy Red Sox game. DSC01857.JPG

Somehow we found ourselves in the Phillies section...BOO. However, they quieted down fairly quickly when Daniel Nava stepped up to the plate and hit a grand slam on the first pitch he saw in his major league career. WHAT?! How cool is that? Of course I was sitting in the bleachers so I didn't even know it was a grand slam at first (it's hard to focus way out there) but it was cool to see still!

When it started basically pouring we headed off to a quick dinner and a drink at Tequila Rain and then it was BUS time...


Having a bus to take us around Boston was awesome. I hate dealing with transportation into, out of and around the city so it was wonderful to have a fun and convenient way to get around! We took a brief tour down memory lane with a visit to the place I met Eric...


That's a picture of me with all my high school buds- Susanne, Tiff, Timna, Becca, Sarah and my sis! You may recognize them since 3 of them have gotten married in the past year and all of their events and weddings have been blogged about haha.

Next, we headed to this club we used to go to when we weren't 21 and couldn't go anywhere else. It's basically terrible but holds a lot of memories. Also there were some suspiciously old people there...I mean like...70? I am going to venture a guess that I'll NEVER go there again, especially not when I am 70 haha.


Next up was a bar I've never been to, but happens to have the same name as my high school principal. This was my favorite bar of the night except for when I saw the guy who made my wedding ring and I had no idea who he was. Awkward. I wish I was not terrible at recognizing people (especially out of context) but I am! Oh well, here is me, Caroline and my cousin Kate...


The final stop of the night was at a bar called "The Place"- I've never been there or heard of it, but it was pretty amusing.

Overall it was a really fun night. Like I said before I am so appreciative of all the planning that went into the night. I am also so appreciative of my friends for coming, especially the ones who had to drive far distances (Cristina) or get on planes from DC (Susanne, Linda) and Chicago (Ash) to come. Or those who were quite literally buying a house during my bachelorette but came anyways (Sarah). I thought everyone got along really well and I hope everyone had even half as much fun as I did :)

Next on the plate? Trying to rid my house of the massive amounts of glitter from our pink shirts (maybe after school gets out?), Finishing up massive quantities of things for the last 3 days of work, and then Operation: Wedding Planning. Hopefully in the midst of that I can work out (actually Ash and I went for a 15 mile bike ride on Saturday morning pre-bachelorette, go us!), tutor some kiddos and maintain sanity?

How was your weekend?!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lots of Squinting

Good morning! Today is Bachelorette Day, yipee! Even though I promised myself I wasn't going to check the weather again- I did and it's looking more promising by the minute that our Red Sox game is going to get rained out. The only positive spin I can put on this is that if it rains at my bachelorette, that means my wedding has to be nice, right? I guess the other positive spin I can put on this is that at least I still get to be with all my friends. I could put many negative spins on it, but I'll resist. Speaking of resisting, I really have to resist looking at the weather in advance of the wedding itself. In this case all it did was get my hopes up that it was going to be sunny and 80 and then slowly throughout the week got worse and worse until now it says showers all day. What is the point of weather reporters anyway really?

As I think I mentioned in my last post, my college roommate flew in from Chicago on Thursday night. Yesterday we headed into Boston for a bit of a pre-bachelorette adventure.

Step 1: Dress Fitting for Ash. Can I just take this moment to say one of my bridesmaids did not need her dress altered at all. Not even hemmed! Isn't that amazing? Unless you get your bridesmaid dresses from JCrew or off the rack I feel like that never happens! Anyway, Ash was not that bridesmaid, she had pins all over the place. But it was still quick and at least it's done :)

Step 2: Purse making at 1154 Lil. Anyone ever been here before? Ash had done it before in Chicago and recommended it. Basically it's a place with a bunch of different purse styles and fabrics and you get to design your own and they sew it for you. Being a massive bag person, obviously I was up for this idea. We each designed a different bag and we get to pick it up the week before the wedding (that just happens to be when they are done, they aren't meant for the wedding or anything). It's not the cheapest place, but it's definitely fun and I'll be sure to show you the purse in a couple of weeks :)


Notice the big mess of fabrics in front of us haha.

After using all of our creative abilities we headed for lunch at Piattini Wine Cafe. Interestingly when I went to look at the website to link for you guys, I had already been to it before- which I can only assume was when I was craving gelato last week because there is a gelato cafe attached to it...which by the way I did not see!

Anyway, lunch was tasty. The bread was delicious and the pasta was pretty good too...


Not Italy style sauce, but not bad nonetheless.

After lunch, Katie parted ways to do some "secret projects" and get ready for Cristina to stay over. At this point, Ash and I met up with Gerry to do some kayaking. Gerry is an MIT grad student (yes, I realized last weekend two of my friends became doctors and now I'm saying another of my friends is an MIT grad student- I truly do not know where I've found these people) so she has a sweet parking space near Charles River Canoe and Kayak.

There was some joking the day before about throwing me into the water but Eric pointed out that if I fell into the Charles I'd probably grow a third leg. After looking at it up close I think he's probably right. Gross. Future things to remember when going kayaking #1- bring a watch (going by the sun on a cloudy day is not a good plan- not that going by the sun really does much any time for me!), #2- Ash participates in what can only be described as power kayaking, don't even bother trying to keep up haha, #3- when you see a boat coming towards you, you should always watch with glee while they run into you (okay maybe not, but this was an answer on the multiple choice test they made us take before we left haha), #4 wear sunglasses even if its not really that sunny (see pictures below)


and squint...


and squint...


And attempt to take a picture of all three of us...while squinting...


Well if that's not the best photo ever taken, I don't know what is!

After kayaking, Ash and I headed back home while Gerry went to pick up yet another of our friends from the airport. Excitement is brewing!!!! I hope this temporary sun stays out even though all the weather reports say it won't...but then again, when have weather reporters ever been right? By the way, someone told me on twitter this morning they make 6 figures. Is that even TRUE? I need to get a raise!!!!!!!! I am right way more often than them.

But I will forgive them completely if it's sunny today :)

Catch you guys post bachelorette madness!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One Step Up and Two Steps Back

Good morning all! What would I do without Kenny Chesney songs to quote in my titles?

Lisa and Amber did this fun thing on their blogs and since I have so much to look forward to, I'm going to do it too with a little twist that involves looking back as well.

In the last year I have...

*been Maid of Honor in my best friend's wedding, been a Bridesmaid in my friend since middle school's wedding

*celebrated my sister's 21st birthday

*completed my first sprint triathlon

*gone on one of the best trips ever to Arizona with Eric

In the last month I have...

*attended two fabulous weddings

*truly appreciated every one of my students and my job in a way I never have before

In the last week I have...

*celebrated my 26th birthday

*attended two bridal showers (not recommended haha...seriously why is it necessary to open presents at these things? take them home and let us all chat!)

In the last day I have...

*started to figure out my tutoring schedule for the summer- I have some of the best kids ever!

*learned how to do a "twirl" in the rumba- dance lessons are really paying off haha, still have no rhythm what so ever but hey!

In the next day I will...

*pick up my college roommate of ALL 4 years at the airport. Yipee!!! Would you believe BC just happened to stick us together? Good thing I lied and said I was neat on my roommate survey! (what can I say? I might be a little cluttered but I don't want someone's old mac and cheese sitting for days next to my desk!)

*design my own purse at 1154 Lil with Ash and Katie :)

In the next week I will...

*have my Bachelorette Party!!!!!!!! Not sure if I can express my excitement for this. Almost all my friends in life will be in one place...this NEVER happens!

*also, one week from today I will say goodbye to be best class of kids I've had so far- seriously considering taking my little girl who asked me to come to first grade with her up on her offer!

In the next month I will...

*Well one month from today I'll do this little minor thing called...GET MARRIED haha, so in the next month I hope to get that all together :)

In the next year I will...

*hopefully think about something other than weddings!

*go on my first trip to the Berkshires for a friend's wedding in August (oops I said wedding!)

*hopefully go on a fun family trip after Christmas?

*go to Hawaii for my honeymoon and perhaps go back to Sedona?

What are you looking forward to in the next day, week, month and year?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthdays mean...

As an adult, birthdays mean...

-Waking up at 6 am, well actually more like 3:30, and then not being able to get back to sleep because I couldn't stop coughing long enough

-Getting to work at 6:45 and then trying to figure out what to do with children all day

-Having to walk out on your superintendent because your meeting is going so late you are going to miss your tutoring kid

-Being late to your tutoring kid because your meeting ran so late, now you have to stay late at tutoring, because obviously a nearly 12 hour work day was not long enough

-Being way too starving to cook when you get home so eating canned soup and oreo frozen yogurt for dinner...oops.

As a kindergarten teachers, birthdays mean...

(spelling corrected unless it was particularly amusing)

"Have a god birthday!"

"You are my best teacher" (and how many others do you have?)

"You are the best teacher. You are very god."

"I love you, you are the best teacher in the hole world. You have taught me how to spell words and how to draw very god. You have taught me math. You are my best teacher I love you so much that you should come to first grade with me."

"I know you like the red sox. I like it too. I think it's the best."

"Did you know a big kid said you are the best teacher in the school? You are a god teacher."

"You have been the very best teacher in the world. You teach me how to leave spaces and draw good. I love you."

Did I mention there were at least 20 pictures of ice cream on these cards?

Don't worry, not all kindergartners are so loving. The kids made these cards for me during lunch (when I'm out of the room) and according to them, one of the kids refused to make me a card because he was mad at me. What did I do? Told him: cutting in line is not a choice.

Mean teacher!

Alright time to go get some wedding and work stuff done. Those are my two Ws right now :) What's your favorite part of your birthday?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Unplugged Life

Ever wondered what my life would be like without Eric, internet and TV? Yeah, neither did I, but I had the unfortunate circumstances of finding that out this week.

Eric was in DC from Tuesday-Friday with his 8th grade kiddos. Obviously I didn't mention it before because I didn't want any internet crazies to know I'd be without my 6 foot 4 bodyguard, but he's back at his post, so stay away!

Okay, that's fine, no big deal- I like myself. I even had a list of girly tv shows and movies I was going to put on. Until...I came home from work on Tuesday afternoon to NO INTERNET OR CABLE. Apparently, we blew a fuse where they are plugged in, but even after exercising all of my knowledge about fixing a blown fuse...I was still without any TV or internet. Now, don't get me wrong there are plenty of things I can do in my house without TV and internet: read books and magazines, clean, well...a few things I can do. But there is only so long I can do those things. And, so...I adopted the no Eric, no internet, no TV lifestyle. What did I do?

Tuesday night I attended a top secret, but fun blogger event. I can't really tell you much about it now (I promise I will), but I got to see Meghan, who I met last November and I got to meet Tina for the first time. Got home at 9 that night...excellent, not enough time to miss the TV and internet (still missed Eric a bit though!)

Wednesday I didn't have any plans and got home around 6. Read for an hour. Went to TJ Maxx and Whole Foods. Got back, read for another hour. Finished my book. Went to bed. Sounds like a party just reading about it, huh?

Thursday I visited my friend Katie at babysitting and got a taste of our future life as stay at home moms (haha kidding). Then, I went to my parents house where I used their internet to get some wedding stuff taken care of. THEN, I headed back to work for an ice cream social. I saw a bunch of fun kids and got completely turned off by ice cream. Something about staring at it for so long just made me not want ice cream...impressive. Maybe I should get a part time job at an ice cream shop? I even participated in clean up duty because let's face it- did I care to get home? Nope!

Friday I went to a friend's bridal shower. It's hard to believe that just over a year ago I had never been to a bridal shower I feel like an expert...then again, who isn't an expert?

1. watch someone open presents...


2. eat yummy desserts...


See? Expert.

On Friday night Eric got home and we discovered that the problem with the internet was not a blown fuse, but rather lightning had struck our internet and cable box. That meant we had to wait until today (yes, that is about 5 full days without internet or tv) to get cable and internet back.

Honestly? The whole no TV and internet thing was not as terrible as I would've thought it would be. I really wasn't truly annoyed by it until yesterday when I was stuck in bed with a sore throat and just wanted to watch some TV!!! When I was busy, I didn't really care that much. Though I will say that if I had gotten home early most nights last week and rested a bit, I probably wouldn't have caught the cold I have now...but hey. It was fun. It gave me a new appreciation for the people that always seem to fit in ALL the work related events, and be the last to leave. That was me for one week. Anyone else feel like work related events could easily take over your life? Especially in June. What is it with June?

Anyway, how was everyone's week? I'm going to catch up on blogs tonight, I promise! Time to go enjoy my last night of being 25. Kinda sad to part with 25, I'm a fan of that number :)