Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some People...

Before I start today's rant I wanted to tell you all about my DELICIOUS breakfast this morning. I started my day with spinning at 6 am, so there was no time before work to even think about an elaborate meal. It was definitely one of those eat at your desk kind of mornings. Fortunately, I was lucky enough that Oikos sent me some coupons yesterday so that I could try some yogurt. I have been a Greek yogurt fan for about a year, but have never tried Oikos so I went right out to get some!

The vanilla Oikos that I picked up yesterday has 110 calories with 15 grams of protein (ah! I love Greek yogurt!) and has absolutely no fat what-so-ever. My breakfast yesterday did not have very good staying power so I was hoping today would be better. I was hoping all that protein would help me out.

I mixed my Oikos yogurt with sliced banana and some Rice Chex cereal. I know, I know, not the most healthy cereal ever but it's easy on my tummy and the high fiber stuff out there is not so... substitute the cereal that is best for you.

This breakfast was totally my style, a bit on the sweet side but not too sweet. It was also a nice mixture of smooth and crunchy. I am a big fan of crunchy. Also, it successfully held me over until snack time without any problem. So, quick to make, delicious, and filling- satisfies all my breakfast requirements. I'm actually a little sad that I can't have it tomorrow haha, but I am trying a new breakfast every day this week in hopes of finding some ideas I want to continue next week. Today was definitely successful in that regard, I am so excited to have this breakfast again next week.

Now on to my rant...
As I mentioned before, I went to spinning early this morning with my friend from work. Apparently, there is no talking allowed at spinning because we were talking for maybe a minute, when all of a sudden the instructor got off her bike to come tell us not to talk because it's distracting to her and to the other people in the class. Um....okay?
This is not yoga...
It's an exercise class! It's supposed to be fun and it's not like you can't hear the instructor over us talking, she is wearing a microphone and there is music blasting!
We usually don't really talk THAT much during spinning anyway because you get tired, but I certainly had no idea that talking was NOT ALLOWED.
A good reminder for us teachers not to randomly hold children responsible for rules they do not know exist.
After we left class, my friend went to go change and she overheard a woman ask the instructor if she often has to talk to people in the class about talking often and she said "no, usually people are pretty good here..." WE ARE GOOD! But we didn't know that was even a rule? And really, why is it a rule? People talk while running, doing boot camp, etc. Is it really THAT big of a deal? I would like people to talk around me, keep me entertained during 45 minutes of bike riding!

On a similar note, on Tuesday afternoons I tutor a little girl at the nearby public library. We reserve a study room every week. The study rooms can only be reserved on the hour, even though we start tutoring at 3:15. Fine, we reserve it at 3. But then, there is also a rule that if you are not there by 20 minutes past the hour, you forfeit the room. EVERY week when we get there at 3:15, the people at the reserve desk check their watches to make sure that it is not 20 past. Then give us a look like "ooo you JUST made it!" Seriously?! Is there someone else waiting for your precious study rooms? I could see if we were really 20 minutes late, but we TOLD you we don't want the room until 3:15, and we are right on time.
I really feel like some people in the world need to lighten up. Life is too short for this!

Good thing my day started out with a delicious breakfast...


  1. hahaha........ ohhhhhh I hate those days!!
    Some people are sooo silly!! :) Really?

    I always think "those poor people having to live their lives like that"...

    Hope the rest of your night is better!

  2. Wow! I don't take any classes, but I wouldn't have thought that no talking was a rule in a spinning class. I can understand in yoga. And I can understand if you are talking over the instructor or yelling to a friend across the room. But I don't understand the disruption in talking to the person beside you. Jeesh!

    The folks at the library are probably bored out of their minds and monitoring the rooms is all the entertainment they have. Sad.

  3. Love the breakfast, but I gotta say, I need some fiber in the AM! How about some wheat chex?? haha, I'm such a loser RD.

    I can't BELIEVE you got told to be quite at a spinning class. Who says you can't talk? I prefer to talk a bit in my exercise classes, and if I was told not to, I wouldn't go back! Seriously, that's so stupid. It sounds like a Seinfeld episode or something.

    The library scene is pretty humorous too. Why do people have to take everything so gosh darn serious?!

  4. Oh so sorry to hear about the exercise class mishap! Doesn't sound like the best way to start they day but I hope you got a good workout in! Yum, your breakfast looks great to me!

  5. What an icky spin teacher! I love oikos yogurt - could eat it every day!

  6. Wow! lol Seems like you've encountered quite a few people who have their undies in a wad. I cannot believe the instructor did that. She could have at least said a warning instead of pointing you guys out!

    And the library! ha! Oh, people make me laugh!

    I will also have to say your breakfast looks pretty darn delish.

  7. your breakfast looks delish! And hey, it could be much worse! I eat rice or corn chex every day. :) With bananas. I should try it w/ greek yogurt - would be good to mix it up for a change!

  8. Omg that is ridiculous! There is NOTHING wrong with talking during an exercise class like that. The ONLY class where I get pissed if people are talking is yoga. That instructor sounds like she has something stuck up her butt!!

  9. Your breakfast sounds very yummy.

    And, I can't believe the instructor got off her bike and told you two to hush it. Weirdo.

  10. I am finding myself taking a lot of deep breaths lately because people are making me crazy.

    At my spin class they encourage screaming, yelling, singing, basically anything to keep you motivated.

  11. I think there must have been something in the air today! My day was chock full of crazies too...

  12. I can tell you need a snow day tomorrow as much as I do.. :)

  13. I would've been SO mad if I got in trouble at spin class. Especially if she got off her bike to say something. That it BEYOND obnoxious. Wow, some people are a little nuts.

    Glad you are still having a great day, and ate a yummy breakfast!

  14. yay I like your tabs, good choice with black : )

  15. No talking in Spin?? Weird.....

    I don't see anything wrong with Chex. It's not like it's Froot Loops. ;)

  16. What?! I'd never NOT be kicked out if that were the case! I'd be peeved too!

  17. That is so crazy! Who interrupts the exercise to ask ADULTS to quiet down?! My professor's don't even do that in my college classes! So crazy!

    Your breakfast looks yummy! I have trouble eating breakfast in the morning and I'm looking for quick but healthy breakfasts. I like this one! :)

  18. glad you found a good bkfast substitute for your oatmeal! i forgot all about yogurt + dry cereal. i love it too :)

    ummm lovely about the spin instructor and the study room monitors... GET A LIFE! i do like how you found the positive in it -- "A good reminder for us teachers not to randomly hold children responsible for rules they do not know exist". you are always staying positive!

  19. I love RICE CHEX! My favorite is actually the multigrain but rice is awesome too. That reminds me, I may need to make a classic batch of chex mix this holiday season...hmmmmm...and it wouldn't be bad to have these cereals around the house either :)