Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy 21st Caroline!

Good morning! Yup, only this girl stays out til 2am and then posts at 8:33 the next morning. Unfortunately, I cannot sleep late on command. It takes several nights of staying up late before my body clock switches so, here I am, lucky you cuz I have lots of fun pictures to share.

In case you did not see my message yesterday, last night I was out with my sister celebrating her 21st birthday! I am 4 and a half years older than her, but that does not mean that I can't enjoy a good 21st birthday in my old age. Oh, and I got asked for a back up ID for the first time EVER last night, so maybe I can pass for 20. Do you think I look like my license picture?

I think I threw them off because my hair was straight...oops. Or it's just back to how my doctor say I "appear young than stated age." It's funny that when I was a teenager, and even a really young teacher I wanted so bad to look older. But now that I'm a bit more established in teaching, I think it's a compliment to look younger. ANYWAY, enough about me, let's check out some 21st birthday highlights...

We decided to go to the Fanueil Hall area of Boston. In my experience it's always a relatively good time and there are so many options if you don't like one place you can move at any time. The Fanueil Hall Christmas decorations were out in full force...

We started off at Jose Macs...which is where I met Eric back in the day...

That is not Caroline's first legal drink because she was out on Thursday night at midnight but...her first drink of the night anyway!
We also got a picture of me and Eric at our old stomping grounds...

Then, we switched bars and went over to Purple Shamrock. I don't think I've ever actually been to this bar, but I really liked it. Eric kept saying it was going to get packed but it never did which was so nice. I am so over standing in a place I can not move. I am not over celebratory shots though...

Don't worry, we did not leave the boys out...

They might have been too quick for the camera but I did get a hilarious after shot pic...

We got some good sister pictures as well, it's kinda weird to be the straight haired sister...

Obviously we had to call some people. Caroline is on the phone with my cousin Courtney, who happens to have same birthday as Caroline, but she is 16. I still remember when we found out Court was born during Caroline's 5th birthday party!

On the way out of the bar we had a little photo shoot on the side walk.

Overall, the night was a ton of fun. I've felt better on Saturday mornings, but I don't feel as terrible as I probably should.
I gotta go rally and get ready for Eric's kiddos to play football in Gillette Stadium this afternoon! It's supposed to snow so I have to break out all the layers.

Question of the day: What did you do for your 21st birthday? If you are lucky enough to live in a smarter country than mine, What did you do for your 18 or 19th birthday? Whenever you were legal...

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  1. I'm Canadian - so it was my 19th birthday. I have to admit though, I live in a small town, so I got the chance to hang out at the bar before that time in my life, so by my 19th birthday, I was a wee bit bored of going out!!

    Looks like you had a great time!!

  2. Oh how fun! I love the picture of the guys, they look like me after a shot. I HATE shots! however, on my 21st birthday I took a few too many, and ended up getting really sick. Let's just say it was a birthday I'd rather forget, unfortunately.

    Your hair looks really nice like that, by the way!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Sounds like a great time!

    What did I do for my 21st birthday? I ended up going out for my "Power Hour" (almost 8 years ago), with a bunch of friends. However, the friends that were 21 at the time, were all guys, so a couple of my girl cousins came with to make sure they didn't kill me! LOL. I had a lot of shots, went back to my friends apartment, had a few more shots, and puked. That was the last time, and only time, I puked from drinking. It was a lot of fun, though!

  4. I actually turned 21 this yr. We went to a restaurant known for the STRONG margaritas and I was surprised when they rented a trolley for the whole group to ride around town in!!

    It's looks like yall had a blast and I'm loving your hair straight!

  5. I was actually on my first ever trip out of the country over my 21st birthday - a month long study trip to Oman, just south of Saudi Arabia. Because it's a Muslim country and I was on a school-sponsored trip (I went to a private Christian college), no alcohol for me :) However, my travel buddies were awesome and tracked down a bottle of sparkling fruit juice and some chocolate cake for me :)

  6. It looks like you had a great time and double yay to being asked for ID!

  7. boooooo!!! i never get asked for a back up ID! bummer.. lol looks like a FUN NIGHT!
    i clearly remember on my 21st birthday, going to Joe's on the waterfront for dinner and drinks... then to Sissy Ks in Fanueil Hall - i was pretty trashed... lol there were other things involved with that night that i shouldnt talk about in public tho!

  8. Fun night! Here in Canada, our legal age is 19. There was only one other friend of mine who was legal so we went, had a few 'legal' drinks and went back and partied with our other friends. Nothing nutty apparently.

  9. What fun! I always wished I had a sister. It's got to be so fun to live so close to one another.

  10. hahahhah it's been such a long time ago, i don't remember.

  11. Happy 21st to your sissy! Looks like you guys had fun!

    One of my bff's and I have the same birthday. So, for our 21st we rented Bruce Springstein's suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Chicago and invited all of our friends. The room was huge! With our overnight stay at the hotel we got free entrance into a club in the city and we all went out there. It was SO fun! We rocked it like rock stars, for sure!

  12. i love your hair straight! looks good :)

    glad you guys had fun!