Sunday, April 29, 2012

Triathlon: 1 Week Away

I know I've mentioned it, but I haven't talked much about the sprint triathlon I'm doing next weekend. Yikes! It's been almost 3 years since my last (and first) sprint triathlon. Here are my thoughts with 1 week to go.


1. Even though this is a shorter sprint tri than my last one, I am much better trained this time. I have been swimming and running twice a week and biking once a week pretty regularly. I can easily do each of the individual sport distances, and I've done two brick workouts with a bike followed by run. I survived them both!

2. I really don't understand why USA Triathlon does not allow headphones. I get not having headphones on while biking, but I always wear headphones during 5Ks so I don't understand why I can't during the running leg of a tri. I know it's not a big deal but the music really calms me down mentally and I need that during the run which is definitely the hardest part for me.

3. Even though I feel confident I can take on the distance, triathlons are always stressful because there is so much stuff to remember. I made myself a new checklist for this race and I've included it a the end of this post in case you are thinking of doing a tri :)

4. This week I need to pick up my bike (it's getting tuned up), buy a new bike water bottle and a running belt, go swimming with my tri suit on, run one more time and probably bike one more time (maybe). I'm taking Friday and Saturday off from working out.

5. My goals for this race are: finish, get a great picture of me and my friends as triathletes, and remember to unclip from my pedals before leaving my bike. Yes, aiming high as usual. I'm not going to be beating any records and there is no point in trying to beat my own since my last tri was longer in all 3 sections. Well, what I mean is, I will beat myself without putting in much effort at all. Wahoo! I'm doing the race with two friends from work who have never done a triathlon. I'm psyched to get others to love this as much as I do. I hope!

6. Speaking of hope, I hope I do another triathlon this season- possibly in the late summer or early fall. Caroline, are you in?

Have you ever done a triathlon? Would you? What do you think would be the hardest part for you?


Things to Bring To Tri:

Before- Don't Forget to:
-foam roll

-pump bike tires

-pack all this stuff

-put on trisuit

Swim -goggles-towel-swim cap

Bike-bike-helmet-water bottle *need to get a new one

-bike shoes


-long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt depending on weather

Run -running belt *need to get a new one

After-banana-more water-phone/camera

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Was That My Life?

Oh, we just get one ride around the sun,

In this dream of time.

It goes so fast that one day we look back,

And we ask: was that my life? ~Jo Dee Messina

As you may imagine, living 3 miles from the home you grew up in can often cause some unexpected memory flashbacks. The majority of the time I'm so busy rushing to work, running errands, etc that I don't even notice where I am, or what it once meant to me. But I'll have moments where I am driving to the gym and I look at the CVS and I think, wow- remember when that was a bowling alley I used to always go to? Or when I am biking down the bike trail and I remember rollerblading down the same path with my middle school friends. A few months ago Eric wanted to go to my old high school to see some of his students play, so I went back to the gym for the first time in probably 10 years and I felt like...

Was that my life?

Seriously, I just don't feel like that was the same life as this. Of course I think it's *impossible* that ten years have really passed since I was loving every moment of the senior slump, but on the other hand I am also thinking, "where even IS the gym in this school?!"

Then, this weekend Eric and I joined one of his friends for a Third Eye Blind concert. One of Eric's old friends is currently playing in the band (for this tour) so we decided to go watch them. Plus, I love Third Eye Blind. It just so happened the concert in Boston was at BC, aka my old college. I've been back several times since I graduated to visit Caroline and attend football and hockey games. It turns out it's a little different when you are going to an event meant for all students. Yikes, I felt old (I do not say this often, I am aware I am young according to most people). I didn't forget where anything was though, so that was good!

After the concert, we took a walk around the nearby reservoir with Eric's friends. On the other side there was a gorgeous view of BC, particularly of one of the gothic buildings literally towering into the clouds. The picture doesn't do it justice, dang iphone.


Despite living there for 4 years, I was still amazed by the beauty. I had another thought of, was that my life?

Then I think about teaching the kindergartners tomorrow morning and I think, how is it possible I was ever that young? And yet... I was...


Do you have "was that my life" moments? When was your last one?

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Love Boston Project: Blue Hills

In my mind, I always have a ridiculous list of things I want to do around the Boston area. For the past year or so, I've really wanted to go hike in the Blue Hills. Well, actually I just really want to hike around home in general since almost all of my hiking is done in Sedona.

Blue Hills is a large reservation area located south of Boston, with a series of several hills. The space has a ton of hiking trails, but Eric and I decided to do the Red Dot Trail which leads right up one of the hills to Eliot Tower and the Weather Observatory. We parked right at the Trailside Museum which was perfect because they had some animals to visit on the way up like an owl and a sea otter, random combination I know!


The trail is only about a half a mile up, but it's definitely up :) When we reached the top, we were rewarded with a gorgeous view of Boston.



The way down lead us a different way which was a little longer but a lot less steep and my knees definitely appreciated this. Overall, a really fun hike :)

Do you ever hike near your own home?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New York State of Mind

Last weekend Eric and I went to visit Caroline at her new apartment in New York City. I've attempted to write this post already, so hopefully I can recreate it in a way that does justice to a busy and fun weekend. I've mentioned before my overall love/hate relationship with New York City. However, it's undeniably an exciting place to visit, and if I can just ignore the sometimes slight and sometimes overwhelming smell of trash, I can be completely relaxed reading and taking pictures in Stuy Town Square, and Union Square Park.


This weekend the one very touristy thing that I did with Caroline and Eric was a hop on, hop off boat ride that went by some of the more famous places in New York like the Status of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Brooklyn Bridge. I have to say compared to my experience actually visiting the State of Liberty this summer, I would definitely recommend the boat ride only to other visitors. It's so much more relaxing and you get just as good of a view!


Since NYC is home for Caroline right now, we tried to also enjoy some of the more off the beaten path places that NYC has to offer. Our first stop? Brooklyn Brewery. It's a short subway ride from Caroline's new apartment, and it was a first visit to Brooklyn for all 3 of us. Brooklyn Brewery is basically like a giant warehouse with picnic tables and a bar where you can try all of the different beers they offer. It was crowded and pretty loud, but we enjoyed meeting up with one of my friends, Matt, and catching up while trying their *really good* beers.


We also visited another park called The High Line which is a park built up above the streets on an old railroad track. One of my friends from work had recommended it to me and I was amazed and how unique and cool it was! Of course, like everything in NYC it was also really crowded, but I was happy I got to see it.



We also spent a lot of time eating, especially Italian food. Here are the restaurants we recommend:

Luzzos, a pizza place in East Village. I had the best veggie pizza maybe ever at this place on Friday night. It takes a lot to please me at 9 pm after a 4 hour train ride and a full day of dealing with kindergartners :)

Florios in Little Italy. My pasta was very clearly homemade and delicious. Caroline did not like her pizza though, and after looking at the reviews I don't think she was alone. I wouldn't go here if you are on a search for pizza, just sayin :) Go to Luzzos... obviously.

Basta Pasta, right outside Union Square. This Japanese/Italian restaurant (yes you read that right) we found totally randomly in a fit of hangry "we need food now" searching. We sat at the bar and we loved the atmosphere and the food.

Bodhi Tree, a delicious Thai Restaurant in East Village. Eric and I took a detox from the Italian cooking for lunch before our train left on Monday. The lunch specials were so cheap and the food was amazing.


Hopefully my temporary fight with my computer can end because I have some I Love Boston Project posts to get up, and I've already read 3 books this vacation so I need to do a book post as well! I hope everyone is having a good week.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Appreciate.

I'm taking a little break from Say It, Do It this Easter to focus on one of my other goals for the month of April: appreciation. Well, technically I said I want to enjoy the small moments, but it's all along the same lines. Truly, there are so many things in my life that I appreciate. It's probably telling that one of my biggest worries in life is how to make time for everyone I love. I've mentioned before that I've lost 3 wonderful people in my life in the month of April so I like to make sure I tell everyone how much I love them this month. So, here is my current list of things I appreciate:

I appreciate my family and friends. I appreciate the times you have frustrated me. I appreciate the times you have forgiven me. I appreciate the times you have given me hugs, no matter whether I wanted one or not. I especially appreciate the times you have made me laugh.

I appreciate my students. I appreciate the times you have asked questions I could not answer. I appreciate the moments when you have taught me more than I have taught you. I appreciate that moment when you can do something you couldn't before. I appreciate when you say something that gives me a glimpse into who you will be in 10 years, especially when it makes me laugh. I even appreciate the times you have been too busy chatting with your friends to listen to my directions... truth be told, your teacher is still guilty of this now :)

I appreciate memories. I appreciate the pictures of silly moments. I appreciate driving to work and suddenly flashing back to driving down the same road in high school on the way to go bowling. I appreciate when we have moments where I feel like nothing has really even changed, or even the moments when I know how much has.

I appreciate songs. I appreciate when they come on the radio unexpectedly and bring me back to a moment or a person. I appreciate when I hear a new song and think "wow, this is so true." I appreciate the moments that music has comforted me. I appreciate when music has made me want to sing and dance.

I appreciate the little things I love: the color pink, frozen yogurt, Not Your Average Joe's peanut sauce, my camera, my kindle and all the people who never forget about these little things.

I appreciate everything.


What do you appreciate?

(Anyone else feel the need to break out into 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate chant while reading this post?)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Give Me Some April

It's time for April, yay! I am not a fan of March so I'll take April any day.

March Goals Recap

1. Run, spin and swim one time per week. Run and swim, check. Spin, no. I did go to spinning twice, but I haven't dusted off the bike yet. See April goals :)

2. Read 4 books. Check. I read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Violets of March, Memory Keeper's Daughter and The Hunger Games. I loved the last three and did not love Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close...

3. Do 3 fun things around Boston as part of the I Love Boston Project. Somehow I actually managed to pull this off. I went to a college hockey game, tried a new restaurant and went to a Second City show in Boston on Friday. I'd like to do a bit better than this in April but I actually think there is a chance I will since I'll be on Staycation in April and I don't have 3 showers and an engagement party this month, celebration!

4. Get my passport for Canada this summer. Check. Well, I don't actually have the passport in my hand, but I organized all my stuff and sent it off a few weeks ago. They received it so I figure it's only a matter of time before I get my new passport, wahoo. I also booked my plane tickets to Seattle so I'm in good shape as far as our summer trip is concerned. Well, except I'm now broke...

5. Make two new recipes. Oops. I tried one recipe I found on a blog and it failed miserably (though I recovered thankfully). Oh well, new recipes are overrated.

April Goals

1. Read 5 books. Yup, I'm aiming high this month but I need to jump start my reading. I did manage the four books in March but I was already halfway through one of them and I still can't believe it took me almost two weeks to read The Hunger Games when most people read it in like a day. Plus I just have so many books I want to read right now!

2. Post twice on my family blog. I think I've mentioned before I started a blog to document my family history- mostly stories from my grandmother, or anyone in the family who will give them to me. Whenever I start editing/writing posts I love it, but it takes a little motivation to carve out the time so here it is, two posts by the end of April.

3. Enjoy small moments. My principal would not be impressed with this goal since it's not measurable, but unfortunately she can't boss my home goals :) I've lost more than one person I love in the month of April, and what better to celebrate their wonderful lives than enjoy it?

4. Register + train for another sprint triathlon. Yup, it's been almost 3 years (HOW?!) since I did my first sprint triathlon, it's about time to do another one. I've convinced some friends from work to join me so it should be fun. It's not until May, but I'll need to up the training a bit this month. This also means I really need to get a tune up on bike, so that can be another goal within this one.

What are your goals for the month of April?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Say It, Do It- Social Marathon

This weekend was definitely a whirlwind! Friday night Eric and I went with his brothers to see Second City perform in Boston. They are a comedy group based out of Chicago that is *awesome* so it was great to see them again and laugh so hard my face hurt. Saturday I woke up bright and early for a bridal shower and finished the day with an engagement party. As much as I love social events, I have some anxiety about marathons of social events and I think I'm going to go ahead and blame my stomach which can only tolerate so long of eating/drinking. Of course everything ended up being fine even though I worried about it irrationally. I would love to stop doing that. Need to store this quote in my brain:


Anyway, I failed to take many pictures this weekend but the highlights were:

1. Obviously laughing so hard my face hurt at Second City... they are so good. I should probably mention I'm not big into comedy shows and usually stare confused when I see stand up. Second City is a mix of improv and skits and they are just so good.

2. The shower I went to on Saturday was crazy nice/big- I got to catch up with Eric's friends wives and girlfriends, and I got to eat a delicious cupcake. Oh... and they freaking rocked at fast present opening. This is a big thing with me, I like people more the faster they can get the RIDICULOUS tradition of present opening out of the way. Plus there was more than 1 dessert table and just one of them looked like this:


3. I got to see some old friends/acquaintances at the engagement party which is always fun. We also got to hear an awesome story of how the couple met. I did know that they met through her sister, but I did not realize that they were completely set up by her sister who thought they would be perfect together. I am truly amazed by people who are that good at setting people up. I don't think I've ever once set someone up... I live in fear that they would hate each other and it would be my fault. Another irrational fear.

Time to get serious. Say it, do it.

Last Week's Workouts

Sunday- Swim

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Spin class

Wednesday- Run 2 Miles

Thursday- Swim

Friday + Sat- Off

Good week, pretty much what I planned to do. Hope this week goes as well!

This Week Plans

Sunday- Swim + Run

Monday- Off

Tuesday- Run

Wednesday- Swim

Thursday- Off

Friday- Bike

Saturday- Yoga?

It's going to be yet another busy week. Is it ever not a busy week?

How was your weekend? What are you work out plans for this week?