Friday, December 4, 2009

I Love Friday...

I don't know if it was just because last week I did not move off my couch, but I am definitely ready for Friday this week. Since I didn't post yesterday, I wanted to fill you in because I went to a new doctor about my knee troubles. I would not say he gave me a ton of new information, but he did explain to me a couple of things I did not understand (including why people were using patellafemoral syndrome and patella tendonitis as though they were the same disease- they are not, but apparently I have some symptoms of both yipee haha). He also ordered me an MRI, so I'll be getting that done on Sunday. Hopefully I'll know more soon :)

I also went to spinning last night for the first time in 2 weeks. It did bring me 17 miles closer to 200 miles by 2010...but whew, remind me not to skip 2 weeks again!

Finally, today is my sister's 21st birthday. We are going out tonight so I have to begin the hair straightening process. I almost never wear my hair straight but since I have to wait for Eric to get home from football to go out, I figure this will keep me awake. Just for fun, let's flashback to my 21st birthday. It was 4 1/2 years ago...

My birthday is in June, which means that I was living at home for the summer AND my birthday was a Wednesday night. This combo does not make for a crazy 21st birthday, but I did have some of my favorite people with me. Plus, let's be honest, I probably had enough bar insanity when I studied abroad in Australia to last me well past my 21st birthday.

Including, my beautiful and amazing college roommate Ashley who happened to be living in Boston that summer to work.

And two of my awesome high school friends, Timna and Sarah (plus Ash is in this picture again)

And my friend Linda (also from college) was there and Eric was there

Eric and I had been dating for less than 4 months, now it's been way past 4 years haha

Fun times on Wednesday nights haha. The funny thing is, for that time in life drinking and going out on Wednesday night isn't that weird. But in the summer, it all gets different because everyone has jobs...I guess thats why we all calm down a bit after college, that whole job thing...

Anyway, for obvious reasons (being 16 and all) Caroline was not able to celebrate my 21st birthday with me BUT I will be able to celebrate with her. It's actually amazing to me that she is really just legal today. I completely think the drinking age should be 18 myself, or maybe the day you graduate high school. That would be awesome, then I never would've had to sit at home with Katie while all of our friends went out...awesome. But enough of my opinions :) I hope everyone has a great weekend!

A Sneak Peek at my Future Blog Posts:
This Weekend: Caroline's Birthday Celebration Recap and Pictures of Eric's football team playing at Gilette Stadium (where the Patriots play)

Next Week: I try a new breakfast idea every morning. You guys gave me so many great ideas I decided I am going to try one every single morning next week. If you did not already tell me your favorite weekday breakfasts, please leave me a comment!


  1. Haha, ya the job thing DEFINITELY gets in the way. I went out for my good friend's 21st birthday and we all got pretty intoxicated and danced our faces off at the bar until 3:00 am. I'm paying for it today at work though! It's been the longest day ever!!! And all my other friends who don't have jobs, or do shift work, got to sleep in this morning and recuperate from their hangovers! Haha

  2. I have a birthday in June too! What date is yours? Mine is the 26th.

  3. Happy Birthday to your sister - hope she has a fun night out!! Oh to be 21 again!!

  4. Happy bday to your sis! And I hope your MRI helps give you some more info about your knee troubles. Have a great weekend!

  5. Good luck with the MRI! It's always such a relief to know what is going on!

  6. Oh I'm excited to see your breakfasts next week, and Eric's football team!

    I agree, 18 would make much more sense. 21 is SUPER random. I mean, it doesn't really make any sense in my opinion. I think it causes more problems, rather than less.

    Glad you are getting your knee problems figured out!
    Have a great weekend Kelly.

  7. TGIF! Hope you had a good time with your sister for her birthday!

  8. ahh.. i haven't been out for a good 21st bday party in like a year when my baby bro turned 21.. i enjoyed my 21st. i turned 21 on a saturday, which meant bar at midnight on friday and on saturday. :) ahh to be 21 again. oh and thanks for reminding me about breakfast ideas.. i need to eat the rest of my english muffins this weekend!