Thursday, May 14, 2009

Save Some Room For Dessert

Today was a successful swimming day. Well, successful in that I swam 30 laps in a row, all freestyle. I still got a massively dirty look from the guy who's lane I joined. I don't know what it is about these swimmers, but newsflash- the pool is not yours!!! If I ever have the luxury of having a lane to myself and someone wants to join I am going to shoot them an amazingly happy smile like I couldn't be any happier they have graced me with their presence. Maybe that will make up for all the rudeness. Anyway, my knees hurt a lot after. I really don't get what the deal with my knees are. They feel better tonight though and tomorrow is my off day so I hopefully the rest will be good. Of course as soon as I do a lot again they will get worse again. The oddest part is that swimming and biking are supposed to be easier ont eh legs. I see all the people who take a break from running in order to help their knees, shin splints etc- they bike and swim! Why is that making my pain worse? I seem to do best with running!

On a happier note, I love dessert. I am including some recommendations for yummy, low-calorie, dairy-free desserts (I still recommend them even if you can have as much dairy as you want). The first I discovered about a year ago. They are raspberry and vanilla popsicles and only 80 calories :)
At one horrible point I thought these were discontinued (they disappeared from Stop and Shop & Whole Foods!), but it turns out they are on. On my quest for another possible dessert, I found these amazing pudding cups. I tried the only chocolate and the only vanilla versions as well and they were fine but I find the chocolate and vanilla mix to be the best.
I am basically completely addicted to these. I could easily eat ice cream every single night but these stop me from doing so because they taste just as great (but are better for me because I will only eat one of these as opposed to ice cream which I may just continue to eat forever haha). One warning about these two fabulous desserts is they are not cheap. However, they are delicious and you don't really need them every day (well I do haha but normal people may not) so it won't add up too quickly. Besides, you should never skimp on dessert!


  1. Oh man, I hear you on the knee issues! Mine got all aggravated last night from using the arc trainer-- it's no impact! It shouldn't hurt them. Biking bothers my knees, too. Sigh, my knees confuse me!
    Those desserts look delicious!

  2. I must not be normal! ;)

    30 laps! Wowzeers! Sorry bout the kneees though!!

  3. Thanks, yeah I did an hour but it was super slow.

    That's awesome about your 30 laps! Swimming is so hard and I have a weird thing about water, so I'm not sure if I could do that. It would take a lot of getting used to.

    Those desserts look so good! I wish I could grab them through the screen!

    Maybe you have some inflammation in your knees? When you get home do you use ice packs, ACE bandages, ibuprofen, anything? I wonder if that would help. I was having knee issues a few weeks ago.

  4. Glad your swimming went well. I don't swim too often, but is it fun. I hate having to share a lane, but I'm always grateful whenever anyone offers to let me share their lane and I'd never refuse anyone else who asked.

    The soy delicious ice cream looks yummy. I saw that brand at the store yesterday.

  5. We only have the ice cream sandwich from so delicious. And that's it!!! your thing looks so gooood :( *sigh* :)

    I don't know what's wrong with the people at your pool...they could definitely use some classes on etiquette lol! Hope your knees feel better

  6. Wow, rude swimmers, geez. I really want to try those So Delicious ice creams. I've seen their coconut ice cream all over the blogosphere and I am damn jealous. Yum for summer desserts!!