Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perhaps I Should've Gone For a Half Marathon

I know that sounds a bit dramatic considering how much more difficult that would be than a Sprint Triathlon. However, I am finding that I absolutely suck at both biking and swimming. Running seems to be the only thing that I can manage to do. In the fortunate situation of the triathlon, I will probably even suck at that since I'll be so exhausted from the swimming and biking.
I biked to my parents house last night for dinner and on the way I decided a few things about biking.
1. I am the slowest biker ever.
2. I think I actually hurt my knee biking. I've done some research on why this may be the case and I've concluded that I might have my seat in the wrong spot. I may bring my bike to a bike shop to have them help me. Of course then they might tell me how much my bike sucks.
3. Being the slowest biker is not going to be helped by my mountain bike.
4. If somehow I am not in last place after the swimming portion, I definitely will be after the biking.
It was during this bike ride that I was questioning why I did not just train for a running race only. Yes, a half marathon would be really hard, but at least I would probably not finish last.

Then, this morning I woke up early to go swimming. Last Thursday I did not swim in the morning and then by the time I got out of work and tutoring, there was no more lap swim at the Y. Sunday's swim work out was really tough so I had to get up. I knew I was not going to swim the 35 minutes I was supposed to, so I decided to run on the treadmill first. Good thing I did because I barely made it 20 minutes in the pool. First of all, Lesson #1= do NOT do Level 3 of the shred and then swim the next day. I did about two strokes before I realized what a horrible idea that is. My arms were literally throbbing. I don't even think I made it through the 23 laps I've been trying to do every time. Oh well, hopefully Sunday will be better (and I will not do the shred of any kind on Saturday!). A few things I noticed about swimming:
#1- I am still trying to navigate lane etiquette. I always feel like I should ask people if I can join their lane. But at the same time, it is really not THEIR lane...I don't ask people if I can use the treadmill next to them. Is this the same? Probably not...
#2- Also on lane etiquette, are you supposed to just go on one side of the lane? Or circle swim? Or, is this something you are supposed to work out with the person when you ask them if you can be in their lane? I had actually never seen any other way of sharing besides circle swimming until last week when the woman I was sharing with just stayed on one side. I wondered why I had never seen this before. It makes a lot more sense than circle swimming because really one person does not take up the whole lane and this way you don't really have to wonder about passing people. Although, circle swimming is probably for more than 2 people?
#3- Chlorine. Look, I know the point of it- I do. However, I really do not enjoy the fact that I can still smell it on my hands now 13 hours after swimming, after SHOWERING and of course washing my hands probably at least six or seven times. Also it makes my hair and skin feel nasty. So while I can appreciate the point of it, I still hate it.

In better news, I still love running and I am so looking forward to my outside run on Saturday morning (if somehow it finally decides to not rain). I tried out my new sneakers today (I exchanged the other ones) and I love them. I literally broke a sweat at the store trying them so many times because I did not want to get ones I didn't like again. I was afraid I was bias because they have pink on them. But it turns out they are pink and amazingly comfortable, so perfect.
Also, because my legs were absolutely killing me, and I've done every aspect of the triathlon (biking, swimming and running) in the past 24 hours, I decided to treat myself to some frozen yogurt. There is a place in the center that I have been going to since I was probably 6 so I decided to take Eric there. It's called "Candy Castle" and it was pretty much my favorite place in the world as a child. I haven't been there in at least six or seven years so I decided to give their frozen yogurt a try. It turns out they now have (or maybe they always had...) soft serve frozen yogurt with mix ins so I got a yummy vanilla with Butterfinger mixed it. So basically a healthier version of my favorite at Coldstone Creamery. Speaking of which, Coldstone is also doing a mom gets an ice cream free thingy so if your mom likes Coldstone, check it out :) Here is my beautiful frozen yogurt:
Well it looks a little melted, but trust me it was delicious.
And last but not least I have to tell you guys about this awesome game I play with my darling kindergarten kids today. It's been raining all week in Boston so our outside time has been limited and stir crazy is not quite a strong enough phrase to describe my kids right now. I found this game on one of the Self Magazine blogs and turned it into a kids game. However, it is also used for adults who need some child-like motivation to guide their work outs. Basically, you grab a deck of cards and assign each suit to a different exercise, like this:
For adults you may want to do lunges, push ups, squats etc. Or use the kids ones :) Then I had the kids spread out throughout the classroom and each take a turn turning over a card. The child would say out loud what they got, "10 of hearts!" and the kids would then all do 10 jumping jacks. If they got a King of Spades, they'd all do 11 frog jumps. By the end my kids were exhausted and I was happy :) I could see myself getting bored with my work outs one day and playing this game as an adult. It could be fun! If you have children at home or work with them, I highly recommend this game for rainy days.
That's all for now.
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  1. Just wanted to say that game looks like a fantastic idea! I should do that for my at home workouts, or for sprint drills. Perhaps diamonds for high knees, hearts for grape vines, spades for walking lunges, and clubs for all out sprint . . . hmm. That idea is sounding better and better!

    One thing that helped me with my swimming- try to keep everything as long and stretched out as possible. Especially with the free style. The longer your stroke, the less strokes you'll ultimately take and less strain on your shoulders. Just make sure your strokes are a strong as they are long. HTH.

  2. that game looks amazing! I run several programs throughout the day at my community centre..i will definitly give it a shot!

    p.s Just think of how fit you are getting by training for all of those different aspects..even if you come in last..I'm sure you are better then when you first started training!

  3. okay so here's the plan: i swim and bike, you run.

  4. What kind of shoes did you get? They look like Mizunos. :) I'm glad you're happy with them.

    I am in awe of anyone training for and doing a triathlon. That looks so tough! Even if you do come in last (and you won't) you will have accomplished a feat most people never even consider.

    That frozen yogurt looks yummy!

  5. I think a triathalon would definately require a level of skill for biking and swimming that I just wont ever have. But don't give up now! What an awesome challenge to set for yourself. Whatever happens, its such an accomplishment to set yourself that kind of goal. You can do it!

    Can I have a bit of that glorious frozen yogurt? Yummy!

  6. Thanks for the comments Kelly! Do you live in San Diego? I see your doing the Shred too! I love that DVD. Still only on part 1 so I'm probably speaking too soon.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I really need to run again :( Looks like you're a Red Sox fan too - great game last night!

  8. Good Luck with your training. Remember, it's not a race! I trained for my first marathon 12 yrs ago and was determined to finish it under 5 hrs (which I did) I didn't psych myself out of running it or worry about the other runners around me. I made it enjoyable knowing that I was accomplishing something that most people can't say they've done. Plus, I was doing it for the Leukemia Team In Training. Have fun, be proud of yourself for trying it and doing it! Most people don't even do that! Go Red Sox. Both of my parents are from New England so I was sort of born to be a fan!

  9. The more I'm reading your blog the more things in common I'm finding! All that you said about biking is the same for me. I am SLOW, and the mountain bike does NOT help lol! I did a try-a-tri 2 years ago and um...I think I can in third before last...I hadn't really trained, but still, I was a bit disappointed. But really, you'll see, finishing feels great ;) good luck!