Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a long day. I should say, most rainy days with kindergarten kids are long days. After school I had to drive up to the lovely city of Lowell for my final meeting of my master's program. FINAL. yup- that's right DONE. Two years of getting through a long day of work only to have to do SCHOOL work for hours. Two years of being glued to my computer (not like that will change, but it will be my choice now). DONE DONE. I don't think it has quite hit me yet, because although I am happy, I literally should be throwing myself a party right now. This summer when I go on trips I won't have to worry about whether there is internet at the hotel, I won't have to come back to write papers while my family, friends etc are out enjoying themselves. I am starting to dream of all the fun I can have on Saturday and Sunday mornings now when I don't have to work out quickly so I can write papers! Maybe I can do nothing. Just sit on the couch and watch Friends episodes....ah, amazing.
So on my way up to Lowell I decided to stop by home and borrow Eric's Garmin because I always nearly kill myself trying to read my mapquest directions when I go there (by the way, my masters program was online in case you are wondering why I do not know how to get to my own school by now haha). I think it's just me but I really hate the Garmin. Sure, there are times when it is helpful but almost always it gets me more lost than I would've been if I just used mapquest. Today for example the Garmin pulled one of it's most annoying tricks. "In 3.1 miles take exit 5 A-B to Grand St." Is it A or B? Don't tell me AB! That does not help me! So I did what I always do, I guessed and of course no sooner have I got off at Exit A when I hear the dreaded: "Recalculating." Ugh! This alone was pretty annoying, but then on the way home I am driving a different way (I got so lost on the way there I really didn't want to repeat that way) and my Garmin keeps on saying that I need to go straight for 2.1 miles. After about a minute, I notice that it STILL says 2.1 miles! It's completely frozen. And I have missed my turn. There is a good chance I am going to use trusty old mapquest to get to Lynn where I have to take my Reading Specialist teacher test on Saturday. Or knowing me, I will probably take the stupid Garmin again and then complain about it yet again :)
Just for fun, here is a picture of me wearing my new sneakers (and my running skirt!). I had to take it in the mirror because Eric would not enjoy me waking him up at 5 am to take a picture of me.

As it turns out I actually was not a big fan of the new running shoes. I don't know why, they just felt really strange and not cushiony enough. I am going to go back to Marathon Sports tomorrow afternoon and see if I can try on some different shoes. I'm hoping I get a new perspective and a bit more attention on a weekday. I am not looking forward to trying to find parking again. Plus I hate being one of those high maintenance people. But then again, it's really not worth being in pain or wasting $100 on shoes I don't like. So...here's too being high maintenance.
Okay time to go focus on my other addiction: American Idol. Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!


  1. Congratulations on being done with your Masters classes!! That is a huge accomplishment! I know what it's like to look forward to being free of school stuff! I still have bad dreams about school... that I forgot to go to class or finish a paper.

    I hope you have better luck with shoes this time around.

    Oh, and good luck on your reading specialist exams... I've always wanted to become an RS. Maybe someday! :D

  2. guess what? Last night, I was filling out a warrenty card for my brand new shiny garbage disposal, and it asked what level education I had. For the first time in my life, I got to check the "masters" box! WOOT WOOT! I'm with you, celebrating too! YAY YAY YAY - Congratulations, now you get to check the next level box forever!

  3. Congratulations on your enormous achievement! In 5 weeks, I will be posting a similar post myself... so I envy you right now!

    Good luck getting some better shoes too. It's so important to find a good pair!

  4. oh friends and american idol!! who do you think wil win? anyways, you're an inspiration to me. i just went to my boyfriends graduation from his masters program and i am so proud of him for his hard work but the road ahead of me is still long and like you i'll be working a full time job while doing the school thing. thanks for that post, i needed it!