Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Conquered the Hill!

This morning I went for a run outside. It was a bit chilly but it still beats the treadmill. However, I think I need to turn around my attitude towards the treadmill because I think my knees and shins definitely prefer it. My run in itself was pretty uneventful. For some reason I seem to be a lot better on weekends and really struggled through a 2.5 mile run today. However, the major accomplishment for this run was that I made it up my HILL!!! If you haven't been reading my blog for now, I basically live on one giant hill. It is a real problem with working out because I cannot run or bike up it. For the past few months I've been thinking that I have to do flat running courses only because I stink at hills. When I found out my 5k had some small hills I was SO scared. Turns out, normal hills I can handle- my hill is not horrible. It's crazy. The same is true with biking. I can bike up the hill my parents live on and other normal hills, but my hill I can't do (partly because it begins at a really busy intersection so there is almost no way to get any momentum going). Today since my run wasn't going amazingly and I had to stop to walk after about 2 miles I decided my goal would be to make it up my hill running the whole time. I DID IT! Although I think I have probably strengthened my leg muscles in the past few months, I think a lot of it (like running always is) was very mental. Even though I was breathing REALLY heavy, I was determined. Luckily at the end of it I get to stop, I have no idea how people do Heartbreak Hill!
Last night for night I made a nice mix of haddock, Trader Joe's Harvest Grain Mix, carrots, zucchini, and Teriyaki sauce. It tastes delicious. It doesn't look so fancy because I just stick it in a bowl and mix it all together but this meal wasn't about presentation (most of mine are not actually haha).
Speaking of yummy food, I tried something new today for the first time. I have been into Almond Butter for the past couple of years but today I tried Trader Joe's Raw Almond Butter for the first time.
I really enjoyed it actually. It tasted pretty different from regular almond butter, but I think for some odd reason my stomach may have liked it better, which in itself is a reason to never have regular almond butter again (if it continues to be true). For those of you who have never tasted any kind of almond butter, you really should! I got into it like I got into it like almost everything else in the past few years, looking for something easier on my stomach than peanut butter (of course peanut butter is a major obsession of mine- like if I could eat nothing else for my entire life I would eat bread with peanut butter, that big of an obsession). I've found that I really love it and it's a welcome change from peanut butter sometimes. If you just want to try it, you can buy fresh almond butter in small quantities at Whole Foods. It's a bit pricey so just buy a small amount to try it. Yum.
I am trying to motivate myself to go to a yoga class at the gym tonight. I want to give yoga at the gym at least one more chance before I swear it off forever. However, American Idol is on tonight so it's definitely possible that I will end up lounging around instead. Plus I think I might be getting a cold. I think I need a break from kids so I don't have to work so hard at fighting all the germs!


  1. I completely feel your pain, I live in a VERY hilly city on top of the biggest hill in the city! It was a curse and a blessing when I was training for my half-marathon. It was a curse DURING the training runs, when it took me two hours to do 10 miles. But then, it only took me 2:15 to run my marathon because it was so flat and I'd been training on hills the whole time! Plus, I booted it up the one hill in the half-marathon where most other people had to stop!

    Training on hills is super tough and I feel your pain, but you'll thank yourself come race day! Plus it makes your butt look great :-)

  2. Hills have never been my cup of tea, either. Walking up them, fine. Running? No thanks. But good for you! So awesome that you finally did it! I bet you felt really good about yourself afterwards.

    And that harves grain and teriyaki dish sounds yummy! I'm not one known for presentation myself. As long as it tastes delicious, all that matters.

  3. Congrats on the hill! I hate running hills. My husband is from a mountainous area and love running in the mountains. Give me a flat surface any day.

  4. Good job!!!!!! It's very impressive! I also conquered a hill today, but I'm sure it wasn't as big as yours. It was still long and arduous, so I think our glutes muscles probably feel similarly right now ;)

    Almond butter is ok, but I LOVE hazelnut butter. Have you ever tried it? I find that it tastes like nutella, and you just have to imagine the chocolate ;)

  5. Good job on the hill! That must have felt great to show it who's boss.

    This post also reminded me to dig in to the jar of almond butter I have in my pantry!

    Hazelnut butter? That sounds interesting. Of course nutella is like another food group to me lol I bet that is awesome.

  6. Lol I spared her Jillian today because she was still numb from getting a filling earlier. This weekend though .. it's on!

  7. Great job on the hill!! I used to hate hills... now I like them in a sick sort of way. :P

    I didn't realize they have Trader Joe's out where you live (which I am assuming is Boston). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Trader Joe's! I'll have to try that raw almond butter. I've seen it and wondered about it.

  8. That raw almond butter is absolutely on my next TJ's shopping trip list. Was it pricey?? I'm trying my best to cut down on costs, but every time I see a new nut butter... :( I already have seven jars, eek!