Friday, May 29, 2009

The Magic of Honey Lemon Tea and Good Friends

My rest from working out turned out to be more of a rest than I expected because I suddenly started to get a really sore throat yesterday afternoon. It got progressively worse throughout the night and I woke up in the middle of the night to incredible pain. I hate sore throats, it reminds me of when I had mono and I would literally cry every four hours when I had to eat something (so I could take more Advil). I blame this random May sickness on the horrible weather we have had the last few days- it's been more like March than May! Anyway, I decided to take the day off work today because I did not think that yelling talking to my kids all day was going to make it any better. I'm glad I did because I've already taken two naps today and I could easily go for a third but I decided I should probably at least eat some lunch. This makes it Day number 3 that I have not done any exercise except for the 2 minute quad strengthening exercises that my doctor told me to do for my knee. I think my knee likes the lack of exercise (and today the lack of moving at all) because it is almost 100 percent now. I'm sure if I go for a run right now it would come back, but I'm hoping to ease back into it with a bike ride tomorrow and maybe a swim on Sunday, depending on how my throat is feeling.

My throat is already feeling a bit better than it was this morning, thanks to some yummy throat soothing tea that I discovered about a year ago when I lost my voice.

I know I should be a little bit productive this afternoon and get some report cards done, but I'm trying to also rest as much as possible because I have a very exciting weekend ahead.

It all started seven years ago when I was 18 years old and began my first year of college at BC. I received the information that my room would be shared with another 18 year old girl from Seattle Washington. It's strange to think about sharing a teeny tiny dorm room with a complete stranger from the other side of the country, but that's what you do. Somehow though, Ash and I got lucky- we became fast friends and ended up living together all 4 years of college. The only semester that we lived apart was the semester I studied abroad in Australia, and since I had a single room there, she was my only roommate during my college years. After college, she moved to Chicago to go to med school which brings me to why this weekend is exciting- she is coming to visit!!! This weekend was supposed to be my engagement party but when I postponed it (the party, not the wedding ha ha) she decided to keep her plane tickets for a fun visit and to attend a wedding tomorrow night.
That would be me and Ash in Aruba, an amazing spring break trip from sophomore year of college. This trip sparked us to constantly plot our permanent move to the Carribean, especially during those freezing Boston and Chicago winters! I'll be sure to post about our adventures this weekend.

I think the sun might be shining for the first time in three days right now so I'm going to go open all the curtains and enjoy it for a bit before I pick up Ash from the airport. I hope everyone has a great Friday :)

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  1. Sorry you have a sore throat, the tea looks great though.

  2. I am new to you blog :)

    Sorry you are feeling yucky, but glad your friend is coming to visit!!!

    I'll have to geo see about your trader joe giveaway!

    I just graduated a Kindergartener :) I am so thankful for you guys!!!

  3. Great roomie story :) I miss my college roomates so much. Heck, I miss college so much!

  4. Yummy tea! I'm sorry you're sick. It seems to be going around.

    My first college roommate was a stranger. She was a nice girl. We got along but weren't close friends. I loved listening to her talk about her day - her life was like a soap opera!

  5. I lived with my freshman roommate all four years too! We are best friends now and were both each other's maid of honor.

  6. Hope u feel better soon
    I love Aruba! Nice picture!

  7. Sorry to hear about the sore throat! I'm glad it's starting to feel better. Have fun with Ash this weekend!

  8. Kelly sorry to hear about your yucky throat. I hope it's all completely better now!

    Yay to having old friends come to visit - hope you guys are having a great weekend :)

  9. Sounds like we've had some similar weather - it was a miserable week here!

    Hope you're feeling 100% soon. Sore throats are the worst!

  10. Ugh, our weather has been terrible here too! Rain rain rain. Blah! I hope you feel better, and that is a cute mug!

  11. have a blast with your friend this weekend, and feel better soon!

  12. That tea looks so yummy! I'm always buying more tea so my pantry is fully stocked...and doesn't disappear quickly enough lol :)