Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just For Fun!

Just for fun I'm going to change up the blog completely tonight. As much as I think it's important to focus on my training, fitness and healthy food ideas- there is only so many times I can tell you that I am the slowest swimmer and biker ever, I eat almost the same food every day and my knee hurts (which by the way the doctor said is Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and basically I just need to strengthen my quad muscles, so I'll work on that). Today while my kiddos were at library I decided to be completely unproductive and read blogs. I was reading Amber's blog and I was laughing out loud about it. You may not find this quite as funny if you have recently been in a relationship that involved cheating, so if that's the case you may not want to continue reading. However, I fortunately have not so I was laughing at some of the crazy situations, how they remind me of past (long past) situations of mine and some of my friends. Basically, Glamour magazine did an article about what constitutes "cheating" in a relationship, and Glamour readers voted. Amber summed up each situation and then offered her take on them. I decided to completely steal her idea (hopefully you don't mind Amber) and give my take. For fun, I also asked Eric (my fiance) for his take. Feel free to leave your opinions in my comments.

1. Is it cheating if the relationship isn't "official"
Girl is seeing guy for two years, guy doesn't want the "boyfriend" label so even though they are going on dates, sleeping with each other and meeting each other's parents they're never really boyfriend and girlfriend.

Glamour readers say YES.

Kelly’s Take: Cheating? No. Jerk? Yes. Your first cue was the fact that he was not willing to be on a label for TWO years…not two months, TWO years.

Eric’s Take: The girl should’ve bailed well before this ever happened.

2. Is it cheating to go on a "pseudodate"?
Girl meets handsome man on plane and gives him her number even though she's in a long-term relationship. Girl and handsome man go to a party together and she imagines her life with handsome man.

Glamour readers say NO.

Kelly’s Take: Yes. It would be one thing if she just gave him her number after some harmless flirting on the plane, but then she should never answer the phone again and definitely not go to a party together. I personally wouldn’t do this at all. This is sort of what Katie and I refer to as "emotional" cheating haha as opposed to physical cheating.

Eric’s Take: Yes it’s cheating- imagination is imagination, not actually giving someone your number.

3. Is it cheating if you just sleep in the same bed?
Girl and boy sleep in same bed but do not cuddle or even touch.

Glamour readers say NO *if* there is no cuddling involved, but YES if there is cuddling involved.

Kelly’s Take: Hopefully those who know me in real life are laughing out loud right now! This question was once posed to me when I was an innocent freshman in college. At the time I said it was uncomfortable (as in, I would be seriously unhappy with my boyfriend doing this), but not necessarily cheating. Older and wiser Kelly says, “it depends.” 95% of the time this is cheating, unacceptable and just plain dumb (mainly because it normally takes place in college in twin beds, why would you voluntarily share a twin bed?). The 5% I leave up for interpretation is for random situations where several people are sharing one bed, or a girl and a guy share bed out of necessity, but do not go near each other or cuddle at all.

Eric’s Take: If there is even remote attraction at all, it’s cheating.

4. Is a girl kissing another straight girl cheating?
Girls go out, get drunk and make out so guy's will buy them drinks.

Glamour readers say NO *but* if they've done it more than once then YES.

Kelly’s Take: Again, my friends are dying laughing again. I personally think this is not cheating at all, unless of course the girls are actually attracted to each other and are not just doing it to be funny…then it’s the same as if the girl is kissing a guy. I'd actually be more concerned about the girls trying to get free drinks from random guys haha.

Eric’s Take: Yes it’s cheating (haha, we disagree on this).

5. Is it cheating to exchange steamy Facebook messages?
Girl meets married guy, married guy sends her Facebook messages confessing his love to her, girl breaks it off because she feels guilty.

Glamour readers say YES.

Kelly’s Take: Um YES! I would be really unhappy with my husband confessing his love to someone else!

Eric’s Take: Absolutely cheating. Married guy is a dog.

6. Is it cheating to have a 'work spouse'?
Girl and boy joke around at work, go to lunch, workout together, even joke about having sex and say how they're attracted to each other. They "bond" on a daily basis, she says.

Glamour readers say NO.

Kelly’s Take: Um…work spouse is fine, but the line is drawn at joking about having sex and saying how they are attracted to each other!

Eric’s Take: Eric agrees with me. He thinks the line is drawn at sex and attraction.

7. Is getting a private dance at a strip club cheating?
Boy goes to bachelor party and tells girl that he won't get a lap dance, but then he ends up getting one, girl is mad.

Glamour readers say NO.

Kelly’s Take: I think this is fine, as long as he does not run off with stripper later of course ☺

Eric’s Take: No, a lap dance is right out in the open.

8. Is it cheating if your boyfriend fools around with his gay best friend?

Glamour readers say YES.

Kelly’s Take: HAHAHAH WHAT? This girl should run away three times as fast as I wanted the first girl to run away!

Eric’s Take: Dudes don’t let other dudes go down on them unless they are gay.

This entry has officially reminded me of the book "He's Just Not That Into You" which I absolutely love. Also it must be good luck that I decided to change it up because the Red Sox are having a ridiculous game right now and Ortiz finally got a home run! Yay! And I'll be at the game tomorrow night.


  1. As much as I loved hearing about your fitness routine I'm excited about your new just for fun entries! I read this article too and found it pretty funny. I really like your blog! :)

  2. LOL! I'm glad you enjoyed this post so much and I LOVED your interpretation of it, I thought it was great how you put your fiancees opinion in there!!! Hilarious!

  3. LOL!! This is fun!! Some of yours and Erics responses made me laugh! :)

  4. Your fiance is a SMART MAN!!




    awesome post. yay just for fun!

  6. Cool post. My take on #1 is No. Obviously the guy has issues.

  7. I loved this post

  8. my take on any of the above is based on guilt. you do something and you're feeling guilty - you're cheeeeeeaaaating!!

  9. girls kissing girls......hmmm, I know what 11B would think

  10. LOL!!!! I know that last one ALWAYS makes me laugh SO MUCH!!! There is so much denial going on there :P lol!!!

    ps: i totally know what you mean about always posting about exercise/food etc. I actually find that you DO make it interesting, but I couldn't!!! I've tried and my posts come out looking exactly the same, so I find that I have to branch out a bit :)