Saturday, May 23, 2009

Run for Ice Cream

On Friday, my boss sent out an e-mail reminding us to tell our class about the significance of Memorial Day before our Memorial Day assembly. Okay, I thought...
1. the OFFICIAL start of summer
2. cookouts!
3. the start of the Cape season (even though the Cape season for Eric and I is clearly year round).
Maybe not what she had in mind?
My Memorial Day weekend began on Thursday night (even though I clearly had work on Friday) at the Red Sox Game!!! It was my first of the season. Usually at my first game I am wearing 18 layers and freezing, not at this game. You can tell by the pictures I am sweating in the 90 degree weather!!!

And slightly more disgusting in this one...Oh well, maybe not the best photos but an amazing time :)

This morning I was in total wedding planning mode. I met with a great photographer, so now I have multiple that I like. I love the younger fun women, but I also have a slightly ridiculous, but slightly justified paranoia that whoever I choose will get pregnant and not be able to attend my wedding because she will be having the baby (okay, mostly psycho since that would be really bad luck that anyone would happen to be having a baby THAT particular day/week!).

After that I went on my FIRST dress shopping trip, woo! Here are some pictures of me in dresses. I can post them because I am positive I am not going to purchase either one. The first one makes my hips look HUGE (and this is not a problem I usually have because I have a pretty large waist). The second is more flattering but I don't like the lace very much.

Caroline and Tiff also joined the fun so we tried some bridesmaid dresses as well. This one is a contender:
It would be in pink though, not that peachy color. However, I'm not nearly as big of a fan of it in pictures so...probably not. Good first trip though.

And finally, in case you have not had enough pictures for the night. We went to a delicious restaurant in Hyannis Center tonight called Colombo's. Here is my delicious salmon dinner:
It had this delicious soy sauce vinegarette on the side. It was amazing. The only thing that was not amazing was that I waited all winter for the ice cream place next door to this restaurant to open because they have unbelievable soy soft serve that both my taste buds and my stomach LOVES. I was so excited about this that throughout my over 4 mile run today I kept saying to myself, "Run for ice cream! Run for ice cream!" and yet...they don't have the soy anymore :( They said not enough people were lactose intolerant. In fact, this is not true, tons of people are lactose intolerant but stupid lactate has allowed people to eat regular ice cream. BOO! Why is there no lactate for IBS? (just kidding I really don't want people who are lactose intolerant to suffer!). Anyway, I just ended up eating regular soft serve, so I feel kind of icky now but it's not the end of the world since everyone who reads this blog knows I clearly eat regular ice cream all of the time! Usually I feel kind of blah after but no excessive bloating so I figure it's worth it for my favorite food. But let me tell you, I used to feel perfect after that soy soft serve and I am very bummed about it being discontinued.

Quick Training Update: Did a 4.23 mile run today. Everything felt amazing except for my darling knee which hurt and hurts even more now that I am not running. I am going to call for physical therapy this week. I wasn't going to go but I think the pain is getting worse so I might as well see what they can do. I still find it so unbelievable that in March I could barely run for more then 3 minutes at a time and now I can do over 4 miles! I love that Couch to 5k Plan :)

Alright, early to bed for me tonight. I am exhausted!


  1. Ohh I really like the second dress..the fit/cut of it looks great on you!

  2. I agree that the fit/cut of the second dress is WAY better and that bridesmaid dress is cute, but does look kind of shiny in the picture!

    Sounds like a great weekend so far :-)

  3. Fun weekend and it's only just begun! I like both dresses but you have lots of time to find the "perfect" dress for you. Cute bridesmaid dress, but I agree with Amber... a bit shiny.

    Great job on your four miler! And DO call physical therapy. They'll probably have you do lots of leg strengthening.

    Have fun!

  4. the second dress is REALLY pretty. i was thinking of going with lace when i finally get married.

  5. I waited all winter for this ice cream place to open up by me too! It's one of my favorite parts of summer.

    Yay wedding dress photos!! So exciting :)

    My fiance used the Couch to 5K's a popular plan but I think it works.

  6. I would be bummed if my favorite ice cream was discontinued.. I try to stay away from lactose too, since I have IBS. I make my own ice cream and I use soy milk, I suggest getting an ice cream maker!! They are great :)

  7. Ohh, that sucks about missing out on soy ice cream! Especially if you were looking forward to it so much. And I agree, awful excuse. Every second person can't stomach soy. I also think it is hard to find a good soy ice cream. I was lucky enough to enjoy some this evening - but I'm on the lookout for a better one.

    That salmon looks yummmo!

    Pretty dresses too!

  8. I'm glad you had such a good time at the game. That second dress is so pretty! You look great :)

    Aw, I'm sorry they discontinued your ice cream :( That's a silly excuse.

    Ugh I'm sorry about your knee! Knee troubles are the worst. I might have to get PT again for mine, but I'm hoping that my new shoes will help :/

    Have a great day!

  9. Thanks for stopping by!!! I'm SO thrilled you liked the blog! :o)

    I saw you are now following so hopefully you'll become a regular. I'm going to add you to my Google reader. What with working out, food, and planning a 2010 wedding we have LOTS in common!!!

  10. I love the second dress, the cut suits you much better.

  11. I like the second dress a lot.
    I definitely run for ice cream. I never used to like it that much, but I've craved it for the past few years.

  12. so much fun between the red sox and dress trying :) i definitely run to eat!!

  13. Hey Kelly, I just wrote you back on your e-mail but then I realized the "no-reply" address, so I'm not sure you got it. What I said was that I have given up dairy, for the most part, because my stomach problems include a lot of gas and bloating. I used to eat processed cheese and a lot of yogurt, not I eat Greek yogurt, small amounts, and ice cream (of course) and that is the only dairy I get! Of course I get my calcium from Viactiv calcium chews, and almond or soy milk. I have also given up a lot of gluten products (aka, bread!) which caused me to be bloated. Now I eat rice, rice cakes, popcorn, and lot of starchy veggies for my carbs and b-vitamins. Another thing I do is watch my portions in one sitting. If I eat a lot at once it really upsets my stomach. Happy Memorial day and thanks for the question!! Feel free to ask me whatever.

  14. STOP RUNNING IF YOUR KNEE IS HURTING. seriously. you are just damaging it even more!!! do not be dumb like i was!! LOl

    Unfortunately, about 2 years after I began to run, I developed a knee condition called Chondromalacia. Read about my diagnosis here: Chondromalacia is a degenerative knee condition in which the cartilage softens and the patellar bone began less stable. I was advised to quit running, but it took me about 5 months to truly come around to the idea. I decided to take 1 month off of running in April 2009 and since then, I haven't really run at all.

  15. I can't tell you how many times I'll be working out and I'll just keep telling myself..."keep going...and you can have ice cream. When you finish, there will be ice cream waiting for you!" Hey, it gets me through! hah

  16. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love all the pics.

    Sorry to hear about your fave soy ice cream though! :{

  17. I actually really like the first dress! I think it would look even nicer once fitted too :) But then again, I've never shopped for dresses so I might be WAY off!! lol! :)

    You look great in all the pics!

  18. I actually think the first dress is EXTREMELY flattering!!! It creates a tiny waist for you by accentuating the bust and hips- I don't mean it creates huge hips for you- it balances everything I think and creates a smaller waist appearance. I think it makes your hips look perfect!

    I mean, you will obviously choose whatever you feel best in-- but I don't know you and I think it looks AWESOME! At least that shape/style ( mermaid I believe?)