Saturday, May 2, 2009


I finished my first ever 5K today...woo!!! It was so fun! The whole morning I was so excited. I never thought I'd be that excited to run. The picture above is right near the end you had to turn and then I sprinted to the finish line :)

Race Recap:

The Good:
*Eric, Caroline and my Dad coming to watch and cheer me on!
*Running through a town I've lived in for almost 20 years and being like, where am I?
*My running playlist on my ipod was awesome. Thanks to everyone who gave me recommendations!
*Eric told me last night it would probably take me about 35 minutes. I was aiming for 30. I beat Eric's prediction by over seven minutes and my own by over two! My time was 27.50, yayyy!

The Bad:
*There was a girl wearing a running skirt (giving them a bad name) who was driving me crazy. She kept on walking and then sprinting, which meant I had to keep putting in the extra effort to pass her every time she walked again. Luckily, about half way through I left her in the dust and didn't have to think about passing people for awhile.

Overall I'm really happy I did it. It feels like a huge accomplishment even though I know it's only a 5k. I can see why people get addicted to race because I am already on my way!


  1. congratulations!!! you did so well! awesome time!

  2. you did so great! congratulations, it's a huge accomplishment that I too hope to achieve someday, too! yay for you!

  3. Congrats!! That sounds wonderful. You must be so proud! It's just the beginning of your racing right? :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look so happy crossing the finish line!