Sunday, November 1, 2009

Entering November

Hi everyone, Happy November! Today is such a weird day because I've already been up for awhile and it's only 7:10 thanks to Fall Back. I love getting an extra hour but I just want to make sure that I use it well :)

Yesterday my weekend got a little thrown off when Eric's head coach (for the football team he coaches) decided to switch up the normal weekends because of his own schedule (kind of annoying that the head coach can do that at the last minute, but anyway). Normally Eric has stuff all day on Saturday and either a quick meeting or nothing on Sunday. Turns out this week, they had Saturday off and today he has to get up early for football stuff. Eric and I had a totally productive day planned for today, we were going to do some major wedding/house related errands. However, the change in plans meant we could not do that anymore which does mean I can go to the Boston Blogger Lunch- so it's not all bad! But it also meant that Eric had to get up at the crack of dawn today so we couldn't go to Katie's Halloween Party last night. It was nice to have the night in together, but I was bummed because I feel like I've done so many obligatory things lately, I was ready for something relaxed...and I had a serious plot to wear my pink pajamas out of the house again haha. Oh well...the start of November means only a little over a month left of the football season :)

So...I have a confession to make. I have NOT been good about my work out routine lately. In fact, until yesterday I had not worked out at all in over a week. This very rarely happens to me, but here are my excuses:

1. I went away for 3 days. I brought my sneakers and work out clothes, but I got no sleep and therefore had no energy to work out.
2. I was tired and busy when I got back.
3. It was parent conferences week. I had a ton of work to catch up on and a ton of time was spent at work.
4. I got sick.
5. My knee started feeling better when I was not working out.

Even though I don't think these are terrible excuses, they are just that, excuses. Sure there were days last week when I didn't have a spare moment to work out. But there were also times when I choose to blog or do something else instead of working out. I am not mad at myself for this. I think my body, especially my knee, needed some time off. But every good break has end and so enter, my November fitness goals. I think November is a very important time to have specific fitness goals. It's a time of year when things get VERY busy, VERY cold, and nothing going on around us is very supportive of being healthy and working out a lot. It's a time for self motivation, so...

#1 Bike 200 Miles by 2010. This will include any biking outside left in the Boston weather and indoor spinning class. I will post how I am doing on the sidebar of my blog. Yesterday it was 70 degrees in Boston (freak accident obviously) so I enjoyed a nice outside bike ride. It was a bit different than my summer rides because of all the leaves...

My bike was very happy to be back out on the road, it's been at least a month since I broke it out.

And my body was simply happy to be back MOVING again! I didn't want to go too crazy since I am sick so I just biked 9 miles but that's 9 miles closer to 200.

I am also starting a Yoga Challenge for the month of November created by Leah from Simply Fabulous. The way she explains it is that we will do SOME yoga every day for the month of November. It will begin this week with 10 minutes of yoga per day, and then build on that depending on how well we are doing. Back in May I tried to do a yoga challenge by myself and it died pretty quickly, so I'm hoping the extra motivation of checking in with someone else will help me out. Speaking of that...I need to go upstairs and do some yoga before I lose motivation on Day 1!


  1. I'm so glad you're going to be joining me!

    Good luck on all of your exercise goals!

  2. I love how you track your fitness goals right on your blog. What a great motivation! Writing about the goals you are trying to accomplish and making them visible to you (and others!) is a great way to ensure motivation and follow through. I am officially copying you! I have taken quite a few days off from working out too, so I think it's great to start November with a new attitude and fresh start.


  3. Good luck with your yoga goal. I really need to incorporate more yoga into my routine. I think doing it daily might be too ambitious of a goal so my initial goal might be twice a week or something like that. And I need to find a class that I like at my gym, too.

    Hope you are feeling 100% soon. It is so draining to be sick!

  4. Great idea doing a yoga challenge. I Should do that. I've only done yoga once and I didn't really like it, but I don't think I gave it a good enough try.

    I think your excuses for not working out as much lately are ALL good ones. You gotta listen to your body!

  5. wow that yoga challenge sounds awesome, Kelly!! I love yoga but don;t do it nearly enough as I would like!

    alsolove your bike 200 miles goal by 2010, you can SO do this!!!

  6. Ooooh, I think I will do that yoga challenge with you as well! I have been doing yoga three times per week and feeling MUCH better, so every day could only make me feel BETTER! Plus it's so easy to squeeze in 10 minutes, even if you just do the sun salutations yourself!

  7. I am going to try the bike challenge with you too. If anyone wants I can make a page for it... It sounds like a good idea! Good luck!

  8. That bike ride scenery looks absolutely beautiful! Good luck on your fitness goals :)

  9. You have quite alot of motivation! Also, the places you went look gorgeous.

    Lastly, you taught me something, as I had no idea that the clocks go back a week later in America than they do here in the UK!

  10. Hi - good to meet you today! Lunch was so delicious!

  11. Great to meet you at lunch. I'm looking forward to reading another Boston blog ;) Good luck with the yoga challenge, I think yoga is awesome and any amount of it you can do is always better than nothing!