Saturday, October 31, 2009

101 in 1001...

Good morning everyone. I got about 9 1/2 hours of sleep last night in hopes of knocking away this cold the kiddos gave me...but of course I woke up with an even more clogged head and the tissue box has officially moved from in the kitchen to right next to me. I love kids but WHY do they get sick so often? You'd think since they are so young they would be able to fight illness Anyway, at least it's the weekend so I am going to rest, rest, rest so that when I have to go see those wonderful sick kids again on Monday (now even sicker from staying up late eating candy tonight), I will not be sick anymore.

First of all, I have to give a big thank you to Still a Rookie for giving me a "high five" (invented by the ever-organized Tall Mom who gives virtual high fives on Fridays to everyone running races that weekend). Guess what? I didn't even have a run a race to get one though because I wore pink pajamas to work. So basically, not only did I get to be comfortable and warm all day, I also get an honor normally reserved for people who wake up early and run long distances..YIPEE! (though I have to admit I'd love to be able to be running this morning if my knee and my cold would cooperate haha).

Anyway, on to my 101 goals. I'm sure you guys have seen this around blog land. I actually began this list of 101 goals for 1001 days back in March when I first started getting into blogging. It was only the other day that my sister reminded me of it and I added the few last goals to make a list. Turns out, I have already completed some of them so I was able to check off any completed goals. Here they are:
  1. Do something new with fiancé every month.
  2. Make one new friend. -check
  3. Catch up with an old friend I have lost touch with.-check
  4. Hang out with coworkers outside of work once per month. –check (if the gym counts?)
  5. Spend more time with my grandparents.
  6. Hang out with my brother and sister more often. -check
  7. Try to eat dinner at my parent’s house once a week.
  8. Tell people how much I care.
  1. Host a dinner party that I do all the cooking for.
  2. Host a BBQ.
  3. Learn how to make a cake that people actually want to eat and looks nice too.
  4. Buy an ice cream maker and learn how to make my favorite food. -check
  5. Learn how to make Japanese food.
  6. Start using our slow cooker. -check
  7. Start a recipe book of my favorite recipes (instead of letting them pile up on the fridge).
  1. Plant a garden.
  2. Grow some herbs.
  3. Paint the hallway. -check (well Eric did this!)
  4. Get new countertops. -check
  5. Clean my car once a month.
  6. Get my car washed MUCH more often.
  7. Seriously decorate my house for one holiday.
  1. Save enough money for a carefree honeymoon. -check
  2. Always have enough saved for an emergency fund. -check
  3. Spend $50 or less on groceries each week for one month.
  4. Document all spending for 1 month.
  1. Run a 5K. -check
  2. Run a 10K.
  3. Run a Half Marathon.
  4. Complete a sprint triathlon. -check
  5. Go on a hike. -check
  6. Learn how to mountain climb (at least in a gym).
  7. Rollerblade the 11 mile bike trail by my house.
  8. Go for a 50 mile bike ride.
  9. Go skiing or snowboarding.
  10. Floss.
  11. Get a massage. -check
  12. Go to dermatologist once per year. -check
  13. Start bedtime routine 20 minutes earlier.
  14. Ride my bike to work.
  15. Learn how to apply make up properly.
  16. Play tennis once per month (weather permitting).
  17. Take a spinning class. -check
  18. Swim across Lake Sunapee.
  19. Go snowshoeing.
  1. Get my masters degree. -check
  2. Join a book club. -check, if our blogger book club counts
  3. Take a class for fun that has nothing to do with work.
  4. Read one pleasure book per month. -check
  5. Take Irish step dancing class.
  6. Learn some sign language.
  7. Learn more about Nutrition, teach others.
  1. Take another trip to Europe.
  2. Visit two countries I have never been to before.
  3. Visit two states I have never been to before.-check, Arizona and Hawaii
  4. Go white water rafting again.
  5. Go to Seattle when Ash is there.
  6. Go to a Red Sox vs. Yankees Game. -check
  7. Try one new restaurant each month.
  8. Visit Nashville, TN- maybe see a country concert
  9. Go wine tasting in Rhode Island/Southern MA. –check (though I want to go again)
  10. Do the Sex and the City tour in NYC with my girl friends. -check
  11. Watch the sunrise. - if driving to work watching it counts, check
  12. Watch the sunset. -check
  13. Do the Kancamagus Highway in the summer time.
  14. Visit a new major league ball park I have never been to before. -check
  15. Go to a Cape Cod League baseball game.-check
  16. Go to Nantucket Christmas festival.
  17. Go to Cisco brewery on Nantucket.
  18. Do Sam Adams brewery tour.
  19. Walk the freedom trail in Boston.
  20. Go scuba diving.
  1. Help plan a bridal shower/bachelorette for a wedding I am the maid of honor in this summer. -check
  2. Help plan a bridal shower/bachelorette for a wedding I am in this fall. -check
  3. Find a wedding dress I love. –check!
  4. Try to plan a wedding that is exactly what my fiancé and I want, while still respecting the opinions of those who are important to us. -check
  5. Get married. -check
  6. Enjoy every minute of my wedding day and not stress about anything on that day.- check
Helping Others/ the World
  1. Donate clothes I don’t need every 6 months. -check
  2. Donate money to my college every year. -check
  3. Give blood.
  4. Use reusable grocery bags.
  5. Try to give a compliment at least once a day to others.
  6. Knit a scarf to donate.
  1. Teach an extra curricular class. -check
  2. Run at least one more workshop for teachers.
  3. Take the Reading Specialist teacher test. -check
  4. Seriously consider taking a year leave from my current job to be a reading specialist or work at a private school.
  5. Make $100 from writing.
  6. Enter a writing contest.
  7. Appreciate kids.
  1. Back up all my pictures on an external hard drive. -check
  2. Watch a movie that has won an Oscar.
  3. Continue my blog and try to increase interest/readers.
  4. Throw a party for someone else. -check
  5. Keep a journal for one month, write in it daily.
  6. Start a new quote book with quotes I like. - does pinterest count?
  7. Learn how to knit something new.
  8. Write a letter to my future kid.
  9. Take photos in a photo booth. -check
  10. Give more hugs (well, maybe after swine flu goes away...)

So that is all of them. Which one is your favorite? Anyone else want to take on 101 goals? You have over 2 years to complete them....


  1. hmmm, my favorite? I can't pick. They are ALL great! I will pray that #'s 76 and 78 do for sure happen.
    Yes, I will try to make my list. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Great list! I love it!

    I also woke up with a really clogged head! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. That looks like an awesome list. I may have to steal some ideas from it:)

  4. Great ideas, lots of goals...get well first!

  5. GREAT list! And hanging out at the gym outside of work TOTALLY counts.

    I have been planning on making a list like this for quite some time and I think I will make one that I will put into place once I graduate school next year! It's such a cool thing!

  6. I love the goals :) especially the massage.. now that is something I can aspire to do ;)

  7. There is a Sex in the City tour???!!! I am did I not know about this! Great list!

  8. Too tough to pick a favorite. This is such a good idea. I should do this, but need to just sit down & think of 101 things!!

  9. Number 24 is SUPER important, I need to do that too. Number 99 is a great planning on having kids soon??

    Here is why kids get sick so often: They aren't getting enough vitamin D in their diets!! Seriously, I think it has something to do with that. It's also the reason why people get sick in winter, more often. There isn't as much sun!

  10. Great list! makes me want to come up with one...

    Hope you feel better soon. I hear ya on the kiddos; seems my nieces or nephew are ALWAYS sick.

  11. i can not wait to grow up and host BBQ's and Dinner parties :)

  12. Kelly,

    YES, you should supplement vitamin D! And, I see what oyu mean when you say that kids should have MORE vitamin D because they have recess, but in reality that is not true. Their recess is what..20 minutes? And they aren't ALL in the sun during that time. Not to mention kids aren't drinking enough milk, they are subbing coke or pepsi for their milk. Also consider that some kids don't get recess (lower economic status communities)

    I advise taking a Viactiv, once a day, during the winter. It has been shown to help with MANY things, including weight loss, depression, cell growth, breast and heart health. It's a good investment.

  13. Hey Kelly! Have you ever tried Kefir? If you buy it at Trader Joe's, it has prebiotics AND probiotics (good for gut immunity and gut function)AND it has 25% vitamin D (Excellent sourcE). I buy the unsweetened kind and mix it with chocolate and sometimes peanut butter! It's also good plainV(it's like really thin yogurt).

  14. I need to make a list like this, awesome!

  15. an excellent list!!! lol about the "learn how to put on makeup correctly"... i need to do that too. i always wondered how all the other girls in middle/high school/college knew and i didn't. love so many of your to do's and already-done's!