Saturday, November 28, 2009

And I'm Back in the Game

100 points if you can tell me what quality teen film my title is from.

1 week after I was first officially knocked down by H1N1, I am officially back in the game. I finally feel back to my normal self (with a few coughs and some extra tissues). A lot of people who have been getting H1N1 have been knocked down for over a week, so I consider myself one of the lucky ones (I was completely knocked down for about 4 days, still recovering for maybe 2 after that). I attribute this luck to the following things:
#1- As soon as I got a fever I literally did not move from the couch for 5 days. With H1N1 you can convince yourself that you are not just taking time for yourself by resting, you are also sparing everyone else from being exposed.
#2-I went to the doctor and got Tamiflu. Supposedly Tamiflu should be taken within 48 hours of your first symptoms of H1N1. I let my fever last 24 hours and then visited the doctor. This is probably the biggest reason that I recovered quickly.
#3- I have been loading up on Vitamin D. Gina is always singing the praises of D, and I've recently seen a lot in the news about the greatness of Vitamin D for the immune system. Say no more, I need all the immune system I can get.

Since I am officially feeling better I decided to get back into the world of exercise today. My bike challenge has suffered a bit as a result of the flu, but I think I am still on track to meet my 200 by Dec. 31st challenge. I will just have to step up the spinning classes this month, but that's probably a good thing!

I started my return to the world of exercise with some foam rolling. How has everyone been doing with their foam roller? If you have not bought one yet, just do it. I know it's not a great deal of fun, but it is well worth it when you are all loose and injury free.

As I was foam rolling I decided that my cardio today would be a bit unconventional...

Haha, yes- I considered vacuuming my cardio today. Jillian Michaels would SO not be impressed, I can hear her now, "That's a false sense of lethargy that is not doing you any favors!" Maybe she'll cut me some slack since this is the first day in a week that I have walked farther than up the stairs...(or would that make her more mad?)

After that I did my favorite Pilates video from Exercise TV. It's called "Total Body Pilates" and it's only 20 minutes long. Even though it's pretty short it's a nice core work out and the girl on it does not drive me completely insane as they sometimes do. Though...if she said "booty" one more time...

I think I am going to declare December the month of Pilates. Pilates is an old love of mine that has gotten thrown by the wayside for yoga. My goal is to make time in my life for both of these essential exercises. Even though December tends to be a very busy month, it's also a very crucial time for exercise, especially if I am going to have to continue to fight off all these illnesses.

What is everyone up to this weekend? I hope you all have 4 days off. Isn't it amazing how much more fun you can have (and how much more can get done) in a weekend twice as long?

PS. I have officially read Twilight and New Moon. I see why people have enjoyed them, because Meyer does do a good job developing her characters, but I find the characters too annoying to continue reading. I also found a good list of what girls learn from Twilight. I know that the point of all books can't be girl power, and that teenage girls tend to be a bit dramatic when it comes to boys. But I can't help but wish that such a popular book had a stronger female lead. I am now back to reading adult books so I don't have to get so emotionally invested in my pleasure reading :) And my sister told me everything I missed in the last two books...haha


  1. Very good points about twilight! And yes, they are soooo annoying. lol! I can't believe some people DARE say that it's the new harry potter.

  2. i didnt even bother reading those books. i read a review of it in our school newspaper and he said the same things you did about women/girls self image.

  3. Glad you are feeling better! I can't figure out the title though, and I really want to know. Even NICK doesn't know it! That's crazy.

    Jillian is right about one thing, when we feel tired while working out, it's a false sense of lethargy, great point. Of course for you, coming back from being sick it may be a little different!

    Have a great end of the weekend.

  4. ha, I love it - I don't have a foam roller and to be honest, wouldn't know what to do with it if I did. Maybe that could be in an upcoming post :)

  5. So glad you are feeling better!!!
    I know those Pilates segments with that girl. She says "inhale" in a cute/funny way, "eeeeenhale."
    Love the foam roller, well, actually I HATE the foam roller, but I love it too. Ha!

  6. clearrrrrrrly 10 things I hate about you...


  8. dammit thats not fair i didn't see her post : (

  9. I was the same with H1N1... one full week of sickness. and now almost two weeks later still a runny nose!! :) FUN!! But my energy is back and better than eva!! :)

    Glad you are feeling better!

  10. Whenever I vacuum and clean my apartment, I'm exhausted afterward. Maybe I'm just pretending, but I always tell myself that it was a semi-ok cardio session!

  11. hahaha i am such a lame-chick-flick movie watcher i totally knew it was 10 things too! lol.

    cleaning def counts as exercising - sick or not. no contest.