Monday, November 16, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner

Does anyone else totally pay for Saturday night fun on Mondays at work? Of course the wedding was a blast this weekend, but I was dragging today... big time. I decided to skip spinning tonight in favor of more rest, but I'll probably go later this week instead. Gotta get to 100 miles in November, I'm already more than halfway there!

Tonight I decided to make breakfast for dinner. I have trouble with breakfast sometimes as far as thinking of things to eat but I think it's easier at dinner time when there is more time to make it. Jenny inspired me to make Pumpkin French Toast. I did consider ending the pumpkin obsession, but it's not time quite yet...

I made it according to the exact ingredients (for maybe the first time ever haha), but I didn't make the peanut butter "frosting" because my stomach is still not in love with me after the weekend so I wanted to be as nice to it as possible. Instead, I added some banana and a really small amount of maple syrup (I discovered it had high fructose corn syrup in it...yuck, those commercials can not convince me..."corn" does not equal healthy!).

It was amazing. Way better than whatever I would've shoved into my mouth before spinning.

In other news, I am one of the "featured bloggers" on a new awesome website that launched today Boston Sports Woman. It is basically an online magazine for the Boston female sports fan. But, even if you are not a Boston sports may want to check it out because there are also recipes ideas, health/fitness articles etc. Another thing I really like is that you can find a list of active/health related events in the Boston area. I spend hours searching for these things and now they will be in one place for me...yipee!

This is totally random, but does anyone else watch Little People Big World? I'm starting to worry about the parents on that show. I think the advertisements from Jon and Kate Plus 8 during their show are making them turn into the two of them. Seriously. What is the world coming to?

Okay I'm done now. Early to bed for this girl!


  1. isn't that french toast the BEST?!!?! I kind of am craving some now .. and I just finished dinner -- bah!

    oh my god -- I'm watching Little People Big World right now! we are twinsies, I swear!

  2. We would often have 'breakfast for dinner' when I was growing up. As an adult, the only time I do that is if I fry an egg for dinner. There aren't many great GF breakfast options (or ones that I've tried at least!)

    Looks delish though. And yes, I drag big time when I have a big weekend and then have to work on Monday!!

  3. Brekkie for dinner is my fave :) That french toast looks so good- I never would've thought to try it with pumpkin...hmmm, sounds interesting! Congrats on being a featured blogger, yeahhh!

  4. I used to watch that show, and I wouldn't be surprised if their marriage has gotten worse. I always noticed some problems between them, like lack of true LOVE! But if it's getting worse, that sucks. I feel bad for them :( They are such great people, and awesome parents.

    Love the idea of banana and maple syrup instead of the frosting. Very clever!

  5. The pumpkin french toast looks so yummy! I love breakfast... it's probably my favorite meal of the day. I like making breakfast for dinner (and even eating cereal for dinner). We don't do it too often since my hubby doesn't like breakfast.

    Congratulations on being a featured blogger! That is very cool!

  6. that boston sports woman mag is awesome! how do I become a part of that as well??

    wow that pumpkin french toast looks great! banana and maple syrup in place of frosting=genious!

  7. I love breakfast for dinner! We had protein pancakes last night...with pumpkin!

    I'll check out the new website. Thanks!

  8. I also watch Little People Big World. Matt and Amy are making me so sad right now. I hope they can work things out.

    Congrats on Boston Sports Woman. You can also find health/fitness related activities in the calendar section of the Improper Bostonian. They advertise free yoga classes, road races, etc. etc.

  9. I love breakfast for dinner. Especially french toast!

  10. Mmm, I love "brinner"!

    Congrats on being featured in BSW!

  11. I'm SO glad the calcium/vitamin D supplement isn't causing you problems!!! Seriously, it's the one supplement I would advise EVERYONE to take! IF it starts to bother you, you could even take it every other day.

  12. I am totally going to make pumpkin french toast this weekend! Looks soooo good!

  13. Hey Kelly!

    With regards to Thanksgiving lessons, the material I have been reading about really promotes sharing multiple perspectives on Thanksgiving and especially the perspective of the Native American tribes who already occupied the land when the Europeans arrived. If you can find one, it might be interesting to share a picture book that tells about what the Native Americans were doing before the Pilgrims showed up and reflects on the fact that it was those groups who were growing crops and who supplied most of the food for the meal despite the popular stories that say otherwise. I think focusing on what we can be thankful for is always a good route and have the kids think about why the Native Americans may have been thankful and also why the Pilgrims may have been thankful. To be honest, I have never done a lesson like this, we kind of did a few artsy things and not a lot of content with Thanksgiving. It might be cool to do an art project representative of Indian arts or a picture where they show what one of the Europeans might have been thinking and what a Native American might have been thinking. Or maybe writing a dialogue poem as a whole group using some picture prompts to tell both sides of the story.

    Have you heard of the book Lies My Teacher Told Me? Chapter 3 is called The Truth About The First Thanksgiving which gives a lot of more accurate historical information which also might be helpful for brainstorming ideas!

    Does that help at all??
    <3 Katie

  14. Me again!

    Here is a list of books written by Native American authors and there are a couple about Thanksgiving.

    And these too:
    Bruchac, Margaret M. (Abenaki), and Catherine Grace O’Neill, 1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 2001, grades 4-up

    Seale, Doris (Santee/Cree), Beverly Slapin, and Carolyn Silverman (Cherokee), eds., Thanksgiving: A Native Perspective. Berkeley: Oyate, 1998, teacher resource.

    Swamp, Jake (Mohawk), Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message. New York: Lee & Low, 1995, all grades.

  15. I love having breakfast for dinner! It seems naughty! : )

  16. yummmm!! bkfast for dinner is always good, and pumpkin cannot be retired yet. it's still fall! maybe after thanksgiving? :)