Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tiff's Rehearsal

I realized I have to eat breakfast before I go, so I might as well blog :)

The rehearsal itself was very crazy. Tiff is Greek Orthodox so things are a bit different than the other rehearsals I have been to. The priest went through literally every step (which is smart since none of us had any clue what was going on). He also was like changing around the order and randomly assigning jobs and fortunately Tiff was totally relaxed about it. I would've been like no, I want her to do this job and him to walk down at this time etc. Tiff was just like yeah whatever do what you want haha. Thank goodness. I have a couple of jobs to worry about including being the first bridesmaid to walk down to the aisle so I have to wait for the head nod from the priest. Let's hope I don't miss it. Then, me and one of the groomsmen are holding the gospel at one point for the priest. He claims it's really heavy. Obviously they did not take into consideration who is actually strong and just did who is standing close to him. Hopefully all that yoga pays off. Overall though, I think it's going to be a really fun and different ceremony and I'm excited to participate in it.

Now before I go on to the rehearsal dinner, I have to say that I actually do not like rehearsal dinners. And not just other peoples, I really truly do not want one myself. My friend Timna actually did this which I thought was amazing, but there is really no chance I can avoid a rehearsal entirely due to the fact that we are totally making up the ceremony and we have a pretty big bridal party (Timna had no bridal party). I can't very well make people attend a rehearsal without a dinner after, so I have to have one. I don't mean to be a total wedding party pooper but the reason why I don't like them mainly has to do with my stomach. Basically, my stomach and have an agreement that in general I promise to be extremely nice to it, feed it only things that make it feel good and keep my stress at a minimum. In exchange, it tolerates small slip ups here and there...sometimes (not even that reliably). Enter: the wedding weekend. There is no way given all the stress involved (I thought not being maid of honor I would no longer be stressed...still am haha) that my stomach is EVER going to tolerate me, eating badly, staying up late, drinking, and being social with lots of people I don't know for two nights in a row. So I end up feeling terrible for the wedding itself (usually the rehearsal too lets be honest) and since I like the wedding the most, the rehearsal gets my dislike. Sorry rehearsal. Give me a new stomach and we can discuss my feelings for you changing.

So, as far as rehearsal dinners go, it was a good one. Sure my stomach was absolutely killing me, but at least I was sitting down, right? The rehearsal dinner was at Maggiano's Little Italy. I've been here once before and remember the food being good and it definitely was last night. The flowers were very pretty and orange, Tiff's favorite color...

The other thing that was amazing is that I somehow ended up sitting right next to Tiff. Yay! I got to sit next to Katie at her rehearsal dinner, but I figured I couldn't be lucky enough to sit with Tiff too. I think it was because Ronnie's friends all know each other well and Tiff's friends not as much (though after all wedding related events, we know each other a lot better). I was really happy I got to spend that quality time with Tiff at the rehearsal since I wasn't staying at the hotel with her last night (couldn't put my stomach through another thing, it might have died on the spot- can your stomach die without you?). Anyway, I have to get going to go into Boston for girls getting ready time. Here are some pics, Tiff and her sister...
The beautiful and handsome bride and groom...
Lisa giving a toast...and I was mentioned in it, whoa hoo! haha
Me and Tiff...
Back tomorrow morning with wedding pictures!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention the COOLEST thing ever when I got home last night...
Caroline (my sis) had decorated my whole back porch in pink Christmas lights! YAYYY!


  1. I think you should write a wedding book of some kind in your "spare" time! Cute pictures! Can't wait to hear about the wedding.

  2. i love those bright flowers! Hope the wedding goes well!

  3. Love those flowers!

    The rehearsal dinner is usually one of my favorite parts of the wedding weekend - mostly because it is more intimate and a smaller crowd, and it's more laid back. But if Had stomach issues I would feel very differently!!

  4. Pink xmas lights?? Awesome!! I'm thinking about getting some christmas lights for my room :)

  5. the rehearsal dinner sounds like a good time, despite your distaste for them ;) sorry about your tummy issues!