Sunday, November 1, 2009

Boston Blogger Brunch

I have officially procrastinated from blogging for multiple hours going sink shopping and categorizing my wedding guest list (I seriously do not know why I did not just elope) in hopes that someone else would be the first to post about our blogger lunch but I don't think it's going to happen so here it goes (just realized now that I am done writing that Meg has now beat me to posting haha). I apologize in advance that I am probably going to totally make up some of the menu items. I'm not going to even pretend this is a legitimate restaurant review because I was paying almost no attention to anything around me today. It's a bit scary meeting 5 new friends so I had to focus :)

Anyway, Meghan, one of my favorite bloggers organized a Boston Blogger Meet Up for us at Myers and Chang in the South End. She is pretty much a regular there and none of us had ever been so she was our expert. The other girls there were: Kirsten from Tales from Two Cities, Gina from Simply Life, Meghan (obviously since she organized) from Travel Eat Love, Caroline from Caroline Dines and Meg who guest posts on her sister's blog Blue Plate Special. It was so much fun to put faces and personalities to names.

I have been wanting to try Myers and Chang, and I was really impressed by the atmosphere of the place. It was casual, but it had that vibe like..."yes we are a high quality food establishment" haha. On Saturday and Sunday (and maybe other days) they do dim sum at lunch time. I've heard great things about dim sum but never actually tried it myself so I was in for a treat. Meghan told us to just order a bunch and we all agreed to share. I don't think I got pictures of everything but here is a taste of all the deliciousness we ate...

Sweet Potato Fritters with Sriracha Aioli (by far my favorite thing...yum)
Thai Ginger Chicken with Rice Vermicelli
Lemony Shrimp Dumplings
5 Spice Grilled Tofu
Wok Roasted Shitake Omelette (I am just guessing looking at the menu, I totally forget what this is...)
Asian Pickles
At the end they give you cookies...more yum.
Overall, it was really fun to meet new people and try a new place. It's always fun to picture people one way and then meet them and have it be completely different. It's also fun/weird (in a good way) that we all have this crazy blog world and we read all these blogs and discuss people who write them as though they are all our friends haha...At least we are not discussing celebrity gossip right? Anyway, the point is I really enjoyed meeting these girls and I'm looking forward to future meet ups!

Before I get organized for the week and go to bed I wanted to say two more things I want to do in the month of November (besides my biking and yoga goals). I want to make a thankful list as often as I can AND I want to get better at saying no to social obligations. Yesterday was such a great day and I did NOTHING. It should not take Eric working and both of us being sick for us to just do nothing together. So...from now on I am going to say NO more often. So if I say NO to you, don't be surprised...just kidding, maybe.

Today I am Thankful For:
*trick or treaters
*new blue fleece sheets
*new friends
*relaxing time with Eric (that happened yesterday not today...but who's counting?)


  1. Oh gosh, I haven't even gotten engaged yet and I'm already thinking elopement is a GREAT idea!

    I am so jealous of your blogger meet-up. Living in Ohio kind of stinks because not many bloggers (that I know of) live here :( I want to have a meet-up too!! Isn't it like meeting a famous person kind of?!

    Have a great night Kelly. Enjoy your new blue fleece sheets!

  2. I just sent you an email I created a google doc that we can invite people to

  3. Your blogger meet up sounds so fun! I don't know any bloggers in my city, but wish I did! Would be fun to put faces/voices to names!

    I have also been working on saying no to social invitations. It's tough and I still feel guilty but I know I need to put myself first. I find myself apologizing alot and I kind of feel like I shouldn't have to say I'm sorry for putting myself first... I kind of decided to limit myself to 2 things during the week. That's worked well but now I need to work on figuring out where to draw the line on making weekend plans. It's tough because I want to see my friends, but i get overwhelmed when I have so much going on every weekend!

    Wow, total rant there. Anyways - just saying that I totally know what you mean when you say you want to limit your 'yes saying'.

  4. I agree - I liked the fritters best, too! It was great to meet you and I hope we all get to meet up again soon.

  5. fleece sheets are just pure amazingness, so key for the winter months!

  6. I need to practice saying NO more often too!

    Sounds like a great lunch :-)

  7. The older you get, the easier it is to say "No." You'll see. :-) Meeting blogger buddies is cool. I met Lindsay from Chasing the Kenyans at the NY City Marathon. The food looks great. Did you have Rolaids for dessert?! As far as eloping, it's definitely less stressful, but as you know, not as romantic. How about keeping your wedding plans as simple as possible, and saying "No" whenever you feel it's necessary? You're probably already doing that, but I just wanted to work the "say no" into my comments again! :-)

  8. That food looks awesome!
    I often wished we eloped as I really didn't do the things for our wedding that I/we wanted...we were too busy making other people happy. For our 10 year anniversary we had a great party and did what we wanted which was awesome. Just remember yourselves as it is easy to get lost.

  9. oh I wish I knew abhout this meet up! we need to make another one soon! Love your thankful list!

    Nourish In Lextington...its soo good, healthy and well priced!

  10. How fun! Looks like some good eats too.

  11. That food looks awesome and I would be very happy to enjoy some of those fritters right about now.

    I think it's great to make connections through the blogging world and I am perfectly okay with calling my bloggy peeps my friends because when you read someone's thoughts everyday they are not a stranger anymore! It's a different kind of friend...and PS if I am ever in Boston we are having lunch or dinner!


  12. I've never had a blogger meet up, but sure does sound fun! I love your thankful list. I'm goign to try to be more thankfull also!

    p.s. If I could do it all over again, I would have eloped and spent the money on the honeymoon!!

  13. Yay to meet ups! The food looks delicious. I've never been there, but will definitely put it on my list of places to try.

    There's a Boston Blogger Meet Up on the 7th at the Dedham Whole Foods at 7pm if you're interested :)

  14. Yey for our brunch out together!

  15. Oh my, I would've given a lot to be there, for so many reasons!! I love Boston, I love food, I love people... lol!

    Those thankful lists are so great :) I'm thankful for hot beverages right now!

  16. sheeesh! where was i?? : )

    love all the food!!!

  17. love blogger meetups! next time let me know if you're interested in one more :)