Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting Ready...

Happy Friday everyone! I took a half day today so I could get organized and ready for Tiff's wedding. Actually, truth be told I was supposed to be straightening my hair right now (yes it takes that long) but it turns out I no longer need my hair straight for tomorrow because it's going to be basically a hurricane outside. My kids were pretty cute when I told them I was leaving. First they asked if it was my wedding and whether or not they could be it (sure, last minute ring bearer! haha). Then, once I explained to them that it was NOT my wedding but I was in a wedding they asked if I was the flower girl. Haha...ohhh Tiff, you now have a 25 year old flower girl!

So far I've spent the afternoon getting prepared. I went to this adorable store next to my bank to get a new "wedding" pair of earrings to wear tomorrow. While I was there they told me they were having a HUGE sale on Vera Bradley. But I resisted...yay!

I came home and made myself some tuna + greek yogurt on fresh sour dough bread.
Then I settled my stomach with a cup of peppermint tea and an issue of Cooking Light. My tea mug says "Bahamas" on it...sure wouldn't mind being there right now...
Then I started to get my snacks for tomorrow ready. For those of you who don't know me in real life, I am pretty much the queen of snacks. I don't go anywhere without snacks. I have to be really prepared when it comes to food since there are so many things that upset my stomach. At Katie's wedding this summer, my stomach felt terrible (directly related to my very high stress level). I didn't eat a lot that day because I didn't feel well and even though I barely drank at all, I woke up the next day feeling terrible. SO...I am learning from that mistake and this time I am...
  • keeping my stress level down...I know how to do it this time and I'm not in charge so if I don't know what to do it really doesn't matter :)
  • getting more sleep the night before (my tummy gets more angry when I have no sleep)
  • bringing snacks!
  • bringing tons of bottled water and not being afraid to drink it- if I drink water at 10 am, that is not going to make me have to pee at 3:30 in the afternoon

On an unrelated, but exciting note, two treats arrived in the mail today!

Eric and Kelly stockings! YAY! Last year Eric and I didn't have stockings in our tiny apartment, but this year we really want to decorate our house nice and Christmasy. Last week when Pottery Barn was doing "free monogramming" we figured, why not? The only problem left is that we don't actually have a fireplace, so we'll have to get creative about where these will actually go.

Now time to go really get organized! I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you are anywhere near Boston, stay dry!


    me and Chris are putting lights up outside his house this afternoon, do you have lights! cuz you should really put them up soon (since its the best perk about having your own house!) or allow us to put them up for you! : )

    ps. i keep meaning to try tuna with greek yogurt, do you think i would like it?

  2. cute stockings!!! and pretty colors!

    I am trying to stay dry this weekend, it is supposed to rain tomorrow booo

    I ALWAYS carry snacks with me...I have some stashed at work, in my car and always in my bag! who knows if my car dies in themiddle of the road and I am hungry?? I need to be prepared!

    you will have so much fun on your trip!!

  3. Sounds like you're all set! Have fun tomorrow!

  4. Those stockings are totally adorable!! The Fiance and I have our own and what we do is lie them down by the base of the tree. With no fireplace and all!

  5. That tuna sandwich looks awesome! Now I want one!

    I love the stockings! Have fun putting those up!

  6. You're so much like me. I bring snacks everywhere too. If I get hungry, and food isn't available, it's scary! I think your planning is right on!

    LOVE the stockings :) Have a great time at the wedding!

  7. Oh have fun! I have to bring snacks around with me too so i can avoid crabby moods :)

  8. you would make an awfully beautiful flower girl ;) have a great time!

  9. Cute stockings and I am a huge fan of peppermint tea.. :)

  10. Man, I could spring for the Bahamas right now, too! Have a great time at the wedding--those stockings are so cute!

  11. Oh, cute stockings! How fun :) I am curious about your tuna and greek yogurt. How does that work out? I love tuna and usually use light mayo but am always looking for new variations. I hope you stay dry at the wedding and have a blast!

  12. Those stockings are adorable!

    Can't wait for the wedding recap! Hope you have a blast!!