Sunday, November 22, 2009

About Me- Updated 8/8/10

Hi, I’m Kelly, the girl with the Red Sox Cap!

What’s My “Healthy Living” Story?

I was fortunate that growing up, I had an extremely active and nutritious family. I was definitely taught what healthy living is at a very young age. Unfortunately, some of those lessons were forgotten when I went to college. It’s not that I didn’t want to be healthy, it’s just that it was dining hall food, there was candy everywhere and I was not great at managing all the choices. Okay, so I guess it's that I wanted to be healthy while eating 4 servings of pasta for dinner, with a dessert of reeses soup (what my roommates called my frozen yogurt that had more topping than actual yogurt). This got even worse when I went to Australia and the dining hall was truly terrible. I lived on pizza, Pringles, Mars bars and apple crisp (the only thing I liked at the dining hall). I went to the gym almost every day in Australia and I still gained at least 10 pounds in 6 months.

After I got home I met Eric and I made so many classic “eat like a guy” mistakes. He introduced me to Dunkin Donuts and I got my coffee with cream in it, ah! I did manage to lose a bit of weight during senior year, but I gained most of it back eating 3 meals out a day during our trip to Europe that summer.

Fortunately, after college I moved back home and back to my mom’s nutritious cooking. It was also during my first year teaching that I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and back when I didn’t know what it was, I would feel nauseous for days on end. Although I would not wish it on anyone, it was definitely the miracle weight loss disease for me. I lost about 10 pounds that first year, and almost 10 more when I learned that I could control IBS by eating healthier and getting to the gym as often as possible.

Would I gain all the weight back if IBS suddenly went away tomorrow? No. Here’s why:

  1. Minus the stomach problems, I have never felt as great as I do now. I eat healthy, I exercise regularly, I get enough sleep and so I feel energetic and happy almost every day. While I do believe food is meant to be enjoyed, I also have to remember the top reason to eat is to fuel our bodies, and that cannot be done with brownies and chips. When I eat healthy, I feel healthy and that is more enjoyable than Pringles could ever be.
  2. Having IBS has forced me to learn more about nutrition and learn more about what is in my food (especially at restaurants, yikes!). Now that I know this information, it would be hard to go back to eating terrible for me foods.
  3. One of the best things about IBS (and there is pretty much nothing else good about it) is that there is really nothing I can’t eat a small bite of. IBS is not a food allergy, so if I want a bike of chocolate cake, I can have a bite. I’ve found that most of the time I don’t even mind not having more than a bite. In the end, it’s such a healthy way to enjoy delicious, but not healthy foods, in very small doses.

Why Start a “Healthy Living” Blog?

I started this blog for myself, as a way to chronicle my training for my first triathlon in July 2009. I quickly learned that blogging is not an isolated activity, there is a whole blogging community out there and so many people I can learn from. I have been known to tell stories about my blog friends as though I know them personally and I definitely feel like I do.

Blogging has challenged me in ways that I never thought it would have. I have completed my first 5k and my first sprint triathlon since I started blogging. I took up spinning and tried kettlebell classes. I have tried new foods, new restaurants, and even met some new people.

I hope my readers can identify with me because I am a lot like you guys…I try to be healthy, but I have good days and bad days. I try to get to the gym, but I get bored and I have to try new exercises. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. I eat too much ice cream. The list could go on…

What Do We Want to Know About the Girl Who Wears a Red Sox Cap?

Well, #1 I look terrible in hats and I very rarely wear them. However, I am a huge Red Sox fan and I got the idea for my blog name from the Kenny Chesney song, “She’s From Boston.”

I graduated from Boston College in 2006. This is my fifth year teaching Kindergarten. I got my masters degree in Reading and Language in May 2009. I am loving ever minute of not being a “student” anymore for the first time in almost 20 years, whew! Everyone who knows me in real life thinks it’s weird that I am a Kindergarten teacher because I don’t quite fit the stereotype., whatever that might be…

This summer (7/10/10) I got married to my best friend, Eric…who is much more likely to be found wearing a Red Sox cap than I am. Eric is also a teacher, but he teaches Physical Education to middle school students. Right now Eric and I are training to run a 5k together!

I have a wonderful and supportive family, who I have to credit for 90 percent of my healthy ways. My sister Caroline, has been captured by the blog world as well. Even though she is my younger sister, she is definitely someone I look up to as far as living an active lifestyle. If only she had gone to college first, perhaps I would've realized the possibilities as far as being healthy in college. My brother Jake is also a college student, known for his sense of humor and knack for finding trouble. But he also has that protective "brother" way about him and if anyone dares mess with me, watch out. It would take too long to get in all the reasons my parents are the best, but trust me on this one. However, ready to hate me? I also got gained the most easy-to-get along with, welcoming in-laws probably anyone has ever had.

When I'm not blogging I like to plan trips (and go on them), eat out at restaurants, spend time with my family and friends, read, write, attempt to cook and do yoga (not at the same time). Also, Eric and I have been known to find touristy things to do, even if it's at a place 10 minutes from home.

If you happen to stumble across my blog, please leave me a note. I love to learn who my readers are, especially if they have blogs I can become addicted to...


  1. aw this post makes me happy!!

  2. YAY i love hearing people's stories :)

  3. Thanks for sharing more information with us and allowing us into your life. I love reading your blog every day and feel fortunate to "know" someone with such an incredible spirit.

  4. Cool story! I love finding out about people (I'm nosy that way). It sounds like you found the perfect match for you... it is so important to enjoy the same things and to share adventures together.

    I enjoyed looking at your pictures and seeing how much different you look now that you are practicing healthier habits.

    I also find myself telling my husband and family about my running blogger friends. :)

  5. what a fantastic "about me" section! i love being able to learn more about one of my favorite 2010 brides! i hope you feel better soon!!!

  6. love this post! My boyfriend's name is Eric and I think I will be a Kindergarten teacher too :) I am doing my preschool student teaching right now...LOVE IT!!!

  7. Great post Kelly! I love learning new things about bloggers, especially ones I have been following for a while. Firs,t I had no idea you had your master's degree, that's not required is it? I know it's supposed to be required soon, but I didn't think it was yet.
    Second, I didn't know you could get nauseated from IBS. I don't have that problem, and I'm glad. I just get the bloat and stomach upset, which is no fun. I agree with you that it's not like an allergy, and it's nice that we can still have little bits of certain foods (like wheat, if I eat a ton it hurts, but a small piece of light bread or a small bowl of cereal is usually ok).

    I love the picture of you and Eric. I haven't seen that one and it's great!

  8. Nice about me section! You sound perfectly coherent too which is impressive considering your current state! I hope that you get better soon! Take care of yourself :)

  9. Great about me section - it reminds me that I need to do mine, lol :o)

  10. Ooooh boo. I just wrote you a long comment and it didn't go through!! Basically I said I'm glad you came to my blog, so that I found your blog!!
    Great story!!! I have IBS too (and a dairy allergy) and I also work with kids (older ones though!!)
    Anyways great post!!
    Take care,

  11. I enjoyed reading this! I hope you are well soon. I kind of thought Eric might be a Red Sox player, glad to find out he is a M.S Phys. Ed. teacher.
    Have a great week! I do hope you get well soon!

  12. what a great story! so glad you shared it.

  13. I absolutely love this story and loved getting to you know.

    I, too, am obsessed with Kenny Chesney and his songs. I remember when I first saw your name on some one else's blog I just HAD to check it out! I am so glad I did!

  14. Just found your blog, it's great! I am a red sox girl too :-)

  15. seriously just love your story!

    my family is a big yankees fan (sorry!) but im not that into sports hehe so no worries on that :D

    thanks for sharing!
    -Bella Lena

  16. Hey Kelly!! Thanks for the comment on my blog!! I really enjoyed reading your story. Can't wait to read about your wedding!!

  17. I'm getting married in 2010 too. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  18. Hey! Congrats on your achievements so far, and how exciting about upcoming wedding! And I love that Kenny Chesney song :)

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog. I really love your story and outlook on food and healthy living.

    Teaching kindergarten should help keep you in shape, chasing around after those kiddies. I occasionally taught kindies during my year of teaching and it was exhausting but fun!

  20. You posted on 'The Great Balancing Act' and I stalked you, I mean followed you over here. Another blog to add to my growing list of health-related ones! I'm enjoying reading your entries.

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your support for my half! I love finding other Sox fans in the blogosphere (your sister too!).
    Good luck with wedding planning, can't wait to read more of your blog!

  22. Just found your blog! Love it and can't wait to keep reading! :)

  23. Just found your blog from 20sb I hope you check out mine too...

  24. hahaha, I guess I should have read your ABOUT ME part before asking you the question about Chesney. Love it!! That song brings me back to a very special time in my life.

    Great story.

  25. aw what a nice story! I happened to stumble across your blog via Travel Eat Love Friday Foodie Feature. I love you last comment about finding tousisty things to do close by. I agree there is nothing better than learning about where YOU live!

  26. Hi Kelly! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding -- how exciting! Are you going to Hawaii on your honeymoon? Where in Hawaii? We went to Maui and the Big Island, and we're going back to Kauai in August -- it's just the most magical place ever. Have an amazing time. I'm excited to have found your blog! I'm a nursery school teacher, so I'm sure there's a lot I will learn from you! Consider yourself blogrolled. :)

  27. Hi Kelly...had a moment to read your blog....we are counting down the days to the wedding..3 to go.....we are in the room next to yours so look out for some surprises.....this is sure to be a night to remember..I am so happy for you and can tell this is the once in a lifetime butterflies in your stomach kinda marriage..I will be crying along with your parents..How sweet it is!!!!!!!Love you guys and can't wait for Saturday!!! See you Friday at the Hotel...let me know if you need anything and I'll get it...better be early though before the champagne starts flowing..hee last word is PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Laurie,Zach and Courtney and Nana (nannie)PS are you bringing snuggles????Or Eric is your snuggles now????

  28. Hi Kelly, nice to meet you :) I only just came across your blog but I'm looking forward to reading more posts in the future!

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  30. Just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I also "suffer" from IBS! When I first had it, I too lost a lot of weight and didn't know what was wrong with me! Now I'm really good about watching what I eat and am living a healthy life style. I need more motivation to work out though! Help!!

  31. oh my gosh, just found your blog- and i wish google connect was working so I could follow!!

    I too look horrid in hats, but when summer comes around (aka april through october) you can find me in a red sox cap! My hubby is an avid sox fan and wears a cap whenever he is not at work, our dog is even named after a sox- Remy. Red Sox were even mentioned in our wedding vows last year.. yeah we're that cool!

  32. I found you a few weeks ago and have been poking around a bit today because well, it's Friday and a long weekend and I don't want to do more work! (How's that for a run on sentence?)

    I'm a blogger, baker, crafter, swim instructor and lover of all things Boston even though I'm from NY. I dabble in running and recently (a week and a half ago or so) got back into it.

    Pleased to meet you!

  33. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog about blogging. I can really get in my own head about it sometimes, and it sounds like you can relate. :) Fun to read your bio and learn more about you. Cute site!

  34. LOVE the blog name!

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