Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Pumpkins and Football

It seems I am really into fall this year, more so than usual. Yesterday I visited two farms (both within walking distance from my house and shockingly, no, I do not like in Western MA haha). The first farm I visited was with a friend and her family. It was the same farm I visited the other day, but it was a bit different this time since she has two little girls. I didn't know about the animals you can see there, or that there is a whole other section of the farm where you can get free tastes of fresh apple cider, yum! Also it was the weekend so there were a lot more free samples out and they were making *fresh* caramel apples, so I was able to get one this time. I picked one up for my bro too, since he was home from college this weekend.

The second farm I went to was with Eric since we were on a mission to buy some pumpkins. I have to say, I have never actually bought a pumpkin for myself (at least not that I remember) and I was a bit surprised about how expensive they are. But then again, what is fall without a few pumpkins? Eric decided to carve his...

Pretty good huh? I don't have the patience or skill for carving so I got a smaller one that will just hang out with Eric's :)

Today I went to watch one of Eric's football games. My miserable sports weekend continued because they lost on a really terrible ref mistake. Basically, the ref blew the whistle to say dead ball when it wasn't really dead (he admitted it), most of the kids still continued to run and Eric's team got a touchdown but since the whistle was blown (even though it was wrong) it still didn't count. This was with about 1 minute left in the game so there was nothing really that could be done after that. Very annoying. Luckily today was the JV game (Eric coaches BOTH JV and Varsity) and the Varsity team is still undefeated and kicking the bums of everyone who comes their way. Plus, it was a really exciting game to watch even if it did not end well. Eric coaching:

It was a bit chilly out but once the sun came to our side, it was actually really nice fall weather. If it never dropped below today's temperature I would really be a happy person. Cold enough to wear some winter scarves, but no need to lock ourselves inside all winter long.

One thing I really like about Eric's coaching is that he is nice to the kids. May sound obvious, but I think we can all speak about coaches that just yell and yell. This is a pet peeve of mine. I'm not against yelling at kids in general, at times they deserve it (within reason) but I really don't think that ever when playing a sport does a kid purposely mess up. Most likely after they have ruined something for the whole team, the last thing they need is some coach reminding them just how much they messed up, they know already! This also goes for the parents who watch the games to later yell at their kids about stuff. Or worse yet, during the game. When I used to figure skate there was a crazy mom who used to yell at her daughter from the bench when she didn't land jumps etc. Clearly the girl was not TRYING to fall, but sometimes it is just not your day!

Are you the type of person who does better with someone harsh pushing you to do your best? Or are you hard enough on yourself and prefer someone supportive to push you?

Hopefully I'll be back later tonight with a restaurant review. Eric is home for dinner tonight because of our day off so we are going to celebrate- hopefully somewhere cheap though since this is dinner #2 out of the weekend :)

PS. In my post from yesterday that disappeared into blogland I was not at ALL implying I wanted to purposely give parents of my kids my blog, more just concerned about how to further promote my blog while avoiding them getting it...haha.

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  1. I had fresh hot apple cider this weekend and ever since I finshed my cup, I have been craving more. I LOVE apple cider! Mmm!

  2. i hate bad refs! they costs my seahawks the superbowl a couple years back. still fresh in my

  3. Thats so cute the he coaches football! Glad he's a nice coach. I played boys competitive hockey (since there was no girls team) from age 6-15 and one year when I was in grade 4 we had a coach that would swear at us during practise if we were goofing off. We were like 9 years old so of course we were goofing off!

  4. My brother plays soccer and literally hates his coach. He says he is really mean to him and it makes me sad :( good for Eric for not being mean! You're right, it does sound obvious but many coaches just aren't nice.

    Love the pumpkin. I am making Nick carve on with my this year, as they only time we've done it is the first year we were together. That's gonna change real soon! I think the reason I've been getting more into fall is because I have this I have to do fun fall things!

  5. Glad to hear Eric is a "nice" coach. We need more of those. :)

    I think I am the type of person that really pushes myself, but likes the support from others.

  6. I dated a guy who coached high school crew for a few years and there was NOTHING like watching him interact with his boys. So adorable!

  7. fall and pumpkin carving .. 'tis the season! Eric has got some legit skills!

  8. Love the pumpkin carving!! YOu did an awesome job. I haven't done that for years, but might see if the new guy wants to this fall! I suck though - it looks like a 1st grader did it! ;)

  9. I definitely don't respond well to be yelled at by a coach, I respond much better to constructive criticism. I think that's why, as much as I love the 30-day shred workout, Jillian drives me CRAZY. I always have to mute her when I do that DVD or else I feel like throwing my weights through the TV! Haha

  10. I'm also super into fall this year! i'm close to being on pumpkin overload... I had a pumpkin spice latte while making pumpkin pie today and had some for dinner lol!

  11. I totally agree about the parents. So sad. When I was playing softball (competitively) our head coach was a retired Army drill sargeant. He never yelled at us like that, but it was a very silent kind of discipline. I loved it actually.

    Cool pumpkin. I don't have the patience (or the skills for that matter) to do something that good :)

  12. Cool pumpkins! Eric sounds like a great coach :)