Sunday, October 18, 2009

Timna's Wedding!

Last night was Timna's wedding and it went beautifully. I told Eric that since my uncles wedding when I was 13 I have not yet been to a wedding where I knew the bride without the groom (or even the groom without the bride). This was my first one! I remember very clearly when Timna met Matt. I have this image of seeing her on Columbus Day and her telling me about her new boyfriend Matt. Apparently that was SEVEN years ago! Time flies, huh? This was Eric and my first Jewish ceremony and it was SO much fun. There was a small glitch, only in that I did not understand that Eric was supposed to actually wear a yamaka. In my defense, in the Catholic religion if you haven't received your first communion, you are not supposed to go up and get communion, so I thought it was like that. Oops. I'll be ready for Sarah's wedding, I swear! Anyway, I got a pretty good picture of Timna walking down the aisle with her parents. I love when people walk with both parents...I know crazy feminist again.
Look how beautiful this is! I was in the very back row and I still got this awesome picture, yay for great lighting! The ceremony was really fun. There was a lot of talking in Hebrew, but Timna speaks Hebrew at home with her family so it was just kind of like being in their house. I told Eric I would always laugh when Timna would ask her mom to hang out with me because it would be like blah blah blah Kelly blah blah blah to me haha. I had a friend who spoke Spanish at home, and when she talked to her mom I got a word here and there- definitely not with Hebrew! Timna's dad made a joke during his speech because Timna's now husband just learned Hebrew and he said "now we don't have a secret language we can talk about him in" haha.
For some reason my camera really does not enjoy when people are moving too close to me, so this one is a little blurry but you can still tell how happy they are right?
After the ceremony, we had a cocktail hour with the most amazing sweet potato fries I have ever tasted. Unfortunately I did not get a picture, but it wouldn't have done them justice anyways. I did, however, get a sweet picture of Timna and Matt up on the chairs!

Then, just as we are all back at our table starting to eat our salads etc. Matt comes up to the microphone wearing only a T shirt. I can see Eric is already plotting in his mind that if Matt is wearing a T shirt 10 minutes into the reception, he can too! All of a sudden, a hip hop song breaks out and Timna comes out and they start doing a dance together. This was NOT their first dance, but it was way cooler than their first dance haha. They were totally in sync and awesome at it. Timna has been dancing since she was walking, but I was impressed that Matt picked up some good moves haha. This is a picture of them doing the dance below- and yes, Timna was out of her wedding dress at this point but she did change BACK into it (and yes, this would be a terrible decision with most wedding dresses, but Timna in true Timna fashion had a low maintenance dress).

The food was delicious too. I always have trouble eating at weddings since I can't eat steak, but at this wedding we got a choice between steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian. I got the fish:

Eric rocked the pink tie that I love haha...

And I got one picture of me and the bride...
I also got one of their cake cutting, even though I don't think anyone but me and the photographers were paying attention to it happening.
Okay SO...before I end this wedding recap, I must tell you a very funny story about the wedding last night. It's a bit long but trust me that it really is an example of how small our world is, and how little things in life can make big impacts...

Let’s see if I can tell this story properly. It all begins senior year of high school when I am going out with this guy named David (hi again- you are getting more air time on this blog than the average person right now haha). He has a friend from middle school who lives about 20-30 minutes away. One night he tells me that he wants us to go up and hang out with this guy and his girlfriend. So we do. He and his girlfriend are great and all is well. Fast forward a few months, we end up going to their prom with them just for fun. I pretend to be the guy’s (Matt’s- not to be confused with the groom, also named Matt) date, David pretends to be the girl’s date so we can get in.

Fast forward AGAIN, I end up going to college with the girlfriend and we become friends. Not just like oh see each other occasionally friends- really good friends and we live in the same suite for the next 3 years. In fact, Gerry and I each brought our individual friends together into one suite and we all became great friends. We joke that only useful thing about high school boyfriends is that they brought us together (j/k guys J). Oh and other weird coincidence, I was out for Gerry’s 21st birthday when I met Eric. SO…if I never knew Gerry, I’d never know Eric…

Fast forward AGAIN (this time 5 or 6 years) and it turns out Gerry’s high school boyfriend is NOW (well I shouldn’t say now…it’s been almost 2 years haha) dating a girl who went to my high school, who happens to also be great friends with Timna and SO…Matt is at the wedding last night! YAY. Good story huh? Oh… and I almost wore my dress from Matt’s original high school prom last night to the wedding but I could not find it anywhere! That would’ve been funny though. Here we are...

I really enjoy how in life, one night out with some random people can shape your college friends, and one snow storm (the night we were SUPPOSED to go out for Gerry's 21st birthday) can lead to your future husband...and all sorts of crazyness. It makes you feel like no matter what happens in your life, it's all for a reason and everything is going to work out exactly the way it is supposed to. It definitely did for this bride and groom. I love you guys :)


  1. Aww, what a cute story! It's SO true though, it's such a small world and so random how SEEMINGLIY random moments/days can shape your whole life!

    PS: LOVE the little black dress you're wearing, you look hot!!!

  2. I need to correct you...I am NOT a Yankees fan. I am a Mets fan!

  3. Your friend looks so happy and I loved her cake, neat design! Thanks for the well-wishes...I'm feeling better already!
    Have a fun week at school, stay well!

  4. I went to my first, and only Jewish wedding ceremony out in New Jersey about 5 years ago and thought it was the most fun wedding I had ever been too. It was so different, but very exciting. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. Beautiful wedding! That cake looked great too!

    It is crazy how fast time goes by...

  6. such a nice wedding! I am jewish and I can understsand if you are not Jewish all the customs may look a little confusing so I am glad you got to experience a jewish wedding!!

    That story was so cute!! and your dress was so pretty!

  7. What a beautiful wedding! I'm glad you got a photo of the cake cutting. That is a special moment, I think, that should not have been missed.

  8. Lovely wedding. Everyone looks like they enjoyed themselves.

    Love your dress :)

  9. Wow, small world. Very Six Degrees of Separation!

    Like Eric's pink tie w/ the blue shirt. Getting ideas for how to dress my poor boyfriend.

  10. Beautiful wedding! They look SO HAPPY! :)

  11. HAH! I love when people lead you to other people who lead you to other people who impact your life in such a big way. Amazing story, and I actually did not know the full extent to our double prom-switch. Who would've thought such a crazy decision would have led to such awesomeness?? :)

    Great pics of Matt and Timna also.. they're a perfect couple. So happy they're so happy!