Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthdays and Fall Arrivals

The weather in Boston has been GROSS this weekend and it has matched how I feel exactly- sore throat, exhausted and other fun things that go with either fighting a sickness (what I tell myself I am doing) or actually being sick (probably what I am). I did take an hour and a half nap yesterday afternoon so I'd be somewhat alive for Ronnie's B-day Party last night. Ronnie is my friend Tiff's fiance and he turned 30, wooo!

A little background on Ronnie/Tiff because I think its a fun story. I have been friends with Tiff since 7th grade. Back in 7th/8th grade, Tiff and I basically lived at our other friend Lisa's house. Here we are at Tiff's bridal shower a few weeks ago:

Our friend Lisa (right) also has three older brothers who also always had friends over. I was a pretty shy(ish) 7th grader, so I wouldn't say I really talked to the brother's friends all that often but I did remember one of them in particular because he was Lisa's brother's best friend at the time, he had a memorable name and red hair (always memorable) and that was Ronnie. Flash forward about nine years later and I am talking to Tiff on the phone. She tells me she is dating one of Lisa's brother's friends and asks, "do you remember Ronnie?" OF COURSE I remember Ronnie! Flash forward 3 more years and they are engaged, 4 more years and it's 40 days from their wedding. Crazy, huh? This guy we used to "hang out with" (as in, in the same room) is now Tiff's fiance. Since they were four years older than us, we didn't see them much when we were in high school/college because they were in college and then we were, but once we were all out of college- this is where they ended up.

Also important to note that Ronnie is by far the best guy Tiff has ever dated. Although, thats probably not giving him enough credit since some of those guys were absolutely terrible. But really, they are great for each other...truly! Here is the cake that Tiff made Ronnie:

And me, Tiff and Bruschi:

And Eric with the dog form of himself haha

Bruschi was so cute...I just could not stop taking pictures of him haha

And last one, Ronnie's birthday cake...

On a different note, this morning I noticed some arrivals in my front yard. #1- the official sign of fall, a beautiful tree with a bunch of leaves around it (I suppose at some point I am going to have to do something about those leaves, ugh!).

And #2 my new "high density" foam roller:

I tried it out really quickly and all I can say is...oww! I promise to do a full review once I use it a few times :) I have to go get ready to take my sister and 2 cousins into Boston for the final measurements for bridesmaid dresses. After today all my girls will be measured and we'll be ready to place our order. Whoa hoo!


  1. Did you show us how to use the foam roller already?

    Great story about your friends - hope they are very happy!

  2. So glad you are able to get your dresses ordered so far in advance! Hope you start to feel better too. The weather here was crappy as well until today.

    The seeds are crunchy and they're way sweeter than the juice. The juice is super tart and the seeds aren't as much so. Plus half the fun of eating the seeds is squeezing them out from the flesh, lol. They're great on yogurt and on salads. Of course you could mash them through a sieve to get the juice to use however you want (in vinaigrettes is a good way).

  3. The birthday party looks like so much fun! I am so excited fall is here!

  4. The fall quite hit down here in Lousiana, but I'm so ready!

  5. Looks like fun - how random that she is marrying someone that all of you have known for so long! Very cool.

    Looking forward to hearing about the foam roller. I probably should get one and learn how to use it!

  6. OH I love it when I see trees with colorful leaves on them! That's one my favorite parts about fall, just the simple fact that it's beautiful. Sorry the weather in Boston hasn't been so nice, you must be getting what we JUST got rid of!

    Loved the story about your friend and her fiance. I love good love stories..haha. And that cake looks amazing! M&Ms are a great way to decorate.

  7. what a cute pup!! i love oversized dogs. (i'm just usually allergic) :(

    looks like a fun weekend and hope you are feeling better!

  8. Ah, the foam roller. I have a love/hate relationship with mine...

  9. Thank you very much for your thoughtful and kind comment on Jennys blog i greatly appreciate you checking out my blog!! P.S. i think it is awesome that we both live in MA (go SOX) and you are going to develop quite the loving relationship with that foam roller!!!

  10. That cake is cute, but seriously, that dog is AWESOME! How could you not just want to hug him and pet him all day!?!?

    I really need to use my foam roller more. You might have just motivated me to use it tonight... maybe. No promises! LOL!

  11. Looks like fun! Love the dog... so cute!

    Foam rollers are da bomb! :)