Sunday, October 11, 2009

Restaurant Review: Tango

Eric and I went back and forth about where we wanted to go to dinner last night. I had my heart set on trying something totally different: Ethopian food at Addis Red Sea in the South End. Upon further study of the reviews I realized that they weren't very good and one of them said the service is really slow and that a meal takes 3-4 hours. I am not one to sit forever and wait for a meal so we decided to look elsewhere. If anyone has ever been to Addis Red Sea and has an opinion, let me know because I wouldn't be against trying it another time.

We decided to go for some good suburban food in Arlington at a place called Tango. It serves Argentinian food, which I can't say I've ever had before so it still fit the quota for the night. They take reservations but we didn't have one and we had no problem getting a table at 6. It did get busier by the time we left. The decor of the restaurant was nice. I have no idea what things look like in Argentina though so I can't tell you how authentic it is...

Within a few minutes we had bread on our table and more than enough chimichurri sauce for dipping:

Personally I love a good Bertucci's olive oil but it was good to have something different. Eric ordered some Sangria and I said I would try his, but I think the waitress thought I said I wanted one for myself so we both ended up with Sangria. It was not my favorite Sangria ever but they definitely did not skimp on the alcohol in it.

Eric ordered the Empanada de Carne which included ground beef, onion, eggs, raisins and spices. He said he could've eaten 10 of them, so I guess they were good.

For our main meals, I got Pechuga Pollo al Limon which means, grilled chicken with lemon sauce. For my sides I got rice and a sweet potato squash puree.

The sauce was not at all what I expected, but it wasn't bad. It had really good flavor, I just am not much of a sauce person so I scraped a lot of it off. The chicken and the rice were both really good but the sweet potato squash puree was my favorite. I'm sure it was loaded with butter but it was so delicious.

Eric ordered steak, which is the speciality of the restaurant. You can tell this because it makes up a lot of the menu and they basically tell you when you sit down that they specialize in the steak. Eric was going to order the Milanesa de Bife which was a breaded and lightly fried piece of steak. However, the waitress convinced him to order Entrada which was grilled skirt steak with the chimichurri sauce. I am not sure why she wanted him to switch his order, but I found that a little annoying. I don't think Eric cared much but unless there is a seriously good reason and/or someone asks your opinion, I think the waitress should stay out of it.

Despite the change of order, Eric said his was really good too. We did not get dessert. All together our meal came to about $70 including tip. This is pretty expensive for us, but we did both get drinks and meat. A lot of times when we eat out I don't necessarily order a meal with meat or a drink so it usually comes to less. If I ever came back I would skip the drinks (which I tried to do, but anyways...) and eat for less.


The PROS- convenient, easy to park, delicious food, unique menu
The CONS- a little expensive (for me), waitress should not change someone's order in my opinion :)

I'm off to watch some of the Sox game, and buy some pumpkins with Eric. Later today I'll be seeing my favorite siblings who are both home from college for the weekend. It's weird to be the only old person in family...haha


  1. I think you should come to NY and do a NY restaurant review
    (cristina's ploy to get kelly and eric to come and visit her)

  2. I live right near Addis Red Sea. My boyfriend has been wanting to eat there. I'm not too sure I'm brave enough to try Ethiopian food. Let me know if you try it, or if you hear more reviews!


  3. I've been to Addis twice. The first time they brought us the wrong food, then when they brought us the right plates, my order was still wrong. The second time we went, we waited 45 minutes for our dinner. My bf refuses to go back there.

    Enjoy your time with your family. Go Sox!

  4. That sweet potato puree does look really good! Hope you have a great sunday :)

  5. I think my friend (who used to live in Boston) went to this restaurant... but I can't remember what she thought of it!

  6. unique menu is right -- I don't know if I could pronounce any of that stuff! But it all looks great nonetheless :)

  7. I wished I lived somewhere where there weren't so many chain restaurants!

  8. The chicken looks good - I like sauce on chicken, because otherwise I tend to find it too dry/ bland.

    I am like teacher woman, and wish that there were more non - chain restaurants in my city. I have been to every non - chain restaurant in my entire city with the exception of a few Chinese places, because we have a lot of those!

  9. Well the most important thing is that the food tastes good, so at least you could attest to that! Seventy dollars is pretty hefty. Isn't it crazy how easily those bills add up?? too bad she thought you said you wanted a sangria too, as I'm sure that was probably 10 dollars, guessing by the size of it! Either way, glad you enjoyed your first Argentina food experience!

  10. ohhhh that place looks good! despite the minor annoyances.. i think the only time i would "change" the minds of a customer is when the dish they wanted truly, sucked. im pretty easy to please when it comes to food, so if i didnt like something, it said a lot.
    or one of my favorite customers would order the same thing every time he came in and only once in three years did i get him to try something else.. and boy i TRIED to get him to try other things!!!!

    i went to an Argentinian place in Miami- it was lovely, and the food was great. plus because we stopped by earlier in the day and chatted up the owner before the place opened, when we got back that night- he greeted us at the door and there was a table waiting for us.. WOW!!! lol one of the best dining experiences ever!

  11. I LOVE empanadas. They are pretty easy to make too (assuming you can find the shells). My favorite recipe involves pumpkin (obviously), corn, onions, and tons of spices. Ridiculously good.

  12. Oh my gosh!! I know the owners of Tango!!
    My old boyfriend and his sister grew up with, and are atill very close to, their daughter! I've eaten there before years ago. They kept bringing us food because they knew us and I left so super stuffed, but it was so worth it!