Thursday, October 8, 2009

Festively Fall

I'm still feeling a little blah so I didn't want to go back to my serious work out routine this afternoon. I decided to go for a walk to a nearby farm to get a caramel apple, my REAL favorite fall treat. It was so nice to be outside and get some Vitamin D and it actually wasn't a terrible work out since the whole way back is uphill. I seriously love fall, if it didn't lead to winter it might be my favorite season. It was a bit chilly out but I was bundled up appropriately.

I wore my awesome new pink fleece that my mom got me. I know, pumpkin ice cream and a pink fleece? Obviously my mom rocks.

The walk was gorgeous, look at the view down into the farm.

The farm itself was in full Fall/Halloween spirit.

Unfortunately, they did not have any caramel apples because apparently some school group came in and bought ALL of them (what school is this and why do I not work there?). But I did get some baby carrots and zucchini both grown less than a mile from my house. Talk about eating locally, right? I figure the lack of caramel apples just means I need to walk there again this weekend!

By the time I got up the crazy hill, the pink fleece was off and I was back to the Red Sox shirt. I wore that shirt to work today and I got some weird looks. Hello, the playoffs start tonight people- don't you all live in Boston? Luckily the aide in the classroom next door was also rockin the Youk shirt. This only lead people to ask us if it was "Red Sox Day" in Kindergarten, but whatever haha. If only the game was not on way past my bedtime because it's on the west coast. I don't see why the west coast people can't just get out of work really early so we can all watch it at a reasonable hour, is that really too much to ask? (also I hate that my kiddos can't watch it- they watch all summer and then when it counts it's on too late, sad).

For dinner tonight I added to my usual tuna sandwich made with tuna and greek yogurt. I added the zucchini and some baby carrots from the farm. Delicious.

I must be going quick. I have some big plans tonight (well, for a Thursday night) that are sure to make for some funny pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned :)


  1. bummer about the caramel apples, but at leasty you got out and took a walk :)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Carmel apples, fall and visiting the farms.. FUn times. The pictures are cute and so is that fleece. Have a good night

  3. I'm SO jealous of you, I would LOVE to have a farm like that within a mile of where I live! Very cool!! That sucks they were out of caramel apples, though. That's my favourite fall treat as well!

  4. Great sandwich creation. I'm sad you did not get a caramel apple, but at the same time I had forgotten about them and now I want one! Also, I'm glad to hear the kids are getting some fruit, even if it's slathered with sugar, and it wasn't your school :(

    Is that a Miami shirt you have on?? It looks like it!

  5. LOVE the shirt, fellow red sox lovahhh

    it was quite a beautiful day today! perfect fall day for a walk!! haha these west coast people should KNOW to change the time of the game, geeshhh! :)

    the farm looks awesome !I love this time of year!!

  6. I'm so jealous that you have a farm that close to you! I actually driving up north with a friend this weekend just so we can go apple picking! You east coasters don't know how good you have it!

  7. That is so cool that you bought some produce locally! Very cool.

    And boo on them not having any caramel apples for you!!

  8. Oh, caramel apples... Boy do those sound good! Maybe I'll make some homemade ones :) Or there's this adorable shop downtown that sells tons of different kinds of candy apples!

  9. Great pics! I love fall festive stuff :) And I think you should DEFINITELY go there again to get those caramel apples!

  10. Instead of carmel apples you got carrots and zuchini. what? That does not sound like a fair trade.

    I'm rooting for the Angels this time around. Sorry. I'm just over the East Coast. But really I don't care that much...I just want to see the Yankees go home crying.

  11. no caramel apples?! that's immoral! Didn't catch the Sox game last night but my dad was going CRAZY! who ended up winning? I'm so out of the baseball loop