Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Happy Hump Day! The week is crazy, I feel like my "to do" list is 10,000 miles long. So tonight I need some help:

I am going to write a guest post for Meghan on travel and I want your suggestion about where I should pick to write about. I am definitely going to go international, because it's fun and I haven't been too many exciting national places. So here are your choices:

Greece (Athens and Santorini)

Italy (Rome and Venice)




Scotland (all around)

Ireland (all around)

Australia (all around)- and yup, below is the only time you'll ever see this Boston girl in a tank top with an iced coffee...with a Christmas tree in the background!

New Zealand (Auckland, Dunedin, Doubtful Sound)

Please leave a comment listing which place you would *MOST* want to hear about?

Also, all this thinking about trips is giving me the Travel Itch. Anyone have any ideas of somewhere relatively warm and relatively cheap Eric and I can go April vacation? It's going to have to be in the US and cheap flights from Boston. I'd suggest Canada since all your Canadian readers are making me want to explore Canada, but lets be honest- there is nothing relatively warm about Canada in February haha.

So your jobs are #1 tell me where you want to hear about, #2 tell me good cheap trip ideas with lots of tourist stuff to do. I'm so demanding tonight :)


  1. Um, all of the above? Wow, you have gone on some amazing trips.

    My vote is for NZ. I went there when I studied abroad in Australia and loved it so I'd love to hear about it from your perspective!!

  2. My vote is the same as Lisa's. I am SO jealous of all your travels! I don't travel enough to have any cheap tourist ideas, I'm not a great vacation tipper because I don't go anywhere! I want to travel more before I have children, for sure.

  3. I should say london seen as though I am from England. Most tourists to London have seen more of it than I have, lol. I would love to hear your perspective on Oz too and New Zealand.

    Very jealous of your travels and it is making me want to travel!

  4. I vote for London. It's the next international city that I'd love to visit. You've been to SO many places, I'm REALLY jealous. Lucky lady!

    As far as US cities, I don't know what I'd suggest...It's not cheap but I think I'll say San Francisco. It's my favorite city on this continent! :) Love it!

  5. Casting my vote for Greece (Athens and Santorini)

    I was in London and Paris over the summer...but I've never even considered going to Greece!

  6. Wow, you've been SO many fabulous places! I'm totally jealous!

    I vote for SCOTLAND!! I would love to hear more about it and can't wait to visit there one day!!

  7. You've been to so many cool places- I'm super jealous! I would love hear about Greece, because I'm obsessed with going there...but any of your travels would be fun to hear about. I've already been to Scotland, Paris, and Barcelona, so it WOULD be cool to hear about your travels and compare them with what I remember of mine!

  8. Italy - fo sho!

    And my cheap vacation? The Florida Keys

  9. Barcelona, but that's only b/c I want to go there!

    And I hope you can do the race next year too. I'd love to have someone to run with!

  10. I'd love to hear about either Scotland or New Zealand - both places I want to go to but have never been to ;)

    ps: how's that book Traveling with Pomegranates?? I love the cover!

  11. I agree with Kristi! Italy is a must :) And, I'm Kathy-just started up a blog and following yours :)

  12. I tried to post from work, and it blocked your site due to objectionable content. . . hmmm. I would say anywhere but Ireland since we go there twice a year and my blog might already be a bit over the top on that. I personally never get sick of it though :) Go to Iceland for vacation! Cheap flights, I have a GREAT place for you to stay, and it was warmer than Boston. Plus its got such an amazing outdoors, food, and spa culture!

  13. All I know is that I am way jealous of you! All your pictures look great.

  14. Agh! So many fun choices! Greece, Barcelona or Australia...or New Zealand!

    Um, you can come to DC in April! It'll be Cherry Blossom time, there's history, politics, good food, a 10 mile race ;p, and I'm pretty sure it's a cheap trip - shuttle, train or bolt bus!

  15. Wow! I am jealous of all the amazing places you've seen. I'd love to hear more about any of them!

  16. honestly.. I don't think you can go wrong! But I'd love to see a post about Greece :) I want to go there so badly!