Friday, October 9, 2009

Lost: 3 Times!

In the past 24 hours I have gotten lost 3 times, all going places I have been before, all places being within 10 miles of my house.

The first "getting lost" incident was last night. Eric definitely laughed at me when I called him in a panic that I couldn't find the hotel we were going to. We have eaten breakfast there a bunch of times and I've been going there with my family for breakfast since I was really young. I wasn't really LOST per se, but I took a wrong turn and got confused trying to avoid traffic. Anyway, found my way to the hotel eventually.

Last night Eric and I were at a special charity event that his brother and good friend were participating in. Basically, the premise is- regular guys and girls, learn to dance with professional dancers and then put on a show for all of us. The MC was Billy Costa- he's pretty "famous" in Boston for his morning radio show and weekend TV diner show.

Unfortunately my pictures came out kind of crappy- but you'll get the general idea. Basically there were a few different dances and each contestant would dance each dance and then the judges would choose finalists, those finalists dance again and then they get scores. Here is Eric's friend Andy dancing...

And Eric's bro...

He is a pretty serious dancer haha...AND he made it to the semi finals! Obviously we thought he was best, but the winner was also one of his friends so that's okay. It was fun to watch and really amazing that they all learned to dance that well so quickly. I am so terrible at learning routines, beat etc it would take me years to even look like I had any clue what I was doing! I even avoid step classes because I can't keep up with the routine. Eric was very serious during all pictures I took of us :oP

The second time I got lost was early this morning after eating breakfast with some work friends. All we had to do was drive across town to get to the high school where our professional development was being held. This is now a town I'm unfamiliar with and yet- we were SO late. I blame it on the detours that were ALL over the place (and didn't tell you where to go at all, in fact one was so bad that it had an arrow pointing to the right and then when we went right, it said detour left...WHAT!?). Still it was pretty sad when two of the earliest people to work every morning were the latest today.

The professional development was pretty terrible. Let's just say there was discussion of me taking over the presenters computer and writing in my blog while it was being shown up in the front of the room. I would not have hesitated to write "I am sitting through a terrible presentation that is a huge waste of time..." Oh, and it would not have been that weird for me to take over the presenters computer because I was assigned the task of "clicker" (as in, I had to click when the lady was ready for the next slide on the powerpoint) by my fantastic "friends" who obviously did not get the concept that I wanted to TUNE OUT and not pay attention to when she wanted to move the damn slide. Let's just say that they had to yell at me several times, "click! CLICK IT! KELLLLYYYY HELLO". Stupid district- get the damn presenters remote control clickers. But don't worry- I fully plan to see if I can get the rest of my kindergarten team to be Vanna White's next time my principal wants to talk MCAS scores...

The THIRD time I got lost today was when Katie and I decided to meet for dinner and shopping. I found this great website where you can type in where two friends live and then it will find restaurants, entertainment etc in the middle of your two places :) Check it out! Katie and I don't live THAT far apart, but on Friday afternoon everywhere is far apart so I thought meeting in the middle would work well. This lead us to meet at a mall and go to Cheesecake Factory. I got Penne Tomato Basil- a special with pasta and chicken covered in olive oil, tomatoes and basil...yum.

After dinner I tried to find a formal dress for Timna's wedding next weekend I found a definite possibility, but I am going to search more this weekend and possibly make some returns if I find something I like more. Katie did not really need any clothes or shoes so she decided to find her own entertainment...

Dirty novels. Haha just kidding of course. So anyway, I didn't *really* get lost on the way TO the mall. I thought I was going to because my Garmin ran out of batteries and we could not find our cord. But I managed to figure it out. On the way home I wanted to go a different way that I thought would be faster and since I bought a new cord for my Garmin I thought I'd be all set. However, the Garmin decided not to work until I was almost home so I had to go with my own sense of direction. Let's just say my sense of direction was not right on par. I don't think at any point I was going in the opposite direction of home per se. But I definitely had no idea where I was. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll have a bit more direction in my life....

One final thought, yesterday I got a fantastic package from Meghan because I won her "Get Well, Stay Well" giveaway.

So excited to try all of these things. Okay, let's not lie I have obviously devoured those peanut butter filled pretzels before. Thank God they are not the chocolate ones because I probably would've eaten them all and then seriously regretted it already. I have never heard of the Emergen C stuff, but I have very excited to try it since I've had a cough now for almost a week. I think we all know how much I love tea and chocolate already so I don't have to speak to that. Thanks Meghan!

If anyone is still reading this post (it seems longer and more pointless than usual) I hope you are out of work and ready to enjoy a 3 day weekend (wait, do they celebrate Columbus Day outside of New England?). Well, even if not - it's the weekend no matter what! Don't get lost!


  1. Breakfast before professional development sounds like fun, so sorry you got lost!
    Good luck finding a dress! Hope you K kiddos are doing well.

  2. I once got lost on my way to a board meeting I had to be at. I had been there three times, no joke, but I was lost. I had to call Nick to help me, and he steered me in the right direction. And of course, he made fun of me. I need a Garmin!

    Eric's brother looks like one fit and good looking man! He's a professional dancer?! He must have some killer abs.

  3. Ahh..getting lost really stinks. And the whole presentation. I hate those!

  4. Hey Kel! Thanks so much for following my blog (you inspired me to write it!). With all of your talk about what you are eatting I figured I'd share my quest into healthy eatting and also talk about all of the nutrition info that I am learning.

  5. That pasta looks DELISH!

    I get lost ALL THE TIME. Mostly because I don't pay close enough attention when I'm driving somewhere! I'm always distracted!

  6. The pasta looked delish! You should try out for Dancing with the Stars!

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I get lost ALL THE TIME. The worst was about 2 weeks ago. I had planned to meet a friend at a restaurant that I thought had opened. Apparently it hadn't, so he picked another restaurant. It was seriously .5 miles away, but I got ridiculously lost and it took me 15 minutes to find it!

    And I got lost in my neighborhood on Wed night.

    I really need to get a GPS

  8. I too get lost all the time!!! Come to think of it: I'm also getting married to a guy named eric in july 10, teach and run. This is actually kind of freaky!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog; I'm excited to check more of yours out!

  9. hey kelly!
    thank you for stopping by my blog and thanx for the advice about my IBS! i'm feeling a bit better today. i'll surely be going easy on the fiber today :)
    have a great sunday and lovely to meet you

  10. i always wonder how people on 'dancing with the stars' manage to learn the dances as quickly as they do! it would definitely take me months, if not years. that's why i run, least coordination involved :)

    hope you are enjoying your long weekend and not getting lost anymore!

  11. I used to get lose ALL the time! I so wish I had a GPS... Now I just google the destination before leaving, right the directions on a post-it and I now have a nice collection of those in my car :P

    Congrats on winning the giveaway! All of it looks so good!