Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Restaurant Review: East Coast Grill

Eric and I have been powering out the new restaurants so I have yet another restaurant review. Sadly this might be our last for a little bit since delicious restaurants worth writing about always seem to cost a bit more than our usual Bertucci's trips.

Last night we went to a restaurant my parents introduced us to, but we've only been once before. I was in love with it last time but I love it even more the second time: East Coast Grill. It is located in Inman Square in Cambridge. The atmosphere is a bit crazy. It is one of those "open kitchen" places and it is LOUD with a capital L. Even on a Monday night it was loud and on Saturdays it is even crazier. Here are some atmosphere pictures:

I personally like the atmosphere but I wouldn't go here looking for it to be quiet that's all I'm saying.

They have a pretty crazy and fun drink menu but I didn't try any of them because it was Monday night and I know coming back from a long weekend is hard enough. I did start with the BEST possible appetizer: CORNBREAD.

This is by far the best cornbread I've ever had hands down. Also I don't think it's too terrible for you because it doesn't hurt my stomach at all and normally butter really bothers me. Either that or my stomach just loves it too much to get mad. Anyway, Eric got a beef chili appetizer as well that he said was one of the most spicy things he has ever eaten. He enjoyed it though.

I am not a big spicy person, but Eric loves it so I consider him a good judge. For my entree I got "Seared Extra Large Shrimp and New Bedford Scallops." They were served over these delicious garlic noodles.

I am in love with this meal. I almost never eat leftovers but I had the leftovers of this tonight with some rice and more veggies that I cooked to go with it. It was amazing all over again. Eric got "Texas Style Sliced Beef Brisket Platter."

It was not his favorite thing ever, but he has never tried Brisket before, so I don't think this necessarily reflects on the restaurant (but I'm bias, I love this place!). Just in case you plan to go there, it is a little on the expensive side. It is between $15-30 for most entrees. However, I totally recommend this place! So delicious.

Time to go get productive. This short week is good but I have so much to get done!


  1. i hate spicy stuff too. i just cant stand when my mouth burns, nose gets all runy...you get the picture :)

    i miss shrimp...we cant eat it at home because the lil brother is deathly allergic to shellfish :(

  2. I LIVE for complimentary corn bread .. so incredible!

  3. Ummm. you had me at CORNBREAD! Sounds good!

  4. ahhh east coast grill-been there many times! its a fun place and gotta love the complimentary corn bread! they also serve the complimentary pickles if i remember correctly!

    glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Oh WOW! That place looks amazing! I am such a huge fan of cornbread and chili. The garlic noodles are very clever, I bet you could make those at home! Ideas are brewing....

    Interesting that the cornbread didn't hurt your stomach. You know, it's gluten free!

  6. I looooove spicy food, and I so want to try this place!Short weeks always feel endless to me for some reason!

  7. I haven't had cornbread in so long! Maybe I should make some with my chili this week :)

  8. I've never been to East Coast Grill but now I really want to. The corn bread looks amazing.

    I really want some BBQ style food.

  9. I used to live right down the street from East Coast Grill. I was a regular at one point. I love the place, but definitely recomend going during the week. It's packed on weekends and you'll end up waiting 2hrs for a table.

  10. Have you tried Teele Square Cafe yet? They are good and cheap - a very local type place.