Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day so I did not have time to blog until this morning. I have to go get a blood test this morning so I am trying my hardest not to eat anything until 8...that's tough for me! haha. I finished up with one of my tutoring kiddos yesterday so I received a little gift.

I used to really not be a flowers person, but with all these weddings I've been acquiring a lot of flowers this summer and I am really starting to enjoy having them around. I am also getting more informed about different flowers and starting to have favorites, including basically anything pink especially roses and zinnias. Although they were not pink I did get orange roses and zinnias in my flowers. Plus Eric was happy because he loves hydrangeas. How can you not really?

Last night Eric and I went to the Red Sox game with my parents. We hadn't been since June and we saw an awesome game. At the beginning there was a tribute to Ted Kennedy, with a moment of silence.

It was cool too because all the players came out. You almost never see that except on opening day.

Obviously since I live in Massachusetts, the Kennedy's are a big deal up here and of course they are big Red Sox fans. Also, every time they show Hyannisport on the news, that is basically a five minute drive from my place at the Cape. I feel bad for that family who has suffered a lot of loss these past few weeks. I am really not one to get emotional about people I don't know though, I am always amused by the dramatic facebook messages when Michael Jackson and others have passed away the past couple of months. Of course it's sad (in some cases), but I leave true mourning to their family and friends.

The Sox game itself was a great one. We played the White Sox and it was a very close game. All of our runs (3) were scored on home runs. The final home run was scored by Ortiz who hit a walk off homer in the ninth. I love being at exciting games!

Eric and I were also there...I don't know why I wear hats.

So that was fun. Now today is the big day of dress decisions between Dress 1 and Dress 2. I have an appointment at Dress 2 store because they are having a sale this weekend. So...I am either buying one or the other TODAY. I am leaning towards dress two. But first I am going to go to spinning class to get some mental clarity. Or be too exhausted to think about it...


  1. Good luck with your dress choice! Try not to stress too much over it.


  2. It's so exciting that you're deciding today! Good luck! Do you have any pictures of them?

  3. Sounds like a good night at the game.

    Good luck with the dress decision!

  4. Wow, what a great experience. Thanks for the amazing photos, I LOVE LOVE LOVE baseball games (but I'm an Indians fan!!)

  5. Fun times! When do you start school?
    I love hydrangeas.

  6. Good luck with the dresses! Hydrangeas are my all-time favorite flower and were the base of my bouquet (it also had dark scabiosa, purple roses, dusty miller and some freesia) so you can't really go wrong with them :)

  7. sounds like a fun game and hope the blood work went ok! the flowers are beautiful. i'm not much of a flowers person either (ok, can we have any more tendencies in common?) 'cause they just die, but i do like how pretty they are. just hate how they die!

  8. you two are the cutest little fans ever :)