Sunday, August 9, 2009

Age Is Just a Number

Last week I started reading the book "Age is Just a Number" by Dara Torress, the swimmer from the Olympics last summer who was 41 and won 3 silver medals! I heard about her book and decided to read it because I was in need of a break from my obsession with Jodi Picoult and I also needed some serious motivation to become a swimmer. Sometimes I really like to read books like this where someone to talks about life, seemingly with no organization (although she obviously has SOME haha). Another book like this is Teri Hatcher's "Burnt Toast" which I also enjoyed.

Like probably everyone, I have a complicated relationship with age in my life. In my immediate family I am the oldest kid by 4 1/2 years. In my extended family I am one of the oldest, with about a million little cousins at every age down to about 3. So, I guess you could say I am used to be "old". However, with a June birthday I was always one of the younger one of my friends, which really didn't matter except when we went to get our driver's license or turn 21...grr. Also, when I started teaching I was the youngest teacher at my school. This remained the case for 2 years until my principal finally hired a music teacher who had just graduated college. Although my school has a lot of young teachers, there was still a feeling from other teachers and parents that I was SO young. And in a way I am, since many of them are old enough to be my parents.

I always try not to be one of those people who is miserable about another birthday and hates to get old. I know this is easy for me to say since I am only 25, but I hope to continue this even when I am 30, 40, 60...etc. Much as I miss the lack of responsibility of my high school self, I really enjoy who I am now a lot better than who I was then. Plus, with less responsibility came less independence and ability to make my own choices. Now if I want to make (minor) bad decisions, there is no one to stop me (unless it was a terrible decision then Eric would most likely stop me haha).

When I was younger I was very active, but I didn't enjoy much of the active things I did, not the way I do now. I used to think the rest of my family was so active and I was born into the wrong family because I just wanted to chill out and read a book. 15 year old Kelly may have had a more capable body, but I never would've run a 5k or a Sprint Triathlon voluntarily. I think Dara Torress really gets at this in her book. Although we may have younger bodies in our teen years, we may not have the motivation and drive to really succeed in our athletic dreams. In winning her Olympic medals last year, she proves that maturity and experience may be able to cancel out the advantage of having a younger body. So maybe when I'm 40, I'll run my first marathon- haha.

Speaking of getting older, so many of my friends are getting married. Last night we went to the wedding of one of Eric's high school friends. I have always thought I am so lucky to have awesome friends myself, but Eric also has amazing friends- who happen to date great girls- giving me all the more friends. The bride picked out the exact color bridesmaid dresses I want, so if they look familiar in a year, don't mind me :) Here are some pics:

Bride and groom coming out of the church into bubbles-

Picture of the girlfriends/fiances/wife of the Wilmington boys.

Me with the beautiful bride.

5 more days until the festivities for Katie's Wedding begin! Best Maid of Honor ever- here I come! haha.


  1. Oh wow, I LOVE her flowers!! And, you took an awesome picture, with the bubbles and the great expressions, it looks so good. I was at a wedding last night too, and there were bubbles everywhere, even all throughout the reception (Nick was bubble happy).

  2. Its good you have such an optimistic outlook now! Age=beauty, strength, and endurance :)
    Also, I'm glad you recommend this book, cause I really wanted to read it and wasn't sure if it was good or not!

  3. Good luck with your MOH duties this week! It will fly by and the wedding will be here before you know it. I also think you have a good outlook on age and those books have piqued my interest!

  4. your blue dress is hot! i love it.

    good luck with your moh duties!!

  5. I've seen that book before, and now I definitely need to pick it up! I'm glad it's helped change your outlook :) Love the wedding pics!

  6. I am definitely one of those people who bemoans turning a year older (although it's definitely better than the alternative). I'm only 27 but I feel old already!
    It's funny b/c I couldn't wait to grow up as a kid. I was an only child and always preferred hanging out with adults. I thought they were more interesting. Now I wish I was a kid or at least 20 again. :-)

  7. That book sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out!

    I HATE the idea of getting old, too!

  8. I'm also 25 and looking forward to my 26th this year. I feel like I'm getting old so fast yet want to do so many things. Too little time so much to do?
    Great pictures! That one of the newly married couple is especially wonderful! Their smiles show how happy they are.

  9. i have an age complex too- most of my friends are younger than i am, by about 5 years and although sometimes its ok- once in a while im like, dang im so old!