Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can't Help It If I'm Lucky...

Bonus points if you can name that 90s song that has "can't help it if I'm lucky" in the song lyrics haha.
The title refers to the fact that I went to the gym today to join permanently, and for some reason my summer membership had been extended to next July. I don't know how or why, but I am feeling very lucky :)
Today at the gym I did 1000 yards in the pool and I decided swimming IS really growing on me. While I was swimming I thought about how swimming compares to running.

Similarities Swimming & Running:
1. After 30 minutes of both swimming and running I am tired and feel like I got a GREAT work out.
2. Both have the same monotony that allow me to zone out, or be alone with my thoughts.
3. Both sports can make me out of breath.
4. Swimming and running have a proper "form"- which I could probably improve in both sports.

Differences Swimming and Running:
1. Swimming is easier on my body
2. Running is easier on my time. Even though I can only swim for 30 minutes and be happy- I still have to get to the pool.
3. Running does not involve me smelling like chlorine even after a shower.
4. Swimming is working my arms.

That's all I came up with, but comparing the two sports did entertain me for about 20 of the laps I did today. Then I was thinking about how I used to come in last during every swim meet when I was on a swim team when I was little. I was thinking maybe I should take a stroke improvement class before I jump into joining a team. I may look into that.

After I did my work this morning at school and tutoring the kiddos, I went on a little dress shopping adventure. Hmm...does that make it sound like I enjoy these adventures? This time I brought Tiff, who was FAR more excited than me. I did find a bridal gown that I really liked a lot, which I can't post because I forgot the style number, but when I figure it out I'll show everyone. We also look at bridesmaid dresses and found a few relatively promising ones. I just have the hardest time picturing how a dress is going to look in a different color and actually fitting the person. Did anyone else have this problem planning a wedding? I am not good at imagining...


  1. Um, I snuck into a Hootie and the Blowfish concert in 2003... so... yeah :)

    Also, I love the blog redesign!

  2. I love the blog - it looks great. Very colorful!
    Now that Rachel mentioned Hootie, I can hear the song in my head.

  3. 1000 yards? Get it girllll :)
    I love your comparisons between running and swimming; I never really stopped to think about the two on those terms. Love ya blog as well!

  4. Love your lists, but you forgot to mention that swimming really works your core too (if using said proper form :)).

    As far as joining a swim team, I did that for about 8 weeks this summer and loved it. Ours was actually set up where there were 3 swim coaches, and 3 different groups: 1. triathletes, 2. stroke/form 3. health. I ended up sticking with the triathletes, but our coaches were giving tips and advice left and right. I think you should look into joining, ask a few questions and see if it is something you would enjoy. Most coaches would be willing to help you with whatever you want. If you want to know if your stroke is good, tell them to watch. Sometimes they don't want to tell people things they notice unless they get the go sign ahead of time... they don't want to step on peoples toes!

    Wow, that was long, and a lot of rambling. I hope it made some sense. If not, you know where to find me! LOL

  5. I haven't told you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog header! Very cute :)

    I like these comparisons. As someone who hasn't yet been bitten by the swimming bug, I'm always intrigued by it. I think it's great that you like it!

  6. I haven't had the joy of planning a wedding yet, can't wait....ugh. It will all be worth it in the end.

    Great news on the extra year membership! I love it when things like that happen, it just makes you smile all day :)

  7. Woohoo score (on the extension)!!!!

    And I'm thrilled to hear you made headway on the dress front. When is your wedding again? I don't know about you but part of me worries I'll be so much smaller next year (HA! I love the optimism) that the dress I choose now won't be the one I love then!!!!!!!

  8. Woohoo for the extra year gym membership! :D
    Your stories about swimming make me wish I had access to a pool so I can try it out, too. I know I have a lot to improve on my form.
    Glad to know you've found some dresses you like. Can't wait to see pics.

  9. Nice swim! I wish I had the nerve to get to the pool. I've NEVER done any lane-swimming so you can imagine how bad my form would be!

    Also, I love the new blog look! (Forgot to mention it on the last post.)

  10. Your blog looks super cute! I wasn't very excited about planning my wedding either b/c it took forever for things to come together. If you are able to check out After Six bridesmaids dresses, I highly recommend them. The style number my girls wore was 6542. It looked VERY flattering on everyone (I had a girl who was a 4, and two who were 14's). So that might be a starting point, but I'm not sure what style you're looking for. The link is below:


    Can't wait to see what the dress you like looks like! :)

  11. The difference between swimming & running for me is that I am terrible at one, but decent at the other. Yes, I made it across the lake on Saturday, but it was a slow, difficult swim and I probably looked like I was flailing in the water! ha! I would like to become a better swimmer because I really felt like my core muscles were engaged when I was swimming, so maybe I'd finally have a nice stomach. No matter how little I weigh, I NEVER seem to have a nice stomach region. *sigh*

    Can't wait to see the latest dress you are considering. I think it's more fun to think about that kind of stuff when it isn't your wedding, you know?

  12. i think swimming is an awesome form of exercise! if only i could do it -- my swimming capabilities start and end with the doggie paddle.

  13. again, i'm with you! haha. i am sucking at imagining too. i don't want to hire a coordinator 'cause i want to do it! i just don't know how. haha.

    swimming is a great workout. i am usually full-body exhausted after a swim - way more tiring than running to me. not sure why the 'getting to the pool' is so "difficult" to do but i know exactly what you mean!

  14. i like the compare and contrast between swimming and running