Sunday, August 16, 2009


Before I get into the wedding I just want to say I received a beautiful blog make over from Leslie and I love my new look :) Leslie is a teacher also, and uses the money she makes from blog designing for her classroom. I know how much money teachers spend on their own classroom, so I can tell you you'll be giving to a good cause! Go here if you would like her to design your blog to check out her packages.

so....WEDDING TIME. This wedding was a couple of day extravaganza for me including a bridal luncheon, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, all day getting ready party and the wedding itself. Of course I like the wedding itself part the best. On Thursday after the rehearsal dinner I stayed over at Katie's house because my job was to make her sleep. All I can say is I did make her sleep, but only for maybe 4 hours because of course we were chatting and too excited to sleep. Oops.

Friday was spent getting hair and make up done with all the bridesmaids. I haven't gotten my hair done since prom and I hate full updos (on me, particularly in pictures where it looks like I have no hair at all) and I've really never had my make up done so I was a little nervous. I gave the hair stylist this picture:

And this is what she did to me-

Pretty good huh? Haha. So anyway, we get to the church and my first nerve racking job was to walk down the aisle by myself. Everyone else walked down with a groomsman (and Katie with her Dad) but the Best Man was up with the groom, so therefore I walked by myself. For some odd reason this ended up being the scariest thing I had to do all night- not sure why. I think if I had to do it again it would not be as scary. Plus when you think about it, it's a pretty important honor. Katie looked beautiful coming down the aisle...

Even if she was crying :) Once she got down the aisle I was the boss of her dress. I am not a detail person, so basically unless your dress is sticking into your underwear, I probably won't notice. But I didn't want anyone out in the pews, particularly my mom, to be thinking oh my god her dress is so messed up so I tried to take the job seriously. Maybe a little too seriously. But hopefully when the professional pics come back it will be a perfect dress from the back haha. Katie, Adam, the best man and me were the only ones up on the alter- but the priest was good about whispering or using hand cues to tell us what to do. Everything went perfect during the ceremony.
The grooms parents got a trolley to take the bridal party and our dates to take pictures and then to the reception.

The trolley was a fun touch, especially for the Cape- but the whole idea that I just paid a million dollars to get my hair done was not making me excited about my hair blowing in the wind. We went to the beach to take some pictures of the bridal party...

Then we took a few more at the reception site. My next big job came when it was time to bustle Katie's dress. Luckily the seamstress understood that I think on a kindergarten level, so she color coded everything I had to tie making my job easy, yes! After that we all got introduced and it was time for the speeches. As Katie's dad said his welcome I went to my seat to grab my speech and take a drink of water. As I am drinking the water I realized I am spilling half the glass RIGHT on my dress, and I have to get up and give a speech in less than a minute. It was one of those moments where you realize you have too choices- panic and then cry, OR laugh and then make a massive joke of how you peed your pants as soon as you get up so that everyone is aware of the situation right away. I went for Choice #2. Eric was proud haha. Look closely at the bottom of this picture to laugh at my "pee" stain.

Overall I think the speech went well. I felt more comfortable giving it than I did walking down the aisle, and I even got a few laughs. One of the laughs I got was NOT when I was actually trying to be funny, oops! I was trying to explain that I had never known Katie without Adam and I said that when I met Katie she had already been dreaming ahead to today. I didn't think this would be funny but everyone thought it was hilarious because indeed Katie has been planning her wedding since before I met her haha. I didn't realize every person there knew that!

After the speech was over I was able to enjoy the night more and hang out with some of my favorite people in the world that I don't see nearly enough.
This is my BC Crew. The hand on the side is the other BC grads trying to jump in.

Which we eventually let them do...

Both my Dad and Katie's dad went to BC too. It's definitely one of those schools where multiple generations tend to go there. Here are just my BC girls- minus my favorite roommate in the world Ash :(

Cristina is making us all look pale with her spray tan. There was also a lot of dancing, which is my favorite part about weddings.

So now I am completely exhausted and not ready to leave my vacation behind at all. It's back to some serious work on Monday. Do not even think about saying "At least you have summers off..." because I had one, count them, ONE week off this summer and yet everyone still says that to me. Grr. Although on a positive note, it will be good to be back in a routine, my stomach has been bothering me so much because God only knows what I've been eating and exercise has been off, sleep schedule etc etc. There is definitely something to be said for routine.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Okay, first of all... LOVE LOVE LOVE the knew blog look. As a teacher myself, I might have to check into Leslie giving mine an overhaul! :)

    Sounds like a great wedding and you all looked gorgeous! Great pics!

  2. You looked marvelous, as did Katie. Sorry about the "pee" stain, but at least you're able to laugh about it. I like your blog makeover...mine needs one too, so I'll check out Leslie's design blog. Also, my daughter is a kindergarten teacher, and I can vouch for you, her, and all teachers about not having the entire summer off!

  3. 1. Your new blog design looks amazing!
    2. You looked SO beautiful at your friend's wedding, LOVE how your hair natural and pretty. Isn't is great when your best friend gets married?
    3. When do you start school? I start the 24th.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time at the wedding. Love the new look too!

  5. LOVE your hair for the wedding, it looked so good. glad you nailed your speech!! sounds like a super fun wedding :-)

  6. the new blog makeover is to die for! and you look absolutely stunning at the wedding -- your hair is gorg! you put Carrie Underwood to shame ;)!

  7. First of all, I LOVE the blog makeover!! It really looks amazing.

    I also love the colors of the bridesmaid dresses, and yes, the spray tan makes everyone look slightly pale, but it's not really noticeable. I still can't believe it's a spray tan!!

    IT's hilarious (I sad) that you spilled water on your dress right before you went up!! I'm glad you could make a joke out of it though, that means you're a good, fun person in my mind!

    Your hair looked great. I'm glad to see that you we able to take a picture into the salon and have them do your hair and make it look similar. I'm always afraid, since I have curly hair like you, that no one will be able to do anything with my hair on my wedding day! You give me some hope, thanks!

  8. Your new blog design rocks! :D
    Love your hair style and the bride's maids dresses are beautiful. You handled your 'pee' stain and speech really well. I would have panicked if I were you. :)
    I love getting back to routine also after my sked's been thrown off even by a vacation. I'm a creature of habit I guess.

  9. 1. Your new blog design looks AWESOME!!!

    2. You looked fabulous and it sounds like you were an amazing MOH!!!

  10. LOVE the new look, LOVE the hair, LOVE the pics!!!

  11. Great photos! Looks like everypone had a wonderful time and congrats on pulling off your MOH duties. :)

  12. i love the new look and you are beautiful in your pics! looks like such a fun for all. i don't know what bustling is or what you do to someones dress when it looks perfectly fine hanging there so in my book i'm sure you did fine! :)

  13. i would have done choice number 2 with the speech/"pee" stain too!

    at the wedding i just went to, the father of the bride was so drunk, he stood up and "blessed the food" and then told everyone he was so trashed he could barely stand up. NICE. then he said, "good luck bride and groom.. getting married is nice, i've done it twice now." OMG.. my poor friend almost crawled under the table in embarrassment!!!!