Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Shred Butt Kick

Back in March I got on a health kick and I bought Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. I never did it for 30 days in a row, but I did it 3-4 times a week (on days I didn't run) until about mid May. I loved it because I did feel like I got a good work out in 20 minutes and I was definitely sore after. I stopped doing it in mid May because I thought it was probably not helping my knees with all of that squatting. Fast forward to now when I just signed up for a kettlebell class at my gym with one of my friends from work. I haven't been *the best* about weightlifting lately and I figured to avoid insane soreness after my first class in a couple of weeks I should probably get back into it. This lead me to Shred again yesterday. I only did Level 1 and it definitely was not as hard as the first day I did it. Afterwards, I take a shower and go about my day completely forgetting about doing the shred at all. Last night I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm like WHAT DID I DO TO MY ARMS?????? OWWWW! I forgot, but that Jillian Michaels really kicks my butt! I am definitely going to have to keep up with that for the next couple of weeks (and next year during wedding dress season haha). This morning I think I'll take it easy on the elliptical and maybe not do the arms part but then tomorrow or Monday is back to my good friend Jillian.

Speaking of good friends, I spent all of yesterday at Katie's looking through pictures from the wedding and catching up on multiple weeks with no hour long phone conversations. We got ice cream for lunch and just hung out all day. We almost never have time to do that anymore so it was wonderful. Also on the good friends front, my college roommate Ash is back in town (you may remember her from other posts, despite living in Chicago she's been back in town a lot for different events). She has a wedding at the Cape this weekend (at the same church the Kennedy's go to...exciting haha). We knew her flight was getting in late (plus she had to drive to the Cape from Boston) but her plane ended up getting delayed so I don't think she got in until 3 in the morning. SO basically she is upstairs sleeping in my sisters room but I haven't see her yet haha. Tomorrow she and I are going to drive back to Boston so she can try on her bridesmaid dress and get measured and all that. Plus she'll have to get back to the airport boo. The weather down here this weekend is terrible (which is even more sad because I have two friends of friends getting married this weekend down, we are getting tropical storm some boy that begins with a D which I forget right now, but we are getting him (Danny?). I am hoping to get in a good work out, get some work done and maybe see a movie while Ash is at the wedding this afternoon/evening. I hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully is having way better weather than us!


  1. I've never done shred, but I've heard a lot about it.

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks for checking out my site. I've been following yours for a while now because we both live in MA :)

    I want to try Jillian's Shred, but it looks hard and I'm a baby. I need to just do it...I'm scared!

  3. So funny that you wrote about the 30 day shred bc I just did level 1 today (in my hotel room) for the first time in FOREVER. I only had 2 pound weights with me, so it was not that tough, but I love her videos. Have you ever done her Banish Fat Boost Metabolism video? It is awesome. It is about 40 minutes with 7 different circuits. You don't need any equipment or weights, just a mat. I was seriously dripping when I was done.
    I am trying to get back into a tougher workout routine because I have been slacking for awhile (like all summer). I have been doing a lot of walking here, but that is not enough to stay toned so I need to work on that!


  4. Everyone raves about 30 Day Shred. Random question - is there alot of 'jumping around' involved? I ask because I live in a 2nd floor condo and I have really persnickity elderly neighbors... so if I get that video & it requires me to jump up and down, I know I am going to get complaints from the neighbors & the people below... I guess I should just get it from Netflix, give it a shot, and see how it goes. I can not wait to move out of this stupid condo, but I am one of the thousands (millions?) who bought at THE worst time so am stuck here for the time being.

    Ok, done w/ my mini-rant. Have a fun weekend. Catching up with girlfriends is the best. Especially when you can just wander around, get ice cream, etc, etc. I am getting together with a group of friends that I don't see very often tonight & I can't wait!!

    I hope your weather straightens out real soon!

  5. I love the shred too when I need a good butt kicking workout its my go to!

  6. It's so fun hanging out with old friends. It's great that you made the time to do that!
    Hope your body feels better soon!

  7. i've never done the shred but i have heard miss Jillian is a tough cookie! more power to ya girlie!

  8. Jillian is amazing...I tried a 30DS earlier this month and I made it about 9 days. My body was feeling strong after the 9 days, but then I got really busy and ended up not doing a straight 30 days. I did once and I will do it again..someday!

  9. thanks for stopping by my blog! I started the shred, but never followed it for 30 days either, maybe i should. lol

  10. OMG, remember how I said I only used 2 pound weights with the Shred level 1, so it was no big deal?? I have serious soreness today! Must be an indicator of how out of shape I am! I never like to actually do the Shred 30 days in a row because I like to mix it up, but I want to try to get those workouts in at least a few times a week!


  11. FRACK I AM officially the last person on earth to NEVER HAVE SHREDDED!

    should I make this my "thing?"

    try it out?

    who can say...