Thursday, August 20, 2009

Break Into Your Own House Lately?

Today was a weird day. It started with me heading to the gym for my second to last 30 minute cycling class of the summer. I am an easily bored person so I love the 30 minute class, but they only offer it on Thursday mornings at 8:30 when I'm always at work. I've only been to it once before (because most of the summer I still had work then) but I was ready for it today. Turns out the instructor was away and they forgot to get a sub. See? That's why I pay the big bucks for my gym haha.

I didn't have my ipod but I decided to grab a magazine and try to do the elliptical. I used to be fine at making it through 30 minutes on the treadmill, elliptical etc. I can't handle it anymore! It's SO boring. How do you guys do it? Back in February when I started doing the 30 day Shred and running outside, I just got impatient with boring work outs and now I can't handle them anymore. After 15 minutes on the elliptical I'm barely even sweating, and I can't jack up the resistance because it hurts my knee. Oh seriously, any tips on not dying of boredom during a gym work out?

Eric and I also left for the Cape today. Since Eric just accepted a position being a Varsity Football Coach, this is our last weekend together at the Cape for the summer- and probably our last full weekend together for awhile. Apparently they have practice or games every single day of the week, even Sunday. Eric's parents are coming to the Cape with us this weekend so we can show them our wedding spot and scout some rehearsal dinner locations. I'll keep you posted.

One of the more eventful aspects of our day happened when we left for dinner. I walked out of the house without my keys (apparently I left them next to my duffle bag instead of on the counter where I normally leave them). Eric, always the diligent house sealer, had already locked the doors before I noticed so BAM- we were locked out. Since my house key and my car keys are on the same chain, we really could not go anywhere and after searching the usual spots for an extra key we decided there was no extra key. So we had to get creative. Eric started to work the screen on one of the open windows.

So one window is open. And so begins breaking into my own house...

Yes, one neighbor did walk by at this point and asked is this like the Gates case, should I call the police? Haha- pretty crappy robbers who take pictures as they break in. Needless to say we got the keys and made it to the Olive Garden in one piece. Of course OG was delicious, but my stomach was absolutely killing at the end. Nothing I eat this week seems to make my stomach happy and I guess it is still recovering from the nerves surrounding the wedding last weekend. My stomach does not like any stress at all but unfortunately I'm an easily stressed person so it's going to have to get used to it. I did take some acidophilus (a probiotic- like in yogurt) when I got home and I swear that stuff is like a miracle cure. If anyone has any problems with their stomach what so ever, try it, seriously.

We will be major tourists and wedding planners this weekend so I'll be sure to update. Please leave any and all advice on the gym. I have to pay $5 to use it down here so I have to be good and get my money's worth!
One more pic from last weekend. So cute :)


  1. I love that pic from the wedding! So beautiful!

    I get super bored at the gym as well. I can last 40 min on the treadmill - max! Luckily our gym just got new treadmills that have tvs on each machine. SO having your own tv & control over what you watch makes a world of difference for me. Without that or my iPod, I would probably last 10-15 minutes!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the picture! To run on the treadmill my ipod is a must, otherwise I do struggle to get through. I've really enjoyed spinning too. 45 minutes and you're done!

  3. What a gorgeous picture from the wedding!!

    I've never had to break into my own house, but at least you guys didn't have to break any windows or doors open! Haha

    I get super bored at the gym now, too. Running outside, group classes or workouts at home on DVD (30-day shred etc.) are the only thing that do it for me anymore!

  4. That is a really nice picture, you will have to get it framed!

  5. I don't do the gym.....EVER! I'll run outside in subzero freezing temps if I have to. The thought of being on a machine and not going anywhere doesn't interest me. Even watching tv wouldn't help. Besides, the thought of using equipment that people before me have sweated all over doesn't appeal to me! LMAO about breaking into your home. I have a key hidden outside just in case, but also having garage doors with an outside keypad helps me. Great pic, by the way. Have fun at the cape, and good luck planning the wedding.

  6. Oh man, that's too funny (but probably not at the time) that you had to break int your house!! I've done that before.
    As for the elliptical, I know what you mean. I get SO bored when I am on there for 30 minutes. Lately I have been reading really great books on the elliptical so I have no time to get bored. Sometimes I do 15 on the elliptical and 15 on the treadmill, just to break up the monoghtany!

  7. haha sucha funny story! glad that neighbor didn't call the police like the gates case! hah.

    i love reading your blog, i just made my own as well, check it!


  8. haha, yea i have to do that once in a while... except im on the second floor- it makes it very tricky getting in! last time we did that we broke the doorknob and had to leave the door unlocked until the landlord came and fixed it.. oops!

  9. Have a great time touring and wedding planning this weekend! Too funny about breaking in your own house.

  10. that is such a great pic from last weekend's wedding!

    i had to break into a friend's house once... i was feeding her dog while she was out of town and managed to lock myself and the dog out. haha. glad your neighbor was looking out!

    hope you guys are having a fun and productive weekend. those guys are serious about their high school football! (i assume it's hs?) all the practices, games, and sunday meetings to watch tape. gotta love it...

  11. i've never locked myself out of the house but i lock myself out of my car ALL THE TIME .. i'm pretty sue AAA hates me.