Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I didn't get back to the gym yesterday to swim because I had work but today I managed to bust out 50 laps, which is 1,250 yards. It may not seem like a lot to actual swimmers, but considering that I never did more than 30 laps training for the triathlon, it's a lot to me. Swimming is really starting to grow on me and I'm not noticing the lingering chlorine smell even after taking a shower as much as I was before. Best of all, it doesn't seem to be bothering my knee much as long as I remember to push off with only my right knee, ha ha.

Since this is supposed to be Eric and my "vacation" this summer- we decided that today would be a touristy day once we got back to the Cape. I would say above anything else Eric and my favorite things to do involve being a tourist at new places we have never been. You'd think after spending the better part of 5 summers (minus working haha) at the Cape we'd be out of things to do, but no.

Today we took a river cruise on the Bass River. The Bass River separates the towns of Yarmouth and Dennis and leads out to the Nantucket Sound. Eric and I both love boats, but I have a tendency to get sea sick on the ocean so I decided a river cruise would be a good way to experience the boat but not get sick. Since the company we used also rents kayaks, I would say most of the younger people tend to rent kayaks (which I may have considered if it didn't look like it was going to pour at any minute). We were definitely some of the only people under 60 on the boat, but that was okay with us.

Basically the boat cruised us down the river, pointing out wildlife, houses and other areas of interest. Since we don't visit Yarmouth or Dennis too often there was definitely a lot to learn about the area. Plus, since the houses are beautiful, waterfront estates lots of famous people own or once owned them.

My first favorite house had FIVE master suites. Yup, five.

My second favorite house had NINE bathrooms. If Eric and I ever decided to quit teaching and get rich, I think our mansion would probably have nine bathrooms.

The best part about this house though (besides the nine bathrooms) was that the guy who owned it decided he did not have enough space, so he bought the house next door for an "entertainment center" and a little space even beyond that for a library. WHAT?!

The most random part of the boat ride was when we were going past a family fishing on a dock. All of a sudden I realize I know them- I taught both the son and the daughter and there they are fishing. I had the son my first year teaching and the daughter last year, they were both awesome kids but definitely invented the blank stare. I was afraid if I called out to them I would just scare the whole family and they may not be able to tell who I was out on the boat. I'll have to tell them when I see them around school next year.

After returning how we decided to continue to enjoy the cloudy, but still not rainy day. We order take out from our favorite Japanese restaurant and ate it on the porch. I got shumai (shrimp dumplings), miso soup and some rice with teriyaki sauce.

I love Japanese food because it's delicious but you don't feel disgusting and full after eating it.
Now I'm off to take it easy tonight because tomorrow is the beginning of Katie's wedding festivities, wahoo!


  1. Wow, 50 laps is a lot, in my opinion! What a great workout that must have been. And no lingering chlorine smell? I would worry about that too, but you must be washing up good, or using a great soap!

    So Eric is a teacher too? You guys will both have great retirement funds, right?! I hear teachers retire well, so maybe you can count on one of those mansions as a retirement home! How fun! I think huge houses are strange, and only necessary if you have a HUGE family. Come on, it's time to turn GREEN! haha, I'm such a moron.

  2. Holy - 50 laps is alot. I want to start swimming once a week as a cross training activity. But I am going to die the first time in the pool because I have not swam laps for years upon years!

    Those houses are so cool - what a neat thing for you guys to do!

    Have fun at your friend's wedding. Being MOH is such an honor. I had a fabulous time being the MOH for my sister this past week. Good luck w/ the speech - I am sure you'll do awesome!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog - it's great! The pictures of those houses are absolutely gorgeous...I wish I could live in one. I look forward to reading more!

  4. Wow...50 laps! How long did that take you?

  5. Wow, great job!
    I love looking at beautiful houses, too. Makes me daydream all the time. :D
    Yeah, Japanese food is indeed filling but not heavy on the tummy. Love it!

  6. I think 50 laps is massive and I'm beyond impressed!!!!!!!!! :oP

  7. umm 50 laps is like eternity to me :) nice job! glad the swimming is coming along well and that you are enjoying it. hopefully the knee will come around quickly! looks like a fun and pretty tour! if only i could afford one of those houses...

  8. that's far for me, too :) i've yet to actually swim a mile... but i like sprint tri's, so i figure that's ok :) have agreat time at the wedding!