Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Tribute to Katie, the Bride!

Thanks for all of your support on the 50 laps of swimming. It takes me about 30 minutes, which I like because I have to pay $5 to visit the Y down here, so it seems like a waste of $5 to just jump in the pool for 15 minutes, which is what I was doing before.

Last night I had some hilarious "nightmares" about Katie's wedding. Yes, I've never been in a wedding before but I've certainly watched people in weddings and I can tell you they are not expected to do NEARLY the amount of things I was making myself do in these dreams! All of a sudden it was the rehearsal and the priest was telling Katie to move to the back of the church, the front of the church, the side of the church- and for some reason I was supposed to follow this ridiculous dance around the church. Then, in my next dream- I was supposed to be putting on my bridesmaid dress AT the church, and I don't just mean like 30 minutes before at the church, I mean WHILE the other bridesmaids are going down the aisle. My mom was helping me and I was like QUICK, get the shoes! zip it up! Um...yeah so we are starting to get ready at 9:45 in the morning for a 3:30 ceremony, I THINK I have ample time to actually PUT on my dress!

Hmm...clearly I need to take it down a notch! Despite my insane dreams, I am actually very excited about today and tomorrow. Katie is my bestest friend AND she has been planning and dreaming about this wedding since I met her 7 years ago (and yes, she was dating the same guy haha). Unlike me, you never hear Katie saying she hates weddings. I would say there are even very few things she dislikes about them haha.

I don't want a give away my whole maid of honor speech 36 hours before my debut "performance" (obviously my dreams tonight will have something to do with me having to give the speech while standing on my head), but I will say Katie is pretty awesome. And, we have been through some "rough" times together...

Parasailing in Aruba...I know it doesn't sound rough, but it is for those of us who get motion sick.
St. Patrick's Day falling on a Wednesday...I know, tough life
A New Years of terrible decisions (not hers, all mine haha)
Of course during our 7 year friendship, times were not always "rough", they were also great! Like when Katie finally turned 21 (the two of us were the last of our friends, not cool).

The night that I met Eric...and by met I meant sort of met and then Katie put my number in his phone and then forced me to hang out with him the next weekend saying you COULD be missing out on the love of your life (insert eye roll here). As is usually the case when I roll my eyes at something, it ends up being right.
Dressed as 50s housewives...
Time at the beach
Supporting BC
and so many more.
Katie, I hope the next two days are all that you dreamed they would be and maybe the best of your life so far. But definitely not the best of your life to come :) I love you! And I promise I will not give my speech while standing on my head!


  1. Awww, such great memories!! I love looking back at old pictures. That's so neat that she put your number in Eric's phone, and forced you to go out with him!! That's awesome, and a great story to tell others!

  2. Sounds like a great friendship... so many wonderful memories!

  3. I love it when bloggers post old pics on their blogs! haha, does that sound creepy or what? :P
    Good jobs on your swimming!

  4. Looks like you girls have had some good times! And you'll be making more memories this weekend. ALl the best!

  5. Good luck to the both of you this weekend. These are the days you will always remember and I hope you all enjoy yourselves!! Best of luck giving your speech -- you'll be great. She is lucky to have such a great friend :)

  6. Cute tribute!
    I should count my laps next time I go swimming. I enjoy swimming but I usually have to share lanes at the gym which annoys me.

  7. Love the pics! Looks like you have some great friends

  8. So sweet!! Enjoy the wedding, can't wait to hear the recap!

  9. too funny about the eric story :) funny how that turned out!

    loved the pics and memory-recap, thanks for sharing. that was one crazy wedding dream! have a blast this weekend and good luck with the speech. i hope we get a post-performance reveal!