Monday, August 31, 2009

End of Summer

"There is no word for end-of-summer sadness, but the human spirit picks up the first of its approach. We see it in the slant of the sunlight, in the autumnal blue of Cape Cod Bay. We hear it in the drone of the cricket chorus from the salt meadows. Six weeks til frost, six weeks til frost. Suddenly each day because precious, something to be hoarded like candy in a child's pocket." -E. B. White

Today is officially my last day of summer. It has been spent tutoring, running errands/getting organized and tonight I will finish it off with a serious spinning class. Not too climatic for the last day of summer, but Eric started school today and the rest of my friends have jobs that they actually attend on Mondays ha ha. I am both excited and sad for school to start. I am not really mentally ready for the crazyness that the school year brings. But I do always carry that hope that this year will be better, that the kids will all behave and everything will fall into place. However, if their parents are any indication things will not be good- I've already received two phone calls from parents who did not receive my open house letter, one of whom admitted she actually just forgot to check her mail when she got home from vacation. Now I have to make special exceptions for their children to come in during an already busy week. So...this could be fun is all I'm saying.

On a positive note, I hit the JACKPOT at Target today...

Those are all pre-portioned Edy's 1/2 the fat ice cream. YUMMMM. They are 180 calories each and they cost $1.19 which I realize is not cheap but they are 10 cents cheaper than the Ben and Jerry's ones and also 40 calories less. Plus, if you know me and ice cream its well worth a little extra to not eat half the gallon of it. Also I am hoping in the end it saves me a bit because I go out for ice cream less. We'll see...

In honor of the last day of summer here are some summer memories...(I'll try to do never before posted pics, but if some are the repeats, sorry!)

Me and Ash, Katie's Bachelorette, June 09

Me and Katie, Katie's Bachelorette, June 09

Me, Courtney and Shannon, 4th of July Parade, July 09

Me & a bunch of the cousins, Sunapee, July 09

Me and Eric, Sunapee, July 09

Eric and his friends, Brian's birthday party, July 09

Me and Caroline, Falmouth Triathlon, July 09

Me and Eric, New Hampshire, August 09

Me and Cassie, Paul & Chrissy's Wedding, August 09

Katie and the girls, Katie's Wedding, August 09

Me and Jake (my brother), Dinner at the Cape, August 09

It's been a fantastic summer, but hopefully it will be a wonderful school year as well. Just a little bit of end of summer sadness to get through.


  1. I LOVE those ice cream cups! I wish they were a bit cheaper, but as I explained to my bf a few weeks ago, sometimes it's worth it to buy those instead of a 1/2 gallon, because sometimes I have a problem with self-control!

    Looks like you had a great summer. Good luck with the kiddos! :)

  2. LOVE the photos...what a great summer. I cannot imagine being a teacher and am in awe of all that you do for children..

    LOVE the little ice creams, from the picture I thought it was 1/2 gallons and I was thinking Man that girl likes ice cream as much as me :)

  3. looks like it has been a successful summer! dude, i MUST find those mini ice creams! i always eat the whole half gallon.. not kidding..

  4. At first I thought those were usual sized tubs of ice cream!!

    Definitely looks like a fun summer! Wishing you the best for this school year.

  5. I'm the nerd who's EXCITED for fall and school, haha! Might be a different story if I was a teacher though!

    Looks like you had a busy/fun summer, though!

  6. Oh how I would kill for some of that ice cream right about now! My little hotel fridge is so small and we don't have any freezer space at all. It seems like Germans are obsessed with ice cream bc everyone is out and about with their ice cream cones on the weekends, but that probably has something to do with the fact that not a lot of people have freezers so they can't keep ice cream at home and have to get it out. At least it is easy enough to point to the flavor that I want so getting ice cream doesn't really require mastery of the German language.

    Good luck starting school!


  7. Ooh the ice cream look yummy! I hope this school year goes well for you, and those kid/parents aren't too much trouble. Love the summer pics :)

  8. I love that blue dress you are wearing at that one wedding! Fantastic color on you!

    And I am all about paying a little extra for the single portion servings of things like ice cream. For me, it's worth paying a little more to avoid a scenario where you look down & think - did I really just eat that much ice cream/potato chips/pretzels/etc.

  9. oh wow I seriously thought those were the full gallon size Edy's cartons! i was gonna say, you hit the motherload!

    hope you enjoy what's left of your summer!

  10. Loved the re-cap of the summer, I know you had a great one! HAve a good day tomorrow, at school.

    Those ice creams are only one serving?? They look like a full 1/2 gallon! I'm in love with Edy's ice cream (well, all ice cream really...) Congrats on the good find!

  11. Your summer pics are super cute :) Love it.
    Hope you have a grrreat start to your school year!

  12. Looks like some great summer memories. I am already 4 days into the school year, and so far so good. :)

  13. Looks like a fabulous summer! Love the ice cream tower! hehe

  14. Send me a cup of those ice cream here! :D
    Great summer, beautiful photos!

  15. Great pics...looks like you had a wonderful, fun filled summer. If it makes you feel any better, I start "real work" tomorrow, as our school year begins. Plus my daughter does too, with 18 morning and 18 afternoon kindergarten "rug rats." At least you'll be able to entertain us with your classroom stories. Good luck, and here's to a great school year.

  16. I miss summer too! Mine was over when I started grad school again last week. Looks like you had an awesome summer. Sure hope your school year goes well!

  17. I'll have to tell my daugther about that icecream - thanks!

    Looks like you had a great summer to me!!

    And I wear a White Sox Cap! :D

  18. Love all the pics! I hate the end of summer but the cooler temps are quite nice... That is one sweet motherload of ice cream!! Sign me up :)