Sunday, August 15, 2010

She's Got Whatever It Is

Ah, Sunday again, really?

I did FINALLY post on my teaching blog this morning, haven't done that since February. I'm going to try to post there once a week or so. Nothing too crazy.

My weekend has been lovely. It began on Friday night with dinner at Il Casale with Eric's parents. I never thought I'd find heaven in an old firehouse turned restaurant, but it turns out I did.

Yesterday Caroline and Chris gave Eric and I our wedding presents. Present #1 was tickets to the Zac Brown Band in concert. Even though Zac Brown Band is relatively new, I love all of the songs on their first cd so I was SO excited to go to this concert. Also, Zac Brown's song "Whatever It Is" is the background music for Eric and my wedding highlight video. We tailgated with the 4 of us, and Eric's cousin and friends who also had tickets.

Caroline and I grilled up some salmon while the boys had steak tips and burgers.


Tailgating is sometimes more fun than the concert itself. Though I do love concerts.


Tailgating events included eating, drinking, an intense game of flip cup, and an equally intense fight over goldfish crackers between Caroline and Eric's cousin, Chris. Hehe.


We got into the concert right as Zac Brown Band arrived on stage. Normally I would say I am a lyrics person. However, I LOVE the music (and the lyrics) of Zac Brown Band's songs, especially the crazy violin solos.



I've been to a relatively large number of concerts in my life (maybe 25-30? just a guess- I've seen Tim McGraw probably 12 times alone so maybe it's more like 40), however last night was the most "eventful" concert I've been to so far.

It all started when we first got in, I was standing up (because it's a concert and I hadn't really found my seat yet). The girl behind me taps me and was like "can you sit down?" and I was like um okay. Eric started arguing with her but I was just like whatever, I don't know this song anyway I'll just sit down. However, it turns out she wanted us to sit THE WHOLE CONCERT. Um no, who sits at a concert?

So we stand up after a song or two and you can hear her going "down in front" (ps. we were not actually in front as you can tell, we were just in front of the section, everyone in the front section was standing up!). We continue to ignore her. I was saying in general I usually stand for a concert, maybe sit down for 3 songs at the most that I maybe don't know just to take a break. There was no way I was sitting through even one song with this girl behind me. That's my passive aggressive way of dealing with terrible people.

About halfway through the concert, she decides to go ask the security guard to tell us to sit down. He was like "um no, this is a concert, they can stand if they want." Caroline tried to reason with the girl also, but she clearly didn't get it. She was like, "I'm being nice!" Um no, nice would be to stand your lazy butt up. Fortunately, the security guard and people on both sides of us (who were also standing up) agreed with us. It's called a concert. If you want to sit on your butt, go home and watch CMT.

Eric told me later that she was discussing with her boyfriend or husband (who really wanted nothing to do with picking a fight with someone who looks like Eric) what she was "going to do about it" and said she was a teacher (therefore couldn't punch us... just imagine getting punched for standing up at a concert!). It actually scares me that someone that miserable is teaching the youth of our state. No wonder kids hate school when they have a teacher who can't even stand up for a concert either because she's that lazy (scary) or that boring/not fun (also scary). I am seriously wondering what she teaches because I know so many wonderful people who want their own classrooms and can't find a job, and yet this girl has a job. More scary.

Anyway, overall I thought the concert was really good. They interacted with the crowd and it was fun to see all of their instruments going crazy on stage. I think it would be awesome to see them again in a few years when they have another CD out with popular songs on it, because there were a lot of songs that no one knew and I think that's why people wanted to sit and we ended up having that issue in the first place (well, that an we had a really psycho person behind us).

Want to know what present #2 from Caroline was?

One of her famous SCRAPBOOKS! She is literally SO talented in the scrapbooking department. I enjoy doing it, but I have no follow through at all and Caroline managed to make an amazing scrapbook for me in a month!






That's not all the pages, but isn't it amazing?! You can read more about it on Caroline's blog.

When I graduated college, my roommate of all 4 years made me a crazy awesome scrapbook of college, and now I have one of my wedding. I feel so lucky to have a sister who is so talented and WILLING to spend the time to make me such an amazing wedding present. I hate back all I've ever said about weddings, I love them. I'm even going to one this Saturday and I have no complaints, I'm excited! Speaking of which, anyone have any advice for things to do in the Berkshires? I've never been.


  1. I LOVE your scrapbook! It is so beautiful. I am a TERRIBLE scrapbook-er. Terrible!!!

    And the lady at a concert? What a biatch! I HATE people like that. Get over it and stand up yourself. Jeesh.

  2. i just saw the scrapbook on caroline's blog and i'm way impressed. what an awesome and thoughtful gift!

    and whoa to that chick at the concert. seriously. craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! i'm way jealous of you going to the concert though. country concerts = LOVE haha

  3. i was asked to sit down too, people are so crazy. i am glad she didn't ruin your night....

  4. Wow. What a biatch. We had people like that behind us at a Martina McBride concert and it was a group of 4 ladies. We were like 20 rows back anyway and if we would have sat down, not only would WE have not seen anything but they still wouldn't have either. They were sooo bitchy about it as well and went to security and they said the same thing. They yelled at us and called us mean names and it was ridiculous. They were like well she can't stand up (someone in a walker) umm THEY have handicap seating or you could sit up in the balcony and see. IT IS A CONCERT. I would not want to see how she would survive at Jimmy Buffett were we are on the lawn and do not sit. I do not get the sit and listen people at concerts. I am trying to talk my hubby into going to see Zac Brown on Wednesday. ;) Even sent him the link to your blog about how you went to intice him since he is listening to their music on youtube currently. ;)

  5. Oh and I forgot the best part of those 40 year old women behind us. They DUMPED BEER ON my friend and me!!!!! Klassy right? So, I may have dumped my warm one back on them .. just tossed it right over my shoulder. it was sooo worth it hahah.

  6. so fun, and love that scrapbook! "whatever it is" was our first dance song :) <3 zbb.

  7. I'll be honest, I always prefer to sit. However, I know that there are two places where I will probably never be able to sit if I want; a football game (OSU) and a concert! What a lazy lady. And I agree, she's a teacher?! Pathetic.

    I loved your comment on my blog. You made a really amazing point about how my weight at 95 pounds wasn't healthy, and therefore I could probably handle more than 15-20 pounds after age 18! Similarly, you are right in saying that some women develop earlier in life and therefore their 18 year old weight may be more significant than someone (like you and I) who may develop later in life. All really great points Kelly. I need to learn more details, and I promise to post more once I learn them! It's so interesting, yet confusing at the same time....

  8. The scrapbook is amazing! I wish I could make a great scrapbook but honestly, I'm just terrible at it. ;)

    Also? What's up with the crazy chick at the concert?! She's not at a piano recital!

  9. Wow! What an amazing gift! Too cool!!!

    About 7 years ago, I went to a Counting Crows/John Mayer concert, and the people behind us told us we needed to be more quiet and sit down... We were like - WFT!! It's a concert, people! We were just having fun and singing along to the songs. Fun haters like that should just say home from concerts!!

  10. That scrapbook is awesome. I love to scrapbook but havent done it in years. I have a half-done Aruba book from 2007 to finish!!!

    I wanted to go to ZBB but couldn't due to prior plans. Turns out, my friends had a horrible time because of all the waster 15 year olds! Ugh- the last two concerts I went to were ruined by the same thing!

  11. A) I have turned my fiance on to country and he loves the chicken fried song by the Zac Brown Band!

    B) That scrapbook is freaking amazing! What an awesome sister!

  12. bahh i cant believe she wanted to sit at a concert like that? thats the type wheer you are up the whole time! i had a friend go see them this past weekend, it looked fun! :)

    ahh your scrapbook is so freakin cute! there is NOTHING like memories!

  13. I love going to concerts and would love to see the Zack Brown Band! What a crazy lady behind you, huh?!

    Love the scrapbook from Caroline!

  14. That scrapbook is the best present ever. You are a very lucky girl and your friend is amazingly talented.