Saturday, August 28, 2010

Contrasting Days

It's amazing how two days can be so different from each other.

Thursday I was at school for 10 1/2 hours, with only a brief break to go tutor one of my summer kiddos for the last time :( I had actually not planned to go to school anymore until it officially starts on Tuesday, but my just-hired assistant got a teaching job so I had to do more interviews. Well, maybe had is the wrong word. I could've left the responsibility up to my principal, but then again she's not the one who has to work with this person every day for a year, so I didn't. The day was insanely boring. It was the first nice day all week so almost no one was at school to entertain me, and there is only so long you can make birthday charts out of cut out cupcakes and eliminate dust that has piled up over the summer.

Except for the much awaited sun peaking in through the windows of my classroom, Thursday was painful.

Friday, on the other hand, was perfection.

After my run followed by 10 1/2 hour work day on Thursday, Eric volunteered to drive us to the Cape. Since I woke up at the Cape on Friday, I was already happier. The weather was perfect summer weather, and the water was calm as glass. Eric and I decided it would be a perfect day for a boat ride. We made reservations with a company called Catboats that does sail boat rides out of Hyannis Harbor. We grabbed a picnic lunch and showed up at the harbor. When we got there, a lady who worked for them informed us that there was no crew and the trip was cancelled. She fed us some line about "sorry for the inconvenience." Personally I thought it was rude that they didn't call us (they had my cell) to warn us so we didn't come down. But since it was Friday and not Thursday, we quickly recovered and signed up for a Harbor Cruise instead. We ate our picnic lunch on the dock and waited for the boat to arrive.


Wow, looks nothing like the dusty insides of my classroom.

The harbor cruise lead us through Hyannis "Inner" Harbor (so they called it?). Then we go to see the famous Kennedy Compound.


See the house with 3 peaks all the way to the right? That was Ted Kennedy's summer home before he passed away.


The picture above is of a small island close to the Kennedy compound. It is not part of the compound itself, and none of the house are owned by a Kennedy. However, this is where President JFK would vacation while he was in office. The island nature made it a lot more of a secure place to be.


Post boat ride, we headed over to see the JFK memorial that we were able to see from the water.


It was also next to a Korean War Memorial.


After our little tourist extravaganza Eric and I had to run a few errands, including finally getting my new debit card with my new last name on it. Apparently to change my credit card, I have to send in a copy of my marriage certificate, new license AND new social security card (excessive?) so that will take a bit longer. This is why I will keep my new and old license in my wallet for awhile!

For dinner we went to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants in Yarmouth Port. It's called Inaho and if you are very down the Cape and want high quality, delicious, Japanese food you should go.

I've posted my food from here on the blog before, but I couldn't resist a picture of an appetizer special we got last night. It was an eggplant, stuffed with scallops (cooked), mushrooms, spinach and more eggplant, cooked in a tempura sauce. Amazing.


I know it's better not to use a flash when taking pictures of food, but the dark picture did not do it justice. You will be seeing eggplant again soon on my blog. Yum.

Okay, time for a 5K training run with Eric. In 3 weeks we'll be running it!


  1. i'm so jealous of you being on the cape! the weather this weekend is lovely. enjoy! :)

  2. Inaho is my fave! I have a blog post dedicated to it :) that eggplant looks awesome.

  3. Seriously, eggplant stuffed with scallops?! That's calling my name! I can hear it!

    I'm glad your trip to Cape Cod turned out to be a great one, despite the canceled boat ride. I'm like you and I can't stand being bored at work. I've had some boring days lately because of all the diabetes screenings I've done, and I just look forward to being more active and DOING things at work! IT makes the time go by so much faster.

  4. It doesn't get much better than being out on the water on the Cape. I feel so lucky to have grown up there :) I hope the rest of the weekend is equally relaxing!

  5. friday sounds amazing! and love the pics. i have never heard of stuffed eggplant; it looks like a work of art!

  6. Yum! I have never had eggplant prepared that way, looks delicious and very interesting!

  7. sounds like a great day to me! wow, that eggplant looks interesting, in a good way :) Hope you have a good start to the school year!

  8. Hi Kelly. Thanks for stopping by! I quickly read through a page of your archives here and on your other blog, and I'm hooked. :) I'll be back!

    And, yes, I totally agree about DIBELS. I hate having to do it the very FIRST week of school! In my case, it's more like, "Hi, I'm the big, scary white lady (there are only 2 of us in the entire school!)who's gonna be your teacher ALL day, even though you've never been in school before. Now, sit down and let's take a test!!" UGH!

  9. Oh, and I forgot to mention...I'm TOTALLY obsessed with penguins! :)

  10. What a cool way to make eggplant! Yum! Sounds like you guys had a great day :)

  11. I don't even like eggplant, but that looks so good!

  12. Oh my gosh, that ap is to die for! I love when you post pics of foods!

    This weekend I will be getting together w/ family and us girls are going to talk about our trip to Boston in 2011. I will probably be emailing you for suggestion in the months to come. :)