Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Popcorn and Pasta

Good morning all. Confession time...

Back when I was in middle school, my friends and I used code names for boys that we liked. Anyone else? Yeah, so like let's say I wanted to chat with my friend, I'd say, "Hey Tina, did you talk to "ice cream" today?" and that would mean this guy named... haha yeah like I'm going to share the code NOW, ha. I can hear Caroline's wheel's spinning trying to figure out which foods she read about in my diary... haha.

ANYWAY, I bring this up because I am being reunited with one of my favorite foods lately, popcorn. No, NOT the guy, I'm a married woman people! The only guy involved in this is Eric, who has been making popcorn on the stove a few nights a week lately. The best part is that he puts a small amount of olive oil and salt on himself, which makes it healthier than microwave popcorn, but still taste delicious.


If you want to learn more about the nutrition in stove top popcorn vs. microwave popcorn, I'd recommend checking out Gina's video blog. For me the major difference is being able to control the salt and oil going into my popcorn, also I think olive oil is healthier than the fake or real butter but on microwave popcorn :)

Another big love of my life (which never made the boy food name list) is PASTA. Who does not love a delicious dish of pasta?


Nothing I love more than delicious, taste-like-Italy, pasta with tomato sauce.

Now I am not one to be against carbs, even white ones. However, I did jump at the chance to try a pasta with a big more nutrition in it. My mom and sister introduced me to...


Look at these ingredients...


I love the idea of beans and egg whites in my pasta.

When I make my own sauce I use this yummy Whole Foods Tomato Basil...


When I'm lucky and Eric's makes his famous sauce, it's more like...




Italy in a bowl.

Popcorn and pasta, two wonderful foods.

If only carbs could equal vegetables :)

What's your latest food obsession/s? What's your favorite food that starts with p?


  1. haha! my best friend and i did the same thing. but we nicknamed each other too! nikki was nacho and i was cookie. gosh we were weird.

    favorite food that starts with a p is definitely pizza! mmmmm

  2. Pasta will always be a food obsession of mine.
    Especially homemade!

  3. I make air popper corn and it's WAY better than microwave corn!

  4. Two wonderful foods indeed. I love stove-top popcorn, so much better than microwave! And pasta is great!

    my favorite food that starts with "p" would have to be pizza... especially homemade!

  5. Totally agree... now I want some popcorn!

  6. Um, I am almost 29 and I still have code names for boys, mostly when I talk about them on my blog! Except everyone refers to the guy I dated last fall as "the Dog Whisperer". The name just stuck...

    Let's see... I am obsessed w/ quinoa pasta. It's the only Gluten Free pasta that I have found that actually tastes like & has a similar consistency as normal wheat pasta! I am also obsessed w/ Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light. I drink at least 1-1.5 gal/week!!

    My favorite foods that start w/ the letter P are popcorn, pickles, and pasta. Too hard to choose!!

  7. Those are two of my FAVOURITE foods also!! I have been a sucker for kettle corn from the Farmers Market lately, sooo good!

    I have to pick up some of that pasta! How cool they've got chickpeas and beans in there!

  8. Wait.. I'm still waiting to hear who 'popcorn' is because I definitely always wanted to know this..

  9. lol, the comment above from your sister, classic!
    We used to do that too, actually, but I can't even come close to remembering the foods (or other wordS) we used as codes.

    Thanks for the link to my popcorn post. I'm glad you found it helpful! I am so addicted to popcorn, however my favorite "P" food would have to be PEANUT BUTTER!

  10. I have been obsessed with zucchini pasta. Basically, you slice zucchini with a vegetable peeler and saute it in some oil and top with pasta sauce. Yum.

    Favorite p food is definitely pizza.

  11. oh code names for boys. my friends and i still do that! haha

  12. I definitely had code names for boys.

    Yum, that pasta looks amazing. And I definitely agree. Pasta. Is. Heavenly.

    I haven't had popcorn in soo long - and I do love it. I want to try the stove top with olive oil - that sounds great! I can't do the butter stuff -- makes my stomach sick!

  13. I have a microwave popper that air pops popcorn. I'm pretty sure it's improved my quality of life.