Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kerry + Adam's Wedding in the Berkshires

So? The Berkshires... overall impression? Beautiful, fun, but don't really know if I have any major reason to go back haha.

As you probably know Eric and I love to travel and see new fact, I'm thinking I should probably change this blog into a travel blog since I seem to be doing way more of that than healthy living haha. Anyway, we decided to arrive early in the Berkshires this weekend so we could see a bit of the area and spend extra time with my friend Katie who lives in Minnesota and has a 10 month old son I got to meet for the first time.

Here's Henry, isn't he a total cutie? DSC05879.JPG

I will admit that I find newborn babies pretty boring after about 5 minutes of oh's and ah's. However, Henry is obviously not a newborn and he is at such a fun age (well fun for me, probably exhausting for his parents). I could've just watched him get into one piece of mischief after another for hours. He even tried to steal my beer...


Haha love him.

On Saturday morning Eric and I woke up nice and early so we could do some exploring. We were staying at Jiminy Peak and they have tons of activities right at the mountain. We decided to try out the Alpine Slide.



I have to say it was pretty cool, minus my total inability to control my own speed. Eric beat me down by like 10 minutes, oops.

After our Alpine adventure, we took a short drive over to Mt. Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts.


It is also part of the Appalachian trail, which is cool. We probably would've done some hiking on the trails on the mountain but we didn't have a ton of time before the wedding, so we just brought a picnic lunch to the summit.

Not only was it a gorgeous view...


but there were also hang gliders and parachute gliders (? just making up that name, it was like hang gliding but with a parachute). We got to see a few of them take off...






Very awesome. Then, it was time to head back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. Did I mention the ceremony was on top of a mountain? We got to take a chair lift up! Henry liked the chair lift at first and then it put him right to sleep...


The ceremony was as gorgeous as you would expect a ceremony with a mountain back drop to be :)



The cocktail hour and reception were back down at the bottom of the chair lift. Here is our all kindergarten picture from cocktail hour, of course the bride isn't in the picture so I guess it's not really all kindergarten haha...


Got one with the bride too...


And we had some fun with sunglasses...


Overall we had a great time. Kerry and Adam are fantastic together, and they did a great job planning a fun wedding.

Now I'm happy to be home and ready to enjoy my last week of summer. I've got to tutor and get some things done in my classroom but other than that I'm hoping for a lot of fun to close out a totally crazy summer.


  1. what a great weekend. you look stunning as do the rest of the pics. hope you can enjoy the last week of summer!

  2. parachute gliding = paragliding It's a tonne of fun. Hee hee 'tonne', spot the Canadian!

    The location for the wedding looked fabulous, and such a different way to get up there!

  3. Aww that is such a cute age - I'm not a fan of newborn babies either. Ha!

    I LOVE the setting of that wedding. Looks amazing!

  4. Wait. A mountain top wedding???? How AWESOMEEE!

  5. I have never been to western MA either - but those pictures are gorgeous. I have never been skiing or ridden on a chair lift but it looks like fun.

    Beautiful pictures from the wedding!

  6. I love the Berkshires and would go there every day if I could. Parachuting is a blast! I love it and looking at those pics makes me want to get in my car go there!!

    Congrats to the happy couple.

  7. Ah, those pictures remind me of when I went paragliding in New Zealand!!

    Looks like a fun event. You should probably come to Minneapolis to visit your friend. ;) I think she lives here?

  8. lol I feel the same way about my blog! All I ever do is travel!!!

    Btw your friend made a gorgeous bride!!!!

  9. The alpine slide looks amazing.

  10. Wow!!! Gorgeous wedding! Living in the AZ desert, seeing so much green makes me very very envious!!

    I'm with you on newborns being kind of boring. That kid is such a cutie! I love that curly hair!

  11. Oh, my gosh, that alpine slide looks so cool! I'm not good at controlling my own speed on those things either. ;)

  12. omg henry is SUCH a cute baby!!!

  13. hi i like the blog very much,.

  14. What a fun weekend! Beautiful views from the mountain! Glad you got in some exploring as well.

  15. what a fun time! I've been to western, MA a few times, but not recently. Soccer tournaments brought us to Amherst and that general area for many years. Until I went as a kid, I never knew there was mountains in MA.

  16. I love alpine slides! I've only done it in NH, didn't know there was a place in MA.

    Henry is adorable. I think I would be terrified to take him on the chair lift, though!

  17. Sounds like a great weekend full of fun. Little Henry is a handsome devil!

  18. Looks beautiful! We are going to a wedding in the Berkshires in 2 weeks, and I am actually stressed because there is so much I want to do!